Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites {1.20.17}

Happy Friday!! 

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Let's just get right to my favorites of the week!

{ONE} - Favorite New Swimwear

Have you guys heard of Lime Ricki Swimwear?? I just recently discovered them and love their suits! Last year I was all about the one pieces and while they are cute they are just not fun when you have to use the bathroom - I would much rather not have to be buck naked to go pee :) I'm definitley not comfortable wearing a 2pc either so tankini it is. I love Lime Ricki because they have super cute high waisted bottoms that you can pair with any top. I personally love the look of the bottoms paired with their cropped peplum tops but their other tops are super cute as well.


I actually ended up ordering both of those tops with the black bottoms but had to return the one on the left because it was too small.

{TWO} - My Fitness Pal App

I'm sure lots of people have heard of this but if not, I wanted to share.  I've had this app for a long time but really have just started to use it. It's crazy/awesome to see how much you're eating and where you really end up at the end of the day. I always thought I was eating pretty well but this app has me re-thinking some things. I am on a a serious goal to lose some weight so I really hope this helps!

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{THREE} - Favorite Little Girl Look

I got the new Hanna Andersson catalog in the mail this week and oh my goodness is the little girl on the cover adorable or what!? I love her whole look and asked Ella if we could do her hair like this and she said yes! Now I need to find cute/affordable head wraps! If you have any favorites, send them my way please!!

{FOUR} - Favorite Treat

Ummmmmmm can we say YUM! These cookies from Trader Joes are so so good!! They are heart shaped too which makes them extra fun for the kiddos

{FIVE} - Favorite Memes of the Week

Hahahaha every time! My husband always says, "Hey, I'm right here!" LOL

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Most days this is me - I just can't bring myself to wear jeans during the week, but I've been trying!

Image result for motherhood when changing from plaid flannel

Happy Weekend! I'm going to enjoy a cheat day one of the days and I cannot wait LOL!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What's For Dinner

Happy Wednesday ladies! They say we are suppose to actually see the sun today and I really hope they are right. It's been so gloomy here that Ella asks if it's nighttime everyday at noon :)

I'm back today with another installment of What's for Dinner?  I love when I find something that is pretty easy, very tasty, and bonus points if it's a hit with the kids.

Penne Sausage Alfredo is an easy family dinner idea that costs less than $10 to make. Simple & quick, ready in less than 30 minutes. You can't beat it! via @KleinworthCo #ad:

Oh my word is this good! I know it's not the healthiest since it uses jarred alfredo sauce but it's just so good. This dinner is a hit with everyone in the house, well except Avery, that girl eats nothing I make for dinner unless it's chicken nuggets. Needless to say she goes to bed hungry many nights.

One Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff ~ full of beefy flavor. And there is only one pot to clean up after dinner!:

Another recipe that was a hit and super easy to make - I love when you only use one pot; it makes clean up a cinch.

Healthy garlic parmesan roasted veggies with sausage and herbs all made and…:

This dinner has become part of our weekly rotation we love it so much. The kids aren't use to eating their veggies cooked, they have always loved them raw but they are slowly coming around when I make this. 
All I can say to this one is YUM! I made it earlier this week for the first time and used regular milk instead of half of half because that's what I had and wow was it good! We paired it with plain toasted bagels and I was left wanting more and more. 

There you go - 4 recipes that I've personally tried and can tell you they are so so good! I hope you give one of them a try!

I'll see you back Friday for my favorites of the week :)

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Motherhood is messy

I saw this a while back and it so resonated with me.  Thanks to social media, so often people can be mistaken for having the perfect life or always having their sh*t together (I'm guilty of this too - trying to get that perfect picture even if it means taking it 100 times) but just because I post a cute picture of my kids doesn't mean I have my sh*t together

I was cooking the kids lunch the other day while staring at my ridiculously messy house.  This is an everyday occurrence with being a stay at home Mom (something I so took for granted when I worked and my Mom & MIL watched my kids) - my kids are messy, they are slobs, they take out a zillion different toys at one time no mater how many times I ask them not to, but I know they are simply being kids.

I often have to remind myself of this as I stare at my house and my insides start to boil when I see kinetic sand being thrown all over the floor, or playdoh making it anywhere but the table. And the glue, and the scissors, and the paper. But my kids are having fun and really, that is all that matters. Like the saying goes, Let Them Be Little.

So if you ever think other Moms have it more together than you, think again. We are all losing our sh*t one way or another at times :)

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Recap {1.16.17}

Happy Monday! We had a pretty low key week and weekend and it was just what I needed to ease us into the new year after that really long winter break.

I had to snap a picture of Brayden's backpack because it kills me. Soon it's going to be so heavy he won't be able to hold it up LOL

We headed to the library for story time, but first the girls had to play on the computers. I am happy to report Avery actually sat still and was very entertained during story time!

 Brayden came home with these "chains" his friend made on the bus, then proceeded to tell me not to throw them away #mmmkay #sorrybutidid

While Ella was at school Miss A and I decided to organize and purge our giant utensil drawer. Needless to say it took 3x's as long with a toddlers help :)

We managed to play more foosball - Ella is getting really good!

And of course there was plenty of dollhouse playtime in there too

The girls have been having a BLAST playing with this fake make up my Mom got them for Christmas. It is seriously the best! We use to let Ella play with real makeup but that became a disaster real quick once Avery would join in so this is just perfect.  I couldn't recommend this play make up more!

So Thursday was Brayden's 2nd basketball game, or so I thought - I don't know why but originally when I looked at the schedule I just assumed all this games were Thursday nights at 7pm but it turns out there's some Monday games in there too. So yeah, we completely missed the game earlier in the week and showed up Thursday to an empty court. Brayden still had a blast playing with Rick and it was nice for him to get some practice in, at least it wasn't a total waste

Some nights before bed Avery hops into Ella's bed and wants to sleep in there for the night. It's soooooooooooo cute and I know these two can't wait to have their first sleepover. Right after I snapped this pic, Rick came into the room and Avery immediately pretended she was sleeping; it was hysterical.

Usually after we put the kids to bed I can see from under the door that Ella has turned her light on. I always peak in and see her at her desk "writing" in her journal and it's just such a sweet moment. I swear sometimes I look at her and think I'm going to blink and she's going to be 16 doing this

Ella was playing dr on our new unicorn because her legs weren't working. She even wrote out her dr notes for the unicorn to take. I love how well Ella pretend plays!

Every other day I make a smoothie for me and Miss A and she is all about helping! (no surprise there!)

Friday night the kids had pizza and then we headed downstairs to play some games. Sometimes it's really hard to play a game the right way with a tornado toddler around :)

We put the kids to bed then me and the hubby had a date night at home. We made steaks and I made these super yummy potatoes I saw on Pinterest.  We watched the new Bourne movie and I'm pretty sure we both passed out by 9:30 on the couch, ha!

Saturday was decent out so we told the kids to gear up and go play outside during quiet time. They realized there was a huge block of ice inside the water table so I gave them some spoons and some sunglasses and told them to have at it.  That lasted all but 20 minutes then swung on the swings for a little and came in

Later in the day our friends came over and the kids all played really nicely together. Us adults got into some heated games of Left Right Center and me and the hubs came out on top :) It was a fun night but Sunday morning came too quick. 

Sunday we did nothing all morning and it was so nice. We headed to my in laws in the afternoon and hung out there the rest of the day. We got home to relax and then put the kids to bed.

Brayden is off today so we're heading over to his buddies house for a play date. He has a little sister Ella's age so it's always nice when we all get together.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites {1.13.17}

Morning Friends! And Happy Friday the 13th!

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Let's take a look at my favorites for the week

{ONE} - New House Decor

I am slightly obsessed with my new (actually really old) window pane. My Mom picked this up for me months ago at an antique store by my sisters because I was on the hunt. When I got it, I washed it off and gave it a very light coat of white paint, distressed it a touch and then it sat and sat in our garage. The hubby was not really on board to hang this baby up but finally last weekend he did. I think he's starting to come around to this idea and actually liking it! (although he did tell me this was my weirdest idea to date - LOL)

our wine rack is looking a little sparse and that snowman to the left Brayden made and won't let me move it LOL

{TWO} - Food Containers

I've been doing the 21 day fix videos on and off since after having Avery (along with a mix of youtube workouts + the treadmill) I have never done the food part of the program because originally I was nursing for a year while doing the workouts and didn't want to limit myself. Well now I am not nursing and am really wanting to loose some weight this year and I think these containers will really help. I have a huge problem with portion control so hopefully this will help fix that. I found these food containers that seem exactly the same for only $5! Thanks to Emily for steering me in the direction of her 21 day fix meal board too!

{THREE} - Deals of the week

I originally saw Kristi post about this dress and I think it's even more on sale now. I tried on the medium in the store since they didn't have a small and it was big, so if I get it, I'm getting the small. Just don't know where I would wear it, but it's pretty cute! (and it didn't show any cleavage when I tried on but that could be because there isn't any in general LOL)

Main Image - Socialite Mock Neck Knit Shift Dress

This cowl shift dress comes in many colors and is super cute too!

Main Image - Socialite Maddie Rib Knit Cowl Shift Dress

I've also had my eye on this sleevless shift dress and it's on super sale too - but only in one color.

This turtleneck tunic would go great with leggings or jeans. You can't beat the price and it gets great reviews! I'm always looking for more tunics to add to my closet.

Main Image - Madison & Berkeley Side Slit Turtleneck Tunic

{FOUR} - Favorite pins of the week

How cute is this printable princess calendar?

Disney Princess Calendar:

I love the idea of making a fun basket for the kiddos, I might try and replicate this for Valnetine's Day

A handmade arrangement of your favorite candy in a white love tin. A great gift for Valentine's Day . Arrangement contains a mix of candy including Kit Kat, Skittles, Twix, Variety of M&Ms, Almond Joy

This looks like it would be a yummy dinner!

This delicious Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta combines elbow macaroni, ground beef, and bacon along with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses for a hearty weeknight family dinner! | can be made gluten free:

{FIVE} - My favorite funnies of the week


Ha ha more #yes

This is so me - I'm such a worrier that when my hubby or Mom doesn't answer, this is where my mind goes. I can only imagine how I'll be by the time my kids go out alone 

Hope you all have a great weekend! We have another one without any plans and I kind of like it :)

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I thought it would be fun to do a currently post on each of my favorite people - I want to be able to look back and see what was going on in our lives (sidenote: The pics of the kids are current and were taken yesterday. No pictures were taken of myself and the hubs because we're both battling colds and yeah, I don't even think I brushed my hair this day. )

Image result for currently

Started playing in an adult soccer league which is totally out of his comfort zone. He is super athletic and really good at most things but soccer isn't his thing so I applaud him for giving it a try.

Won big in one of his fantasy football leagues and used the money to buy us a nice new laptop. So thankful for his selflessness!


Really trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Part of my goals for this year is to really lose weight, not much but 5-10lbs is needed. It is so hard for me because I seriously love food

I recently found out I have an umbilical hernia that came from having Avery. I originally went to the dr for diastasis recti but found out I have that and a hernia.  Surgery is needed to fix the hernia and I will be having that probably next month. I know it's a very small procedure but any kind of surgery gets me all anxious, I just want it over with.


Is into his first season playing basketball. He was hesitant to play but with a little push from us he is giving it a try, which is all we asked for. If at the end of it he doesn't love it, that's ok, we just wanted him to be involved in something over the winter.

He is rocking 1st grade! Seriously, his teacher had nothing but amazing things to say about him at our conference and we are so proud! He is a reading/writing/spelling/mathing (ha ha I know this isn't a word but it fits, well kind of) machine!

Was in the church choir for the first half of the year (they just recently told us the choir was being cancelled after the holidays due to the teacher leaving and not enough kids wanting to do it) and was loving it. The fact that he got up and sang in front of everyone still amazes me to this day. He can't wait to start again in the Fall when they are suppose to be bringing it back.

Currently is obsessed with all things Star Wars. Rick and him recently saw Rogue One which made him even more obsessed.


Is doing really good at her first year of preschool. She enjoys going most days and others she clings to me for dear life

Is really a Mama's girl lately and I am not complaining one bit. She has always been about Rick but now that I stay home she has become so much about me too. She always says the sweetest things to me and is always giving me all the hugs/snuggles/kisses

She sings everything! It is so cute! If she is playing, she sings what she is playing, if there is music on, she is singing along. She has been putting on shows for us lately and it's the best.

She is so into arts/crafts (just like her Mama!) and that makes me so happy! She is really into drawing lately too and her people are just too cute.


Says the cutest things! She is all about saying I love you which I love. She is forming full sentences now and walks around the house like a boss (she is lucky she is so cute!)

She is obsessed with her little gymnastics class and is such a monkey

Girl is still obsessed with Frosty the Snowman. She demands it every time we get into the car and will find the DVD in the drawer and run around the house with it screaming "Frosty!!"

She loves anything to do with painting. Everyday she asks to paint.


Here are some outtakes from taking Braydens picture - Apparently when you're 6, taking pictures is the last thing you want to do.

And that's our lives currently! I'm hoping to keep this up, maybe once a quarter

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