Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Day in the Life

If you're anything like me, you'll enjoy today's post! These are my favorite type of posts, and I know one day I'll look back at our typical day and know they were the absolute best days.

Anyway, I chose Tuesday 3/13/18 to document - it went something like this

5:40am - wake up, roll out of bed, bathroom and get workout clothes on

5:50-6:20am - work out - it's so hard to do it first thing but I just don't have time later in the day and I can't bring myself to workout at night

6:20-7:25am - Make coffee and work on my FB group, posting deals - I love this quiet time

7:25-7:40am - Get the kids up, tell them to get ready  (I still help Avery a little with brushing her teeth)

7:45-8:20am - breakfast for the kids which is easy today with cereal and fruit. I eat a homemade bagel and a cutie, then I unload the dishwasher.

8:25am - walk Brayden to the bus stop - I love that he still gives me a hug and a kiss and screams " I LOVE YOU" as he gets on - I know these days are probably going to end soon šŸ˜¢

8:27-8:45am - get ready super quick (I shower at night so today was just a quick run through my hair with my curling wand and a little makeup

9:00am - drop Avery at preschool 

9:15-9:45am - Ella has Speech at Brayden's school. I always hope we'll see him but we never do

9:45-11:30am - Ella and I run errands. We go to Old Navy, the Rack, DSW and stop in a local painting place to check it out for a future visit

11:30am - pick Avery up from preschool

12-1pm - make the girls lunch, make myself lunch, load the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen

(one of my favorite lunches - pita crackers from Trader Joes, and a mix of avacado/tomatoes/feta with a little olive oil)

1-3pm - we go to the library for the fun STEM class. The teacher reads some fun St. Patricks books then it's on to the activities and a snack. On the way to the library it was snowing and the girls enjoyed catching some flakes

3:10-3:30 - Get Brayden from the bus stop, make him a snack and help him with homework if needed

3:30-4:15 - I let the kids have down time, I do some more cleaning up and work on blogging/FB group

4:15-4:45 - We drive Brayden to religious education

4:45-5 - I prep dinner, which was super easy this night. 

5-5:20 - Play with the girls a little while dinner cooks

5:45-6:40 - Rick comes home with Brayden, we all eat dinner, then clean it all up

6:40-7:30 - We spend some time playing together and the kids are having a blast with the magnatiles. We had so much fun creating new things. Avery wanted to bust out the play doh. Brayden also took his cuts in the garage

7:45-8:30 - Start bedtime. The kids are still showering/bathing every other night and tonight was an off night. We read each of them a book (or several) and I lay with each of them for a few minutes.

(forgot to get a pic with Brayden, whoops)

8:30-9:45 - Hang out on the couch with Rick, watch some shows, read some blogs, work on my FB group and browse the internet. I have a hard time just sitting and watching tv :)

9:45 - 10:15 - Get ready for bed, wash face, brush teeth and watch a few minutes of E! News before I fall asleep

And there you have it, our not so special, ordinary, but fun day!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Weekly Recap {3.19.18}

Happy Monday! It seems like everyone is either done with Spring Break or starting and we still have another week. Not like I'm counting down the days....

We are coming off a great weekend, one that left me wanting more nice weather, all the time. I'm having visions of lots of outside playtime, picnics and more and I cannot wait!!

Before I get to our fun weekend, I need to recap our week :)

Ella was playing the good big sister role and "reading" books to Avery before her nap. Then she asked if she could lay with her and I overheard them talking/giggling and singing the ABC's together and I swear, my heart melted

Monday night after showers, Avery proceeded to put her ballet tutu on and play marbles :)

Tuesday afternoon we went to our hot spot - the library! Ella's friend met us there

Rick has this net set up in our garage for Brayden to practice taking cuts - he asked me to sit and watch him so that's exactly what I did.  I cannot wait to see him on the field this year!

This one - she is makeup OBSESSED! We ran to Walgreens for deodorant and new nail polish for me and she begged for a lipstick. Then she proceeded to put on approximately 198382 coats

Avery still refuses most veggies but girlfriend still loves her smoothies, and she loves helping!

I took the girls to lunch at McDonalds where they had a playplace and I immediately wanted to soak them in bleach after, LOL. 

After lunch we went to a little bakery and decorated cupcakes with Ella's bestie

Later that night there was a basketball fundraiser event at Brayden's school that we went to. The girls LOVE being at Brayden's school so much


After the school event I took Brayden to the bakery we went to earlier in the day because I had bought him a cupcake then totally left it there.

We had decent weather Thursday so we played outside for a bit

We have been spending lots of free time playing with magnatiles! 


Friday we went to Legoland and it was SO FUN! I have a full post on our adventures there coming up

Saturday consisted of dance class then cleaning up the yard a little since the weather was decent. I ran out to a few stores during quiet time then we had corned beef for dinner and it was delish! We just hung around at night and the kids all put out their traps for the leprechaun because we forgot to the night before #fail. It also has somehow become a tradition for the kids to sleep on the pull out couch and try and catch the leprechaun in the playroom.

Sunday morning first thing we headed to an event at our local nature center. It was all about learning how to make maple syrup from sap. There was a breakfast part of it but we had already eaten so we just walked around and checked out all of the demonstrations. The kids had alot of fun!!




Later in the day we walked/rode bikes to the park and played some tennis (with no nets lol) Brayden and I actually played for a while while Rick took the girls to the park and we were both sweating after!

We walked down by my in laws to say Hi then walked/rode back home. The rest of the night was having dinner and relaxing, we were all exhausted from all the fresh air!

Back to the weekly activities!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites {3.16.18}

We made it, the weekend is here! I don't know why but this week draaaaaaagged. I am so ready to relax and have some family fun this weekend.

Image result for its friday meme

Let's see my favorites for the week!

{ONE} - Facebook Group

I started a new FB group this week that's all about sharing cute clothes for great prices. No, I am not an expert in the subject but I am pretty good at shopping smart. The group is called Frugal Fashionistas and if you want to join you can here (I would love to have you!!)

{TWO} - Etsy shop

One of my favorite Etsy shops has tons of new stuff, all of which I want! You can see everything here

{THREE} - Kids Artwork

My favorite thing is to look at the adorable art my kids make! We display it all in the playroom and right now it's all St. Patrick's Day themed!

{FOUR} - Girl Chat (March)

Yesterday we talked all about Easter baskets in our Girl Chat linkup - if you missed it, you can read mine here. I loved getting more ideas from everyone, and one thing I decided we'll do this year is hide the kids baskets in the morning of Easter.

This Happy Life: Ella's Easter Basket

{FIVE} - Closet makeover

I mentioned earlier in the week that last weekend Rick put together our new master closet - and oh my gosh it is functioning so much better already! Now these are not Pinterest-worthy pics and neither is the closet itself, but our house is VERY old and there's a lot of duct work inside our closet because when we moved here there was no air conditioning (crazy, right?!) so there isn't a ton of room and we have yet to hide the ductwork, but nonetheless, I am thrilled with the newly organized space!!


Before this, my shoes were on the floor. You can only imagine how unorganized that was!! We added those shelves and raised up the right side on the top - it's a little mis-matched because we are sharing both sides but that's because I'm only 5'2" šŸ˜œ


And there you have it, lots of favorites this week! Now I'm off to enjoy the day with my kiddos. I better find some gold coins too because they are all adamant about catching a leprechaun this weekend!

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