Monday, June 30, 2014

Baby # 3 - 34 Week Bumpdate

Due Date: 8/8/2014

How far along: 34 weeks! 
How big is baby: Approx. the size of a small pumpkin
Weight gain: Think I'm at 35lbs, we'll see tomorrow
Sleep:  Has been ok, still major heartburn and just the uncomfortableness of being large.  Also had a terrifying experience this weekend - I woke up from a dead sleep gasping for air and choking, I shot out of bed and ran into the bathroom then started to cough like crazy, it sounded just like a croup cough and I couldn't catch my breath, it was so scary! Finally the coughing stopped and I spit up tons of acid and my throat was burning and every time I swallowed it tasted like complete crap! This has happened 2 other times but never as bad as this time so I finally googled it and read tons of other woman who have experienced this while pregnant (also people experience this while not pregnant) - it's called laryngospasm - WebMD that and you will be shocked at what is it! The entire description of it on WebMD is exactly what happened to me.  I started taking Prilosec last night to hopefully avoid this from happening again, so praying that will work! Also praying that once I deliver these crazy acid reflux/heartburn symptoms go away and I never experience this again!
Best moment of the week:  Getting the email that my Etsy custom quilt order has shipped for the baby! I cannot wait to see it in person!
Movement: Yes!
Food cravings: I was craving Lou Malnati's pizza so the hubs and I took the kids there for dinner Saturday night, it was sooooooooo good. 

Food aversions: Nope!
Maternity Clothes:  Yep! Some shirts are getting too short which means I am getting so big! 
Wedding rings: Off
Symptoms:  Heartburn and my carpal tunnel is getting worse by the week.  Oh and lots and lots of braxton hicks. <---  Once again, the same!
Stretch Marks: None 
Belly button:  Half in, half out, and very big and stretched out!
Gender: A sweet girl!
What I’m looking forward to:   The 4th of July, spending time with family, and hopefully getting some stuff done around the house in anticipation of the baby's arrival
What I miss:  Not having heartburn or these crazy laryngospasms!!! Seriously I want my old self back, along with a cold Corona in my hand :)
Next appt: 7/1/14

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Makeup Essentials

So I'm not a very big makeup wear-er but I do love me some basic essential items.  Keyword being basic, which to me = lazy, so I'm all for it.

With 2 kids and preggo with #3 due very soon, I can say more times than I would like I don't look my best. My hair is rarely ever done and I'm lucky if my clothes match or better yet aren't cover in food stains, but one thing I do make an attempt with is my makeup.  I figure if my face looks decent, maybe people won't notice my other imperfections?? Just let me believe that, OK?

I thought I would share my top summer make up favorites because I know you're just dying to know right??!

My list is only of 4 things which makes it that more awesome-er.  I own each of these products and use them on the daily.

*1Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen - My SIL turned me onto this. It serves as a sunscreen and moisturizer in one and the fact that it's tinted means on an extremely lazy day, this is all I need to leave my house or go outside with the kiddos.  It goes on smooth and feels nice on my skin.

*2Clinique Mascara - This stuff is it -I have gone through my fair share of mascara's and this is by far my FAVORITE! It does not go on clumpy at all and makes my lashes look long and pretty.

*3NYC Bronzer - Again, I've gone through many bronzers and this is my favorite yet, I also love the price tag, under $5 for a good bronzer!! 

*4Naked Palette - This eye shadow is probably the most expensive thing I own in my make up bag but it was worth every penny.  You can go from day to night with this little beauty and all the colors are very flattering. 

So there ya have it, my 4 items that make up my summer make up essentials.  Have you used any of these before? Are there other brands that are your favorite? Let me know if I'm missing out on something!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Day at Wrigley Field

So our friends are season ticket holders for the Chicago Cubs and they invited us to Family Day at the field a couple weekends ago - only season ticket holders are allowed at this event so it was pretty cool to be able to go experience this since we will probably never be season ticket holders :)

Basically it's a day where you are allowed to go pretty much anywhere in the park - on the field, in the dugout, the bullpen, the announcers booth and more.  Lots of families brought mitts and balls to throw around on the field but since our little ones are pretty little we opted out of that, but you had to definitely be on the look out because balls were flying everywhere - no pun intended there!

Here is picture overload but I want to remember this because it was just a really fun family filled day and we were lucky to get to go down there for this event

This first picture cracks me up because this is exactly all the hubs did, chase after Ella! The second we were aloud on the field, girlfriend was off! LOL

This next picture sums up Brayden - hiding his face while getting his sword balloon from this nice man.  I love how he thinks covering his eyes makes him invisible :)

Such a sweet picture of Daddy and daughter!

In the dugout!

My adorable kids!! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby # 3 - 33 Week Bumpdate

Can you tell I've given up on looking decent in these pics?!

Due Date: 8/8/2014

How far along: 33 weeks! Time slow down please!
How big is baby: Approx. the size of a durian fruit (not even sure what that is but OK!)
Weight gain: Oh gosh, have another appt tomorrow where I'll find out 
Sleep: Getting more and more uncomfortable, I think I wake up 4 times a night to pee and the other times my chest is on fire
Best moment of the week: Going on a little family getaway.  It was the first time we went anywhere the 4 of us and it was  Brayden kept saying everyday, all day, how much fun he was having and when we got back home he asked if we can go on vacation again.  So sweet that little boy is! 
Movement: Yes, but slowing down a little
Food cravings: Taco dip again - I randomly made a huge one this weekend and it was delicious

Food aversions: Nope!
Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah! I am so happy I did splurge and buy some last minute items because I've basically been living in them
Wedding rings: Officially off!! But I did try last night just to see and my engagement ring still fit, but I know if I wore it and the second it got hot and sticky it would be so hard to get off, so it is staying off.
Symptoms:  Heartburn and my carpal tunnel is getting worse by the week.  Oh and lots and lots of braxton hicks. <--- Same!
Stretch Marks: None - praying it stays that way
Belly button:  I can't believe how big it is, I miss my old belly button that's for sure
Gender: A sweet girl!
What I’m looking forward to:  A weekend with some down time, which is this weekend :) Our last free weekend before baby comes.  I have plans for the hubby to build our new kitchen table though, so I really hope that happens!
What I miss: Alot of things, I think I've been complaining more this week than every before.  Everything on my body hurts after a long day, I feel so darn big that I am at the point where if something falls, I do not pick it up. 
Next appt: 6/24/14
Thankful for: Our little getaway, it was something I think we all needed and I'm thankful that baby girl stayed in so we were able to go (I kept worrying that she would come early and we wouldn't be able to go)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Baby # 3 - 32 Week Bumpdate

Due Date: 8/8/2014

How far along: 32 weeks! My dr's office actually scheduled my c-section when I was there last week, 8/1, eeeekkk!! But I'm sure now that it's scheduled, she will decide to come out early, but I'm really hoping not!!
How big is baby: Approx. the size of a squash
Weight gain: 35lbs! That is 5lbs in 2 weeks! The nurse's exact words to me were "Girl, what have you been eating!?"
Sleep: Staying the same, some nights I can get an amazing few hour stretch other nights I'm tossing and turning all night or battling severe heartburn
Best moment of the week: Celebrating Father's Day with my fantastic hubby and his family.  I had a lot of fun making his and my FIL's gifts from the kids. Also, heading down to Wrigley Field for Family Day was alot of fun and I got a ton of cute pics of the kids!
Movement: Yep! Now there are times when I don't feel her for a while though, makes me nervous but I'm sure it's just getting crampy in there!
Food cravings:  I had to run out to buy vanilla frosting because I was craving graham crackers with frosting - no wonder I've gained 5lbs in 2 weeks.

Food aversions: Nope!
Maternity Clothes: Yes! Funny story however, so last week I wrote about accidentally bleaching my target leggings, then went out and bought a bunch of new stuff, including black comfy capris (which I've been living in) - well last week I was cleaning the bathrooms again, and was wearing them, but made sure to stand so far back when spraying the cleaner and yet I still managed to get a bleach stain on the back of them!! I was so mad at myself! 
Wedding rings: Officially off!!
Symptoms:  Heartburn and my carpal tunnel is getting worse by the week.  Oh and lots and lots of braxton hicks.
Stretch Marks: None - praying it stays that way
Belly button:  Big and weird
Gender: A sweet girl!
What I’m looking forward to: Lake Geneva with my little family this week!! Hoping for nice weather so I can float in the pool for a little
What I miss: Not getting winded just by walking up stairs or around the block
Next appt: 6/24/14
Thankful for: The gorgeous weather we've been having and being able to go outside with my kids everyday, and also for living so close to the park, it would really suck right now if I had to walk super far, or load the kids in the car to go, thankfully we live right down the street!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The BIG 3-0

So my big birthday was last week, I turned 30 (yikes) - and leading up to it I had a feeling the hubs was going to do something.  I kept saying I did not want a party - and I wasn't just saying that to say it, I truly meant it.  I know I'll sound like a debbie downer but come on, I'm pregnant, very pregnant, why would I want a party? So I can watch everyone drink and have fun? No thank you.  Plus, I really didn't want anything at our house, cleaning up after a party I didn't even want, while hugely pregnant, again, no thank you!!

All I really wanted was to hang with my little family and do a nice dinner with the hubs. 31 could be my year to really celebrate :)

Well 2 weekends ago we were headed to the race track with our other friends and their kid.  I was excited to go because the track is so fun and very family oriented.  I was also excited because our friend is pregnant so I would have a non drinking buddy to complain with.

The morning we were leaving the hubs had to leave our house for a couple hours to go look at a house with his sister that she was interested in buying - I guess it needed work and she wanted his opinion.  This definitely struck me as odd because I knew his sister wasn't looking at any places that needed work.  I started thinking, what if we are going to the track then coming home to a party at our house! I brushed it off and off we went to the track.

Walking to the outside family area we "randomly" ran into my cousin and his friend.  I thought that was a little odd as well but I also thought it wasn't weird he would be there, the track is a really fun place to go.

Well, walking a few more steps I saw some of my family and they all screamed SURPRISE!!  I looked back at the hubby and just smiled and now I honestly can't even remember what I said. I'm sure it was something like, you jerk!! LOL

It meant so much to me that all my friends/family came out to celebrate and I was also so touched by the fact that this was all my hubby's doing.  He coordinated everything - from the invites, to the decorations, to the food, to renting the space at the track and more, he really outdid himself and I couldn't believe he did all that for me.  He kept saying 30 is a big birthday and needed to be celebrated! I guess in the end, he was right :)

Hubby of the year in my opinion :)

My family!

Selfies with my little nugget

My big sis!

Selfies with my crazy little boy!
My besties :)

On my actual birthday, I took the day off work so I could spend the morning with the kids and hubs.  I woke up to the house decorated and 30 balloons scattered all around - seriously the hubby is just scoring points left and right in my book :)

Brayden was so cute - he told me to close my eyes and come downstairs, and once I got there he said Tada! Here are your presents! It was so adorable.  I love that the hubs took them to the store and Brayden picked out what he wanted to get me - my favorite is the new ice cream scooper which he has now deemed his new favorite toy.

Brayden and I had made an ice cream cake the night before and thought having a piece at 9am sounded like a fantastic idea

We then headed to lunch at a little mexican place near our house then took the kids to the library for a little.

Later that night my friends came over and we ordered pizza and just hung out.  It was such a fun day :)

I am not really all about my own birthday but the fact that I get to spend with my own little family now makes it 1000 times better.  Seeing how happy they are just lights up my world.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cards for Mom Binder

So I saw this idea over at Momfessionals and I knew it was something I needed to implement in our family - it is purely genius.

I am big on receiving cards from my kiddos, something with a little handmade touch makes it even more perfect.  My hubby is not usually the greatest at this, his go to is to buy a card and have them scribble or he writes their names for them.  Call me selfish, but I want more than that!

I am always the one who has the kids make handmade cards for people for any occasion and is it really so wrong that I want the same in return?? :)

So the new idea I saw was to get a binder/notebook and have that be completely dedicated for "cards" for each occasion: birthday, mother's day, feel better, anything really.  This way, all the "cards" are in one place and later down the years you can look back at everything and not be shuffling around to find old cards or more so, finding room to keep all the cards.

I went to Target and a few other stores looking for the perfect notebook for my new "card book" and there was nothing that struck my fancy - Mother's Day came and went and I still couldn't find one so I decided before my birthday (which was only a few weeks later) I needed to have one.  That's when I turned to Etsy of course - why didn't I just think of this to begin with?!

I searched several shops but was looking specifically for a binder that was 8.5"x11" and also had blank pages inside (many had lined pages but I really wanted blank)

Then I found SheriLynDesigns and asked her to create a custom front page and also use blank pages.  She said that was not a problem so I quickly placed my order.  Sheri was so easy to communicate with and got back to me so fast (something I love!) and also shipped out my order within 4 days of purchasing!

When I received my notebook, I honestly couldn't have been happier, it was exactly what I wanted!  I made sure to give it to the hubs since my birthday was just days away.

Here were my first "cards" for my 30th birthday - I told the hubs that next time he either needs to get me a separate card from him or at least write something in this for me - I think he thought he was getting out of that by doing this, but nope :)

Love these answers!

I am so so happy with my new card binder, you should totally go check out SheriLynDesigns and get one for yourself!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Baby # 3 - 31 Week Bumpdate

Due Date: 8/8/2014

How far along: 31 weeks!
How big is baby: Approx. the size of a coconut
Weight gain: I'm sure it's 30 something by now...
Sleep: Some nights are good, some are worse, just really hard to get comfortable with this big belly! I think I need to go find my pregnancy pillow I used with Brayden (never needed it for Ella)
Best moment of the week: Had tons of good quality time with the kiddos and went and saw a movie for the first time in forever - A Fault in Our Stars will make you cry so hard, be warned!
Movement: Oh yeah, I love it! Except for the pain under my right boob, feels like it's bruised, ouch!
Food cravings:  Everything from pizza to chinese to ice cream :)

My Sunday night treat :)
Food aversions: Nope!
Maternity Clothes: Yep!! I actually went out to Destination Maternity over the weekend and dropped too much money on some more summer basics - I didn't want to considering I only have 8 weeks left, but I needed to.  Also, my new leggings from Target somehow got some sort of bleach stain on them and are now ruined - it must have happened while cleaning the bathrooms but I didn't think I sprayed anything near my pants.  I will definitely be heading back to Target for a new pair considering they are the most comfortable thing to wear right now. 
Wedding rings: Officially off!!
Symptoms:  The usual, heartburn is the biggest offender along with the carpal tunnel - I had to write out thank you cards and address envelopes and my hand was stinging the entire time, no fun at all. 
Stretch Marks: None - praying it stays that way
Belly button:  Gross is all I have to say
Gender: A sweet girl!
What I’m looking forward to: This weekend we are heading down to Wrigley Field for Family Day - I've never been so I hope it's tons of fun! And of course Father's Day, spending the day celebrating the man I love so much; the father of my children :)
What I miss: Working out - like really working out and feeling good - 
Next appt: 6/10/14
Thankful for: Long weekends - I always have a half day on Friday's and those extra hours I get at home really make the weekend seem to go by a little slower.  Also thankful for the beautiful weather we had all weekend!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Brayden's 3 Year Preschool Graduation

So my little man has his first year of preschool under his belt and I don't think I still believe it.  The school year went so fast I felt like I blinked and it was over.

My little guy before we had to leave - the last day was a celebration so I was sure to take off work so I wouldn't miss it!

My Mom met us at the preschool - she was excited to see the little performance they had planned since she missed his Christmas celebration

I couldn't wait to see how this performance compared to his Christmas one - you know, the one where he barely held it together while being in front of everyone and pretty much covered his eyes the entire time and fought back the tears.  That was heartbreaking (and a little comical, not going to lie) to watch.  I think he will get a kick out of that video when he is older :)

As soon as we got to his room, it already was better than Christmas, he went right with his teachers to go "backstage" with the rest of his class - no hesitation at all.  We got our seats and took a couple cute pics of Ella Bella, who was having so much fun not sitting still :)

Brayden's teacher told me right before the kids came out that she put Brayden all the way at the end just in case he starting loosing it just like at Christmas, we had a nice little chuckle at that one :)

But my little guy did NOT lose it! He was cool, calm and of course his goofy self.  It was so good to see him so well adjusted that he stood up front with confidence.  He may not have sang every song but he wasn't covering his face the entire time either. We'll take what we can get!

After all the songs it was time for the kids to get their "diplomas" - it was so cute watching the kids go up and hug the teachers.  Brayden really loved both his teachers, but the one he seemed to favor just a little more so it was totally surprising that when she handed him his diploma, he just took it and sat down! Everyone got a laugh out of that.

Once that was over, we had cookies and punch and Brayden finally gave his teacher a hug :)

Then we snapped some pics with his little friends and attempted a family picture but Brayden was too wound up for any of that - 

What a fun day and we truly couldn't me more proud of our little man! Preschool has done wonders for his social skills, it far exceeded my expectations and for that reason alone, I am so happy we decided to enroll him in 3 year preschool.  To see how far he has come from his first day to his last is incredible.  He really has made some genuine little friendships and I hope we can keep in touch over the summer because he is already talking about how much he misses everyone at school.

Just for fun, here's a side by side comparison from first day to last

Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby # 3 - 30 Week Bumpdate

Due Date: 8/8/2014

How far along: 30 weeks! -- it's crazy to think I only have 9 weeks left (hopefully!)
How big is baby: Approx. the size of a large cabbage
Weight gain: Up 30lbs, yikes!
Sleep: Getting less and less, mostly because heartburn takes over and I am just so uncomfortable. 
Best moment of the week: Hubby threw me a surprise 30th birthday at the racetrack with friends and family, it was soooo sweet of him and even though I said I DID NOT want a party, I was happy he did, we had alot of fun!
Movement: Yes, little lady is a dancing machine :)
Food cravings:  Panera, yum! The kids and I met the hubby there on Friday for dinner, I could eat at that place every day. 

Food aversions: Nope! I can still eat anything and everything
Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! I'm so happy my sister just had a baby last summer so she gave me tons of cute dresses that I'm finally getting use of!
Wedding rings: Some days my engagement ring is on, but most days it is off.  I think this is the longest I've gone with any pregnancy being able to still wear it
Symptoms:  Some pregnancy induced carpal tunnel is starting (but thankfully it is nowhere near as bad as it was with Ella) and of course heartburn, oh the heartburn! I am popping tums like tic tacs!
Stretch Marks: None - praying it stays that way
Belly button:  It is just hideous!
Gender: Baby girl!!
What I’m looking forward to: My birthday and spending the day with my family and the night with my friends :)
What I miss: I really miss just being active, the littlest things cause me to be out of breath and it's hard to play with my kids.  And of course on Saturday at the racetrack I was really missing an ice cold beer!
Next appt: 6/10/14
Thankful for: Family & friends and of course my hubby.  He was so sweet to do something for my 30th and coordinating it all and I was so happy to see friends & family!!