Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Gift List {for Brayden}

I thought it would be fun to share what Santa and the hubby & I are getting our little man for Christmas this year. I really hope he's not disappointed when the entire Toys R Us catalog isn't under the tree :)

I don't know about you, but I find it so hard to contain myself around the holidays - I want to buy my kids everything! That being said, that clearly cannot happen, but we do like to get them a variety of things - some toys, some games, puzzles, craft stuff, educational stuff.

Here is what our little guy (5 1/2) will be getting this year (links below) - 

1. Fool the Frog game - We love games and this one looks pretty fun!

2. Batman Unlimited - Brayden LOVES Batman and has his eye on this toy forever. I hope he loves it when he sees it.

3. Pete the Cat's Super Cool Reading Collection -LOVE Pete the Cat series and now that my boy is starting to read, I thought this collection would be perfect.

4. Headbanz - Another game that looks fun!

5. Doodle Pro - He loves to draw so this will be nice to take in the car

6. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage - This is his #1 request on his list, I hope he is so excited when he sees it! This will be his gift from Santa and we will set it up for him and not wrap it.

7. Jurassic World for Wii U - My in laws are getting the kids a Wii U as a combo gift (all my hubbys doing) so of course we need Brayden's favorite movie as a game for it

8. Learning Resources Science Lab Set - My boy loves science experiments and I thought this would be fun!

9. Bunchems - He keeps seeing these on TV and has requested them several times, they look fun enough.

10. Play Doh Crazy Cuts  - We always get each kid a play doh set and Brayden has his eyes on this one.

11. Dinosaur Puzzle - Since he's obsessed with dinosaurs and loves puzzles, this is on his list.  Although I'm not sure if I should go for something with more pieces.  I just love that this is a wooden one, the pieces seem to hold up much better.

12. Scooby Doo Legos - Brayden loves Scooby Doo and he loves legos, so this was a no brainer :)

I also got him a Kids Bop cd for his stocking and we always put in candy and scratch off tickets (great parents we are)

Are any of these on anyone elses' list?

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