Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favorites {7.13.18}

And just like that it's the weekend again!! Hip hip hooray for Friday! Today is going to be HOT so we are heading to my in laws pool then having a movie day in the afternoon at home - I want Brayden to relax a little before his first tournament game of the weekend tonight.

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Anyway, back to some Friday Favorites! It's been a while since I've done a Friday post because, well, #summer

{ONE} - Brayden's Birthday

Yesterday my favorite boy turned 8!! EIGHT! I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown but I really do love watching him grow up and of course celebrating birthdays. Just a bittersweet feeling for sure

{TWO} - New top

You guys know I love a deal, and this week a favorite of mine was scoring this top for just $7!!! You can find the top here and if you want to see more deals like this, you can join my group here :)

{THREE} - Anniversary Sale

Have you guys been shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?? Lots of good deals but I have yet to place an order since the system went wonky today - I'm hoping to get some stuff today! You can view the entire sale here

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{FOUR} - New Sun Hat

Another new item I'm loving is this sun hat! It's rollable so perfect for packing and not to mention, cute! I love that bow in the back!! You can find it for cheap here

{FIVE} - Prime Day!!

OMG who is ready for Prime Day?!?! It's Monday and I really can't wait! Hello Christmas shopping in July! Last years deals were insane and I know this year will be the same, if not better! Make sure you're in my group so you don't miss a deal!

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I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Happy 8th Birthday Brayden Lee!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Brayden!!

Today you are 8! EIGHT! I don't think it has fully hit me yet (probably because I can barely keep up with how busy we are these days) but I know it will. I think I say this every year, but in some ways these years have flown by, and on the other hand, it seems like the appropriate amount of time has passed. Although when I think about the fact that I've been a Mom for 8 years, that kind of blows me away.

Anyway, back to YOU! My smart, kind, loving boy! You have been telling me lately that you are no longer a little boy, you're big now. I'm sorry, but I always keep you guys in stages for much longer than others do - for example, Avery is still a baby and she's almost 4 :) So you my dear, are still my little boy :)

You have grown so much this past year. I can see it every time I look at you.  Your face is thinning out, your legs and arms have muscle that wasn't there before and you are just a solid build of BOY.  You have matured alot as well. Things that you use to find funny/cute are no longer. I get it, I really do, but man it can be tough watching this new you come through. I just want all of you to stay my babies forever. (you'll understand this so much more when you're a Dad)

You are playing baseball like a boss this year! Your skills have grown tremendously and I love the bond baseball brings between you and Dad. He absolutely loves coaching you and teaching you. Your favorite position is Pitcher.

You say you want to be a police officer when you grow up and me and your Dad have to giggle a little at that because it's so fitting, you love to police everyone, especially your sisters :) but in all honesty, we are grateful that you are still such a rule follower, it helps make our lives a little easier and we appreciate that!

Speaking of your sisters, you all either get along great or you're at eachother's throats - I know this is just sibling stuff but I'm here to tell you, I LOVE the times you all get along so much more :) It's so sweet when I overhear you reading a book to them, or playing school. You really are a great big brother.

Every night you still ask me to lay with you and scratch/tickle your back. There are some nights I'm dead tired but I still make time, even if it's for only a minute because I LOVE that you still WANT me to do this.

Brayden, we love you so much! You make our family whole and we wouldn't be the fab 5 without you! I hope you have the BEST birthday!!



Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Summer Crafts

Happy Hump Day! Phew, another week that is flying right on by!

First, I wanted to share a giveaway I'm hosting over in my FB group - make sure you head there and enter, I would so so appreciate it!

Today I'm sharing a few Summer crafts that I hope we can accomplish before summer is over (and at the rate it is going, I need to get on these like yesterday)

Paper Plate Snails

Unicorn Plates

Tissue Paper Turtle

This easy and fun Tissue Paper and Paper Plate Turtle craft includes a free printable template, making it perfect for home, school, daycare, or camp. via @ #ad


Felt Pretend Play Popsicle - Kid Craft

Paper Plate Jellyfish

Arty Crafty Kids | Craft | Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft | Easy Jellyfish craft for kids - perfect for an under the sea theme at school or preschool!

Instead of doing a craft today, we are heading to the library and hopefully getting some swimming in because it is going to be HOT!!!

I hope you're all having a great week!!

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekly Recap - {7.8.18}

We had another awesome week! As much as summer is alot of work for stay at home parents, I truly do realize how lucky I am to experience this!

Rick took off the days after the 4th so we kind of had a mini stay-cation which always leaves me super behind on housework, but oh well, it's worth it.

Let's go back to Monday - we were having a big party on the 3rd so Monday was my get all the last minute things day. In between that I did take the kids to Michaels for one of their craft camps and they all had a blast!

Monday was Brayden's last baseball game for his in-house team - we were sad because we loved all the families so much!

Tuesday was another busy day prepping/cleaning for the party. I did take the kids swimming for a little so they weren't bored at home the entire day.  Our party started at 6 since most worked that day, and then once it got dark, we set off fireworks in our backyard (luxury of having .75 acres and a cool subdivision)



Wednesday Rick took Brayden golfing in the morning and I cleaned up - thankfully it wasn't too bad. Later in the day we met up with some friends and went swimming at the public pool. It was crowded but not too bad and the kids all had so much fun! Brayden even went off some diving boards which he's never done before. After swimming we went to their house for a little BBQ and we were all just so tired. We headed home early, put the girls to bed because they were exhausted, then we watched some fireworks from our yard.

Thursday I took Brayden on a date to see the new Jurassic World and OMG it was SO good! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! While we were there, Rick took the girls to their favorite place, the carousel room.

Later that night Brayden went for a tryout for a travel baseball team for next year and Rick went for an interview for the coaching position - it's very political but we are trying to stay positive (fingers extra crossed)

Friday we all went to breakfast, hit up our local farmers market then Rick headed to the gym and I got a workout in at home. After lunch we headed out to play mini golf.

Later the night Rick and I got out for a little date night to our favorite spot - Hooters :)

Saturday morning Brayden has his 8yr well visit (how is he going to be 8 next week!!??) and then we went swimming by my in laws for a couple hours.  Later on, it was time for Brayden's birthday party with his friends! He chose a sports party and Rick and our good friend helped lead it - they played dodgeball and kickball and the boys had an awesome time! Us girls showed up when the sports playing was over and it was time for food/cupcakes. Let me just tell you, a room full of 11 8/9yr boys can get very interesting, and very loud LOL


We just relaxed the rest of the night which was much needed. Sunday the boys had baseball practice for Brayden's other team and when they got home, I headed out to brunch with my fam. When I got home I got super motivated and cleaned out most of the playroom and got rid of so much un-used stuff. It felt so good!  Later on I took all the kids to the tennis courts because Brayden wanted to play and I figured I would give Rick a break.

The rest of the night was dinner and relaxing! Phew, now on to a new week :)

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Weekly Recap {7.2.18}

Well hello there blog peeps! It seems this summer has a trend, DO ALL THE THINGS and that leaves little time for blogging. It's ok though, because my kids are only little once so I am making sure to enjoy the summer with them!!

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Once again, we had a fun filled week!! Here's a look back

Monday was Brayden's first day of basketball camp - it started at 8am and the first day they wanted the boys there 20 minutes early, which meant leaving the house at 7:30. Being as my girls (and usually Brayden) are still sleeping at that time, our good friend whose son was also doing the camp offered to pick Brayden up, and did so every morning - thank God for good friends!!

While he was at camp, me and the girls did the grocery shopping - Brayden ended up hanging out after camp with his friend and when I went to go pick him up, it ended up him staying at his friends house and I took their daughter home with me so the girls could play - later that night our friends brought Brayden home and we all hung out for a BBQ for our friends birthday which was the day before

Tuesday after camp we met up with some friends at an indoor jump place. Usually Avery loves these places but I think Summer is kicking her butt just like it is mine and she was extra grumpy, basically crying every minute for very little reason. I could tell she was tired and once we left and came home, I put her down for her first nap in months! Girlfriend needed it!!

Wednesday after camp we headed to Santa's Village - it's an outdoor amusement park that actually has been around since I was a kid, although it's been revamped. I was shocked at the rides Brayden went on, but then again, he is never fearless with rides. We had another fun day with friends!


Thursday I told the kids I had to catch up on housework so that's what I did. it was SO hot so in the afternoon we did go swimming at my in laws for a little then Brayden had a game at night.

Friday we went to a local splash pad which is right next to the library - the kids played for a while, then we ate a picnic lunch and went to the library afterwards for a magic show. It was a great break from the heat because once again it was in the 90's. The magic show was so funny and Brayden and Avery got picked to go up so they were thrilled, poor Ella was sad she didn't get picked.





Friday night the big kids had sleepovers with our good friends - Brayden went to their house and their daughter came to ours. The girls had a blast and they were so cute saying how they didn't want the sleepover to ever end.

Saturday was the All Star baseball game that Brayden was picked to play in. They pushed the game to 6pm because of the heat and it ended up not being bad at all. The team Brayden was on played good but didn't win. It was a fun night at the ballpark!

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Sunday Brayden & Rick had a game about an hour away for his travel team but me and the girls decided to stay back. They have been to so many games in the heat that I thought they needed a break, plus I needed time to get things done.  After the game we went swimming by my in laws then home to relax.

Now we're ready for another fun-filled week!!

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