Thursday, December 14, 2017

Girl Chat {December 2017}

Happy Thursday everyone!! I cannot believe this is the last link up of our Girl Chat for 2017!! That's just crazy to think about, sure makes you realize how fast time goes!

Today's topic is all about the greatest gift you ever received. Now of course my kids are my greatest gifts I have ever received, but today I'm talking about some other fun gifts from the past.

I'm taking this waaaaaaaaaay back today - like to 1989 when I was 5 and my sister was 9. We had the best Christmas ever that year! We were obsessed with those Precious Palaces playsets - anyone remember these?? Those little toy houses that had magnetic keys that activated lights, locks, and other stuff?  Well that Christmas, our parents bought us the entire village!!!! I know it's not all about gifts, but as little kids, my sister and I were so freaking excited and to this day that Christmas stands out the most in my head. It was so magical to receive all of those!!

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I even got my Mom to pull out some old pictures #thathair #yourewelcome

Another Christmas gift that was the absolute best was when my Mom bought me a Talkboy - yeah, the same one that was in Home Alone 2. I was obsessed and begged and begged for one and I remember flipping out when I got it!! I kind of wish I still had that, I know Brayden would LOVE it!

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The last best gift (yeah, I cheated and am sharing 3 of the best gifts I've ever received) was my engagement ring. Rick proposed December 15th 2007 -  It was a magical night in Chicago with snow falling and he got down on one knee in Millennium Park, overlooking the ice skating rink. My ring is so special to me as it symbolizes our love and dedication to each other. I've loved that ring for 10 years and now I'm so sad to say at the moment, we cannot locate it. Miss Avery took it (along with my band) out of my room the other day and hours later I realized it was gone. By then she had no idea where it was and ever since I  have turned our house upside down looking in all the logical and also the most random places a toddler would put them with no luck. I've begged her to tell me where they are but she just keeps saying "I don't know Mama" and "Don't worry, they'll show up Mama" Ughhh if only!! Fingers crossed they show up here soon - new rings aren't exactly in the budget. I guess I can always hit up Claires šŸ˜œ

(don't mind my nails, they need to be done!)

 I can't wait to read about everyone's favorite gifts!!! We hope you will link up below!

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekly Recap {12.11.17}

Happy Monday friends!! Whew, another super fun filled weekend has come and gone, but before I recap the weekend, let's take a look at our week - it was another good one!!

Sidenote: I cannot believe it's only 2 more weeks until Chrristmas!!!

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Monday we were able to go on a walk and play at the park for a while - just in time because the next day the temps dropped super low!

Ella has been wanting to paint my face ever since she saw Avery's from Breakfast with Santa. I obliged and she painted an ornament on my cheek (if that's what you call it) and then she wanted a Christmas tree on hers


Tuesday we met up with friends at the library for cookie decorating!! Another sugar filled fun event where most of the frosting ended up in Avery's mouth rather than her cookies :)

Ella and I played a few games of foosball one afternoon while Avery napped - girlfriend is getting good! (wish I could say the same for her dart throwing skills)

Thursday we headed to the city! I had been wanting to start the tradition of taking the kids to the Walnut Room (inside Macy's in Chicago) but was waiting for Avery to get a little bigger - originally I had just planned for the girls and I but decided I wanted Brayden included too - so it was a skip day for him (well, Avery too, but 3yr preschool didn't miss her, I'm sure)

We took the L into the city and it was so seamless! We went and put our name down for the Walnut Room (they don't take reservations) and while we were waiting for a table, we went down and saw Santa!


Peeking through the glass window at Santa!!

Avery was scared at first, but warmed up, although she didn't say more than 2 words, ha ha. I'm totally sad this is my last year with a crying kid on Santa's lap (unless she still cries next year?)


 After seeing Santa, we headed back upstairs to go eat. My first time ever at the Walnut Room was last year with friends - the place is so gorgeous and the tree is so beautiful in person!! We enjoyed a delicious lunch and the kids loved the princess that came to our table and had them make special wishes


Brayden asked me to write out several math problems - love that he was practicing math while skipping school, well done kid :)


After eating, we wrote our letters to Santa (in case he forgot what we had just told him) then shopped a little at their holiday lane. I wanted every ornament I saw! 



Friday I cleaned the house while Ella was at school and Avery played quietly. Later on we made brownies and when Brayden came home, we decorated them

Friday night we headed out to look at Christmas lights! Of course we had hot chocolate to go with!

Saturday morning we woke up to a little bit of snow and of course Ella wanted to get right outside at 6am. We convinced her to hold off and after dance class we headed out. We have a putting green in our backyard and that's where all the snow was, so we made a little tiny snowman :)

Daddy & girls playing play doh :)

The hubs headed out Saturday night with friends and after I put the kids to bed, I enjoyed wine & Hallmark movies while wrapping presents.

Sunday we went by BIL & SIL's for my niece's birthday.

Ella was having so much fun playing with her cousin - isn't he the cutest!?!?!

 We headed home and relaxed the rest of the night. Today me and Miss A have LOTS of errands to run and things to do while Ella is at school, here's to hoping I can finish everything in 3 hours!

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Favorites {12.8.17}

And just like that it's Friday again! I wish this month would slow down but with all the fun we're having, I don't see that happening. Thank goodness I take lots of pictures! :)

{ONE} - Santa!!

I took the kids yesterday downtown to Macy's to see Santa and to eat at the Walnut Room - it's something I've been wanting to start doing for a while and it finally happened! We had the best time and the kids were beyond smitten with Santa!! P.S. He was the real one in case you were wondering :)

I thought this would be my first year with no one crying but I was wrong - if you look closely, there a few tears streaming down Avery's face

{TWO} - Cauliflower Soup

The other day I posted a recipe I threw together for cauliflower "baked potato" soup - you can find it here if you missed it - it is sooooooooooooo good!


{THREE} - Elf funny

Ok, so I  have a confession - I am a terrible elf on the shelf-er. This is literally me EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Why did I start this you ask? Well, the kids freaking LOVE it so that's what I'm going with

Related image

{FOUR} - Crazy deals

If you're in my FB group, you know I LOVE Amazon - they literally have everything! I found these adorable tops that are $7.99!!! And they have Prime shipping! Plus, there are free returns on most sizes/colors - you can't go wrong!!

ONLYSHE Women's Early Autumn Fashion Stripes Stitching Contrast Color Back Lace Army Green Large

ONLYSHE Women Long Sleeve T-Shirt Loose Solid Color Round Neck Tunic Top Blouse Grey XX-Large

{FIVE} - Fun Holiday Treat

I so want to make these with the kiddos! Don''t they look fun and tasty?!

Holidays: Reindeer Rice Krispies - the cutest treat you will see all Christmas season. Make this recipe and deliver them to family and friends!

That's a wrap for this week! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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