Brayden Lee

Finding out I was pregnant for the first time was so exciting.  I remember wanting to tell the hubs in a cute way but the second the “Pregnant” word popped up on the stick I could barley contain myself.  I ran downstairs to where the hubs was watching tv and said “Are you ready to be a daddy because I’m pregnant!!” Very cute way, huh?  He was SO excited.  We were even more excited when we were told it was a BOY! I always wanted the boy first so he can protect his younger siblings. Brayden was born via c-section because he was in the breech position.  He was one lazy baby because he stayed in the same exact position for almost my entire pregnancy!  He welcomed us on 7.12.10 at 10:11am and weighed 8lbs 2oz and was 20in long.

Here’s a look at how my baby has somehow turned into a little boy!

2.7.13 - 31 Months

Brayden, now at 2.5 years young, you are the center of my world.  You are so happy and so smart (of courses I'm a little biased) and continue to amaze me every day.  You can say your ABC's and can count up to 14. You talk so much, it seriously amazes me! You love calilng people on the phone and it is by far the cutest thing ever. You are very good at flashcards and have just begun to learn how to write letters and your name.  This is the very beginning stages but I'm so proud with what you can already do.  For some reason you love to sing the Happy Birthday song and every week it's a different persons birthday; lately it's been mine.  Right now you are into trains, balls, play doh, puzzles, books and of course a few tv shows - right now your favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Caillou, and Sofia the First (Daddy and I think you have a crush on Sofia)  You and Max are best friends and have so much fun together, it is so cute to watch! You LOVE being outside and would probably live out there if we let you (even in 0 degree weather!) You are becoming quite the big brother, always being so attentive to Ella and when she needs something you are the first to let us know - it's just too adorable!

3.12.13 - 32 Months

My little man, I cannot believe you will be turning 3 in just a few short months.  I can literally see you changing and growing into a little person before my very eyes every single day.  It makes me so sad and so happy at the same time.  I recently held you like a baby and rocked you and couldn’t contain my tears, I look at how small Ella is and then how big you were in my arms and can’t understand why time has to go so fast. I do enjoy every day with you and try not taking any of our time together for granted, yet still, time seems to slip away so quickly.  You will understand this one day – it took me until having you to realize how much I want more time.  

You have the biggest imagination and I love that you continue to use it daily.  When we are outside playing on the swingset you tell me the pirates are coming and we need to hide before they take our treasure.  Other times the dinosaurs are coming and we need to hide from them.  I love playing along with the story lines you create. 

You love arts and crafts and are so creative.  You always say, “I want to make a craft” and so we do, usually on the weekends.  You take after mommy in this sense but also Daddy because Daddy is very creative and one of the best drawers I know – I wonder if that will come out through you.

You LOVE your little sister so much.  You always give her kisses and tell her “I love you baby Ella” and if she is crying, you will say “Oh no, baby Ella is crying”  Or “she is so cute!” Sometimes you just look at her go “Awwww”  You are so thoughtful and that makes me so happy.

You love music and love to dance – when we get in the car you practically demand I turn the radio on and up then proceed to say “dance Mommy, dance!” and so I do my best dancing that I can while driving and take quick peeks back at your moves.  It’s a little hard to dance in a car seat, but you manage to shake your arms and hands around and move your head up and down, back and forth - I would say you are the best car seat dancer I’ve ever seen!! At home  you love me to put music on YouTube and we dance around the family room – if Daddy is home you ask him to dance with us and that just makes Mommy laugh oh so hard, most of the time he is a good sport and joins in with us – I just love our dance parties!!

You continue to love to read books – I love this about you.  We use to read one book before bed but now we are up to 2 or sometimes 3 and now we are reading actual books – most of my own Disney books that Grandma Deb kept.  Sometimes we spend 30 minutes reading before bed – it’s hard to say no to you when you want to read another book, although you are probably only manipulating me to stay up longer – it’s Ok though, because I know you are only going to be this little once and I will enjoy anytime you want to spend with me!

You are finally into sitting and watching movies – mostly the old Disney Classics that I loved as a child.  Right now we are on a Little Mermaid kick, but before this it was all 3 Toy Stories, you wanted to watch them every single day.  In the morning on the weekends I would come get you from your room and your first words would be “I want to watch Toy Story please!!”

You are becoming quite the little helper around the house! When you see an empty bottle from Ella you take it and put it in the sink.  You also take your empty cups or plates when you are finished and place them in the sink.  If there is a dirty diaper of Ella’s, you will grab it and put it in the garbage.  You do all of this without anyone asking you to – it is simply amazing.

You are so incredibly thoughtful – this makes your Mama so happy. You are always willing to share (for the time being that is). You say the cutest things out of nowhere, if you know I am sad, you said “Oh no, Mommy sad, give me big hug” and instantly that makes me feel better. You will tell Ella she is “so cute” or “so beautiful”.  You have the best manners I have ever seen in a 2 yr old, always saying Please, Thank You, You’re Welcome. I believe being thoughtful is a very important quality to have and the fact that you have this so young is truly amazing.  My wish is that this continues with you throughout your entire life. 

You make me and Daddy so proud to be your parents and we are so lucky you are our son. 

7.12.13 - 3yrs

To Brayden, my first born, my little lovebug, my munchkin butt - today you are 3! 3!! I still can’t believe it has been 3 years, it has gone way too fast which leads me to believe that pace will only continue, if not, get faster.  I am so blessed to have spent these last 3 years with you, you are an amazing little boy and you have brought true happiness into my life. I want you to know just how much love you – to infinity and beyond as I tell you, but I love you even more than that. 

You are such a sweet boy and anyone who comes around you can see these qualities instantly.  You will randomly come up to me, take my head into your hands, and kiss each of my cheeks, then each of my eyes, and you end with a kiss on my forehead.  I literally melt when you do this.  You always want to include our whole family when we do things.  Anytime I tell you we have to go somewhere, you make sure to ask “Can Daddy come too? Can Baby Ella come too? Can Maxy come too?” I hope you always want to include us.

You are so polite – something I hope you keep with you all your life.  Always saying please, thank you, you’re welcome for just about everything.  It makes Mama so happy you have learned great manners at such a young age.

You are Mr. Smartypants! And I don’t mean that sarcastically.  You continue to amaze me with the skills you obtain.  You are rockin’ on the computer, you are so good with shapes, sizes, colors, & letters,  You are a master with puzzles.  You can put together 24pc puzzles by yourself and some 48pc ones!

You still LOVE crafting! This makes Mama so happy! We still do a craft about once a week, sometimes more depending on our schedules. I love bonding through crafts with you.

You can talk SO MUCH! Like really, some of the sentences that come out of your mouth amaze me.  There really isn’t anything we can’t understand that you say.  You are saying up to 15 word sentences and you use the proper verbs/nouns/adjectives when describing things.  It’s so incredible to watch you and see how you have learned the English language so well in the past year.

You continue to be such a good big brother to Baby Ella.  You two have really started to interact over the past month and it’s so cute to see.  If she drops something, you are quick to pick it up, if she’s crying, you try to make her laugh and she loves when you play tug of war with her with toys.  I hope your relationship only grows stronger with your sister.

You still love being outside and now that it’s summer spend pretty much everyday out there! You aren't that big into swimming this summer as you were last but you still love to play with water.  You are such a big helper when I water the garden, I love that you always offer to help me.

You are becoming so much more social and for you, this is a big deal.  You have always been very reserved around people and you still have your shy moments, but I can see you coming out of your shell.  When we go to the park now, you will start talking to any of the little kids that are there, usually I go with at first to initiate the conversations, but then you are fine all by yourself and I sit back and watch in amazement.  I hope your confidence continues to grow and you learn to make friends easily.

I can’t believe how much difference a year makes, and I also can’t believe I have a 3 year old! Please grow slowly my love; I want to savor every moment with you. 

I love you so much my little cuddle buddy!

Love Mama

3.25.14 - 44 Months

Brayden Lee! My little munchkin butt, you are now 3 ½! Seriously I feel like we just celebrated your 3rd birthday (which I still can’t believe!!)

You just become more and more funny the older you get.  You say the silliest things, do the silliest things and have me laughing out loud most of the time.  It is so fun being your Mama!  Lately before bed you have started this new crazy routine of spinning your pj’s around and making me grab them, it is so funny! You are laughing the entire time you are doing this by the way, which leaves me cracking up.  First we do the pj bottms, then the pj tops. I love that this is now part of our nighttime routine.   

You have adjusted so well to preschool.  From going to never being around kids since you didn’t go to daycare, to a classroom full of little ones, you have done so great.  You have made a few little friends, and you even tell me you like this girl named “V”, although lately I think this may be changing to Peyton. Everyday I ask who you play with and lately it's only her, so I think V better look out :)  I think you are definitely still a little shy and reserved and you have found some friends that are more outspoken.  Preschool has definitely helped you come out of your shell a little bit and quite a few people have even made mention of this.  I am so proud of you!!

We still love doing crafts together and I really hope that never fades.  I will always want to spend time with you making something fun!  You are really into painting right now, it’s what you want to do like every day, ha ha.

You are still my little helper in the kitchen and I love this.  You are always the one to cut the cucumbers for the week, you love that this is “your” job.  You love to help me bake too, whether it’s cookies or cupcakes and you are always begging to lick the spoon, starting from the second we start, he he.  You always want to help make breakfast on the weekends when I’m home and even though it takes longer, I absolutely love the help from you. 

You are so in love with your Papa!! This makes me so happy to see you two developing a great relationship with eachother, especially since this is your only Grandpa.  I love that we live within walking distance to your Grandparents so we are able to go over there a lot. You will walk in their house and immediately ask Grandma Pam if Papa is home and then you two go to the basement to play your marble game. 

Your favorite TV shows right now are Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Paw Patrol (which took Daddy and I forever to figure out what you were saying when you would ask to watch this! I guess you only watched with Grandma Deb at first) You love the Disney movie Frozen and ask if Queen Elsa can come over everyday to play with you. 

You are mr. sassy pants lately as well.  Being a 3 year old is not easy and I see you trying to find your way in this big ol' world. I like that you can now tell us how you're feeling and what you want, but sometimes, it's so dramatic! But again, I know it's not easy being small, and you are doing a great job!

You are really becoming a "big" brother to Ella, it's sweet the way you ask her to play with you or when you tell her, "come on Ella, time for a bath" I just love the interaction between you two and it's really picking up more and more.  The other day we were at a baptism and Ella was just wandering around at the luncheon and you would follow her and hug her and tell people that was your sister, it melted my heart!

Being a good big brother :)

I love you to infinity and beyond my little man, you have made me SO happy! I look forward to watching you continue to grow and thrive.


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