Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Favorites {3.31.17}

Woohoo for Friday! This Mama has one more full day of fun planned with my kids then I am checking out of the Mom department once the hubs get home from work!

Pretty much how I've felt all week :)
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Here's my favorites for the week!


Eeeek! We are almost at our 180 day mark for our Disney vaca which means I can start to book dining!! I have some major places I'm going to be trying to get reservations for and I really really hope it all works out!

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I was actually wondering, have any of you eaten at the following? What were your thoughts? Worth it?
  • Cinderella's Royal Table (I know my girls will FLIP at this one)
  • Be Our Guest
  • Lilo & Stitch character breakfast at Ohana
  • Beaches N Cream
We are also going to do Chef Mickey's again and a couple other places that aren't so hot to get, so hopefully it's not a problem.  Are there any other awesome places to eat??


Over on my Facebook We Heart Deals page, I shared these shoes earlier this week - I was SO excited when I saw them come back in stock in a 6.5 that I instantly ordered (even though I wear a 6) well later that day as I checked again, I saw the 6 was in stock so I hurried up and ordered those too. I'll return whichever does't work but I'm just so happy I finally got them!! You can find the shoes here and see if your size is in stock!


Some of my favorite blog posts from the week -

Johannah shared blueberry muffins that I hope to try this weekend, I love blueberry muffins!!

Beth & Stephanie shared their Spring photo challenge this week too and I am really going to try and remember to partake!

April 2017 Spring Fling Photo Challenge

Erin shared this post about Moms with little kids and I loved it so much! You can read it here


I'm all about making the holidays extra special and fun for my kids - I saw this on Pinterest and think we will have to try one of these out next month!

Easter Breakfast Ideas for Kids | Healthy, easy and fun recipes for you to make - also great for brunch! Plus creative food for lunch, snack and treats!:


My favorite funnies of the week!

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Happy Weekend!!

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday Thoughts/Confessions 3.30.17

Hey there Thursday! Damn you sure came fast. We are half way over our Spring Break week but the fun will continue. Today we are heading out to hang out with my nieces at a new arcade/bowling alley. I know the kids will have a blast and I'll probably burn 1000 calories chasing Avery - seriously that girl is crazy :)

Here's some thoughts for you on this Thursday

//I really want the Iphone 7 but I'm still paying for the 6 since I was super late to the game getting that. So while it's a want, it's going to stay just that and maybe one day I'll get it, but it's not going to be any time soon, boo

//I need some new Easter decorations bad - I pulled out my bin and was like ummm I don't have much at all! Hopefully I can get to Hobby Lobby or Michaels soon!

//My house has been completely neglected this week, like bad. We've been so busy doing all the things it's just been put on the back burner. This morning I have to clean

//Our weather is super crappy and I'm over it. I would like to see the sun again and bring us back those 70 degrees too

//I just ordered this dress from Old Navy thanks to Andrea's recommendation and I can't wait to get it! Seriously give me all the florals!

//My Facebook deals page has been growing but I need it to grow even more if I want it to be even semi successful. If you haven't joined please do here and invite your friends!! I have a goal to get to 1000 members and I hope I reach it soon! There are 400 members now so really if everyone just added 2 friends I would easily get to 1000, wink wink :) (shameless plug I know) I really love finding the deals so I hope the group grows to make it all worth it :)

//Rick is the head coach of Brayden's baseball team and we are finding out just how political these things are. It's kind of crazy actually and I'm hoping we just keep the peace and stay focused on teaching the kids and having lots of fun!

//I seriously am obsessed with all the crazy murder shows on the ID channel. Seriously, it's all my DVR has on it. Pretty sure Rick sleeps with one eye open LOL

I think that's enough for today :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday {3.29.17}

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! This week is flying and it's probably because I've packed our days to the max with stuff. I swear come Friday I am going to collapse, but hey, it's all worth it :)

Today I'm linking up with MelShay & Shaeffer for What's Up Wednedsay

What we're eating this week:

I made these shrimp fajitas last night and they were AMAZING!! Definitely adding them to our rotation! Plus it was all cooked on a sheet pan so cleaning was a cinch!

Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas:

What I'm reminiscing about:

Like always just how fast my kids are growing. This picture popped up on my Facebook memory the the other day and I almost cried. Brayden wasn't even 1 here and he's going to be 7 this year. 7! I just can't.

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What I'm loving:

Spring Break and having all my kids together to do fun stuff with - even if they are driving me completely insane along the way :)

What we've been up to:

I feel like we've been going non stop! We've gone to the library, the nature center, the farm, out to lunch and on Monday night I took the bigs to Medieval Times after winning 2 free tickets. My Mom came with too and the kids had a blast but it was a really late night. And we're only half way through our Spring Break week!

What I'm dreading:

Nothing at the moment, thank goodness!!

What I'm working on:

I started a Facebook group called We Heart Deals where I share tons of awesome deals, so I've been working on trying to grow the group. If you want to join, you can here :)

What I'm excited about:

Having more fun with my kiddos the rest of the week and going to brunch with my friends Saturday. I haven't seen them in forever!

What I'm watching/reading:

Watching Dancing with the Stars, The Americans and still trying to finish season 1 of Schitts Creek on Netflix. Oh and all the Datelines which give me so many nightmares #whenwillilearn

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What I'm listening to:

Right now the TV is on in the background but at home the kids are loving putting on the songs from Trolls & Moana on youtube

What I'm wearing:

A whole lot of casual clothes - I'm so happy to be fitting into my jeans again after my surgery!!

You can find similar colors of this hoodie here - it's so soft and cozy and so cheap!!

What I'm doing this weekend:

Friday night I'm looking forward to going to bed early and getting to sleep in (hopefully) Saturday is Ella's dance class then brunch with my friends and Sunday is open right now. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

April is filling up so quickly! We have Easter, baseball games, birthday parties, a communion, Ella's dance recital and more! It's going to be a fun month but I know it's going to fly by because of how much we have going on.

What else is new:

Nothing really - I'm finally able to start running again after surgery. I'm still on a no lifting restriction for a couple more weeks and I'm really trying to be good and follow that but it's getting pretty hard with a tornado toddler around :)  

Also new is my Facebook group that I mentioned above - be sure and join here, I would love to have you!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekly Recap {3.27.17}

Happy 1st day of our Spring Break!! The weather is suppose to be pretty crappy all week, but we are going to make the best of it.

Today we are heading to the library for a magic show which should be a lot of fun!

Here's a look back at our week

We bundled up and went on a bike ride and half way through Ella had to stop and call her Grandma - this girl seriously cracks me up on the daily!!

Last week was free ice cream at Dairy Queen in honor of the first day of Spring. Even though the weather wasn't very Spring-like we of course had to take advantage! As soon as Brayden came home and did his homework we headed out. They were so happy when we pulled up because I didn't tell them where we were going :)

We busted out the roller coaster too and the kids were having a blast on it!

Every night when we put Avery to bed she always demands we lay with her - so I cram myself into her crib with her but it's not as bad as when Rick does it. I need to get a picture of that :)

I went to check on Ella one night before I headed to bed only to find her grasping onto to her bow and arrow while she slept. 

We went to the library for story time/craft time and the girls made kaleidoscopes - they always have so much at this library


 I snapped this pic last week because Avery just looks so darn big sitting there on our bed with her knees up drawing. I think it's safe to say she is no longer a baby (even though we still call her one!)

Ella had a field trip at a local farm - here she is with her bestie!

The kids always argue who gets to cross the day off on all our calendars. Here Avery is doing it but of course Patrolman Brayden is right behind her to tell her she is doing it wrong LOL

Friday was gorgeous so after speech we ran some errands then headed to the park

Later on we made a cake for my Mom's birthday

And later on I took Brayden & Ella to the park for a little while Avery was still napping and Rick hung at home.

Then we headed out for a night with some friends. We ate delicious food and had way too much fun!

Saturday was my Mom's birthday and my sister hosted at her house. She made an amazing bloody mary bar that I took full advantage of!

The kids were so funny when my Mom was opening the gifts, all of them were just opening them so fast and just tossing them at her LOL They were excited for sure

My nephew has a little drum set and Ella was in heaven. Rick already said no to getting one LOL


We didn't get home until almost 8 and put the kids to bed then me and Rick hung out watching the new Bill Burr stand up on Netflix, but we passed out halfway through, ha ha.

Sunday I went to breakfast with my Mom/Aunts/Cousins and it was so fun! Then my Mom and I ran some errands and later I went grocery shopping - it was a filled day for sure and I am so happy to be relaxing right now (Sunday night as I type this)

I feel like I'm going to need lots of caffeine to get through this week but I'm ready! Enjoy your day!

*Oh and one more thing - today is the last day for my little giveaway over on my Facebook Group - We Heart Deals. I would be so appreciative if you would join the group and of course be sure to enter!

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites {3.24.17}

Happy Friday! We are going to be hitting the 70's with our weather today and I cannot wait to take advantage!

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We have a fun weekend planned with celebrating my Mom's birthday and I have a breakfast date with some family that I haven't seen in forever! It's going to be a good one :)

Let's take a look at my favorites from the week:


Brayden came home with this this week and my heart melted. And let's talk about his perfect hand writing! My boy is definitely my favorite!!


I'm having a fun little giveaway on my new Facebook group page. If you haven't joined already, you totally should! You can find the group here and add yourself :) And make sure to enter the giveaway!


I have such an obsession with the colors blush & mint this season. My new hoodie from Old Navy came last week and I had the chance to wear it this week and I'm in love! You can find it here

Speak of mint, these converse give me all the heart eyes! And they're on sale!

Main Image - Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® 'Shoreline' Low Top Sneaker (Women) (Regular Retail Price: $59.95)


I've read this article a few times now and every time it rings so true with where I'm at in my life. 


Favorite funnies of the week!

#truth #reallylovethewine

Umm me, almost every time

This just made me laugh!

Related image

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Break Bucket List

Even though we aren't going away for Spring Break, that doesn't mean we aren't going to have lots of fun! Today I'm sharing our bucket list of things we have planned to do.

My #1 tip would be to be prepared - as long as I'm prepared for each activity, things *should* go smooth. For instance, on the art day, I will already have a craft picked out for them to do and ready to go. I am also taking them to Michaels this weekend to pick out a wooden piece to paint. For the scavenger hunt, I am going to make sure I have everything printed, everyone has a clip board + pens. You get the idea. The point is this, being prepared makes this Mama's life soooo much easier!

What's on your Spring Break bucket list?

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