Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Disney World 2017 Recap - Day 6

Friday was 6th and final at Disney World. We started the day by getting to Magic Kingdom by around 7:15 (AM!) They changed the park opening hours from 8am to 7am so we figured we would get a jump start. The park was empty and we got our perfect castle picture!

We immediately split up and the boys went on Space Mountain and us girls went on Astro Orbitor. I was surprised that was Ella's favorite ride because it does spin pretty fast at some points, and you're super high in the air, but nonetheless, it was her fave!

Then we were off to the Tomorrowland Speedway - the kids all loved this "ride" and Ella is still a crazy driver, even 2 years later :)



We hung out in Fantasyland all morning and then we got to meet Gaston! Oh my gosh, he was HILARIOUS!!!!


Avery's face cracks me up and Ella did not want to get near him! LOL

From there we rode the 7DMT again (just me and Brayden and then Rick and Brayden since Ella absolutely refused to go on again LOL)


After a couple more rides, we headed to our Chef Mickey's reservation for brunch. We did this last time and it's always a good one to get if your kiddos want to meet Mickey & friends!




This was our day we were leaving - we had a 5:30pm flight so all our stuff was packed up and being held at the bell hop, but once we got done eating and realized we had a little over an hour until we had to leave for the airport so we made the crazy decision to go get our swimsuits out and go swimming - it was GORGEOUS the day we were leaving, go figure!!

So that's how we ended our magical-filled week! This was a trip for the books, that's for sure. So many wonderful memories were made and I can't wait to go back!

See you back here Friday for my favorites of the week!!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Disney World 2017 Recap - Day 5

Today I'm sharing the last days of our magical vacation! I'm not going to lie, I have been having MAJOR withdraws after coming home and all I can think is Disney - #firstworldproblems - Originally I was going to post day 5 & 6 together but day 5 has alot to it so it needs its own post. (you can read days 1&2 here and 3&4 here)

Anyway, day 5 was one of my favorite days! We had a 7:30am breakfast at Ohana in the Polynesian. We had to get up pretty early to get up and moving and make sure we were at the monorail by 7am. Of course the kids never sleep in at home, but that's all they wanted to do in Disney.

The Polynesian became one of my favorite hotels immediately. You feel like you're in Hawaii there and well, who doesn't want to feel like that!? It has awesome atmosphere!

While I checked in for our reservation, Brayden & Avery met Stitch!! Ella was nervous so she stayed back with me but once I was done, she finally went and met him.

He was SO fun and Lilo & Stitch is one of our faves so it was awesome for the kids (and me, who am I kidding, I'm like the biggest kid in Disney) to meet him!


After that it was time for the restaurant to do their little opening bit and the kids got picked to help. This restaurant has such a family feel, I couldn't stop smiling while we were there!

Then we sat down to eat - this was one of my faves because it was family style, so all the food was brought to you and you could get as much as you would like. They had eggs, bacon, sausage, Mickey waffles, Stitch waffles, fruit, yummy breads and some of the best juice!! I was so happy to finally be sitting somewhere and enjoying LOTS of coffee :)


As you eat, the characters start to come out - I wish we would have video'd when Mickey came out because Ella was grinning ear to ear and it was just the cutest thing ever!!



After our amazing breakfast we headed for the bus to go to Animal Kingdom. As soon as we started driving, it started pouring. We knew the weather was going to be bad all day but when you're at Disney, you just power through! (afterall, you've already paid to be there!)

We got our ponchos on and trudged through! The first stop was the Dinosaur ride - this is the one that last time we went, Brayden came running off screaming he would NEVER do that again. Well, he ate his words and actually wanted to do it this time. Since Rick and him did it before, I chose to go with  him and Ella. Whoa, let me tell you, that ride is pretty terrifying and I found myself screaming and just wanting it to be over - our faces are pretty funny in this pic, we're in the last row

After that, the rain held off for a little so we went to Dinoland and rode on the Triceratops and Rick & Brayden did some coaster - from there it was raining again and we headed to our next scheduled FP+ which was It's Tough to Be a Bug show - thankfully it was inside and out of the rain. That was so fun but there was a part that was a little scary for the girls.

Next we headed to go on the Safari which is a must do!! It was still raining but not terrible

Any time we saw a break in the weather, we would ditch the ponchos and take some pics - when you buy the Memory Maker you want to make it worth it!!



 Avery was always posing for our pics, she would never just stand - which is perfectly fine with me, it suits her personality much better :)

From the safari, we grabbed some food then it was time to watch the Finding Nemo show. That was super fun and cute and the kids loved it. At the end all these bubbles come out from the ceiling and the kids danced around in them.

In our original plan, we were going to leave after that, but since the weather sucked and we couldn't go back and swim, we found other stuff to do.  We grabbed a drink and the kids just hung out for a little then we got in line to meet Pocahontas - while me and the girls were waiting, we saw a FP+ open up for Everest so Rick and Brayden headed there. They didn't care if they missed Pocahontas but it ended up they made it in time.



 The hubs got so many compliments on his shirt :)


We headed back to the hotel and relaxed, showered, then went out to a nice dinner in our hotel. The food was soooooo good!

And then we hit the hay because it was a looooong and fun day!

I'll be back tomorrow with our last day!

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