Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Life Lately {4.3.19}

Woohoo, look at that, I'm back again! I'm hoping this can be a reoccurring thing because I really have missed the blog world so much!!

Sooo let's take a look at what's been going on in our lives - these days are so busy but also so memorable. I'm fully aware that these are the best days and I try and remember that when my crazy Mom moments come into the picture haha

  • I have been leading Ella's girl scout troop all year and I am having so much fun with it! Originally I was hesitant to be the leader because it is a lot of work, but it's been so worth it! I am making some awesome memories with Ella and our troop of girls is just the cutest!


  • I have been volunteering at the big kids' school alot! I go to any party I can and try and help out with other events as needed (hot lunch, birthday books, fun fair) it's been a super fun year so far! I also help out whenever I can at Avery's preschool. It's so bittersweet knowing she is my last kid in preschool

  • I am still running my FB group and having so much fun with it!! If you aren't a member, you should join here!
  • Rick & Brayden have been practicing baseball on their new travel team for a couple months now. Games start at the end of this month and I'm so excited!!!
  • Ella & Avery also just started softball and had their first practice this week. They are so close in age in school that they are able to be on the same team which is so nice for us since there are 3 kids and 2 parents LOL. I cannot wait to see my girls in action!!!

  • we took the kid skiing for the first time in February. We were so proud of them for giving it a try because it is hard! they took a lesson then we went down the bunny hill a few times. Rick of course was going down the bigger hills, which I'm still too scared to do haha

  • I fell and slipped on ice in January and ended up with a concussion - it was NOT fun
  • the girls went to the Daddy/Daughter Dance and had a BLAST!

  • Ella lost her first tooth a couple months ago and her second one last week! she is getting so big and seeing her with missing teeth really shows it! 

  • Avery had emergency surgery last month to remove her appendix! so scary but we were so glad she was OK and all is good now!! this one will always keep us on our toes, I swear!

  • I took Brayden on a Mom/Son game night and we had so much fun! I have always wanted to do this through the park district but we always have plans. We met up with friends and it was just a great night - hearing Brayden say how much fun he had only confirmed that!

  • we just enjoyed a super fun Spring Break - we didn't go anywhere but I made sure to keep the kids busy each day with hunting trolls, the arcade, parks, movies, trampoline places & more! I was exhausted by the weekend! 

and that brings us up to speed!!

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