Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Ella's Bake Shoppe Party

Back in September we had Ella's 6th Birthday Party. For several months we talked about having a cake decorating party after seeing the adorable one Courtney threw. Ella was immediately on board and helped plan the entire thing!

I knew she wanted to do crafts, play a game, and decorate cakes. The rest of it kind of just flowed together so nicely and the party was AWESOME! Seriously, one of my most favorite parties I've thrown and there were only 5 little girls there.

For the crafts, we decided to decorate aprons, hats and the cake boxes the girls would take their decorated cakes home in. That is how we started the party

After crafting was finished, we had snacks! The party was from 9:30-11:30 so I didn't do a full spread of food, just some fruit, donuts, muffins and juice!

After eating it was time to play the game - the only game Ella really wanted was pin the candle on the cake and well, when I couldn't find it at the store or even Amazon, I quickly realized we can make it! I had Rick draw the giant cake on poster board and one night before the party Ella and I colored away. Is it perfect? No, but it was perfect for what it was! The girls were so adorable while playing this game and I'm glad they're still at an age where this was fun.

After the game came the best part and the part all the girls were waiting for - cake decorating!! I ordered those 6" baby cakes from our grocery store (they are the ones people buy for cake smash photos) I had them leave them white and bought a bunch of fun decorating supplies from Hobby Lobby. The night before the party I also made the frosting and the day of just put it into sandwich baggies - everything was prepped before the girls showed up which was key.

I was literally blown away by the concentration the girls had decorating their cakes! Each girl took their time, was very detailed and had so much fun with it!! Once they were done, I loaded up their cakes in their decorated cake boxes and the party was over. The girls all ran outside to play for a little before their Moms came (I did have 2 moms stay which was nice to have the help! - I made sure to have coffee and coffee cake for us)

This party will be one we always remember, that's for sure!!


  1. This is absolutely precious, creative and sow much fun!! What a brilliant idea and they made a memory that will last a lifetime!!

  2. This is one of the cutest ideas I've seen for a birthday theme! How fun! Those baby cakes are my favorite and it looks like they all had a great time. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  3. This is the CUTEST idea! Heck, I think a cake decorating party would be a fun thing to do myself! So glad it was a success!

  4. What a cute party! I'm sure they really enjoyed it.

  5. Oh my gosh, Lizzie, this is the cutest idea for a party EVER! Those tiny little cakes are just perfect! I bet those girls had the best time! Shoot, I'd like to go to a party like this for me! Haha.

  6. Oh my GOSH! This is THE cutest idea EVER!!!! I'm going to try to convince Eliza to do this for her birthday! Like, exactly this party! Those cakes. The best! Pinning, pinning, pinning!!!!

  7. This is so cute and I love all the activities associated with it from decorating the hats, aprons, boxes and then the cake! LOVE IT

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