Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites {9.22.17}

Happy Friday friends! This week flew by; I can't believe we're already at the weekend! It's been sooooo hot here all week and looks like the heat is lasting through early next week and honestly, I'm over it. Thankfully my in laws still have their pool open so we'll be heading there possibly later today and hopefully tomorrow before Brayden's game.

Anyway, let's get on to this weeks favorites!

A fellow Mommy has started this beautiful company with the cutest baby stuff!! Bibs, pacis, bows, toys & teethers and more! Seriously, her stuff is SO cute!! You can use code WEHEARTDEALS10 to save 10% off your order + get free shipping on orders over $30 with code FREESHIP17 (codes can be combined!)

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{TWO} - New M & M's

Have you guys tried these? So so good, especially if you like coffee & nuts!!

Image result for m&m coffee nut

{THREE} - Girls Night

Ella has been wanting to have a girls night for a couple of weeks now and tonight it's happening! - she thought of everything we should do on her own and I have to say, she pretty much nailed my perfect night! She drew this checklist and picture to go along for our night and I love it so much! \

Rules for our girls night :
  • No boys allowed
  • Pizza
  • Candy
  • Watch Hocus Pocus

In case you were wondering, she drew our basement, myself, her & Aver sitting on the couch, our snacks are on the table and the 3 witches are on the TV!! She drew other details of our basement too and I just can't handle the cuteness!!

{FOUR} -  Utility Vest

I finally found the perfect utility vest that didn't break the bank!! I ordered this one from Kohls and it came this week - LOVE IT!!!

Women's SONOMA Goods for Life™ Utility Vest

{FIVE} - Shutterfly

So this is not a sponsored post or anything but I just had to share how happy I was with Shutterfly this week! I made a photo book for my in laws for Christmas and when it showed up, I realized I had screwed a couple of things up and while they weren't a huge deal, they bothered me enough to where I didn't want to give them the book. I made the cover picture way too small and the first page of the book had 4 pictures but they were tiny and it looked so wrong. So I gave it a shot and called them to see if there was something they could do, and wouldn't you know, they credited my account back so I could re-order the book!! How nice right!?!? It never hurts to ask :)

Image result for shutterfly

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ella's First Day of Pre-K

And now it's the middles time to get talked about!

Ella started her first day of Pre-K the Wednesday after Labor Day - she goes 3 days a week for a few hours.

At first I thought she was going to be nervous to go because her bestie from last year didn't get in the same class as her but surprisingly she did great the first day! She woke up SO excited to go!

We went outside to take the obligatory first day of school pics and it was probably a little too chilly out to be wearing a dress, but she looked adorable nonetheless!

In my head I had it that school started at 9 (that's when it starts for Avery and I swore I looked the night before for Ella and it said 9) - but really it was 8:45 so poor girl was late on her first day! Thankfully no one really cared and it was only by a few minutes since I always try to be early.

She walked right in and did her morning routine and gave me the biggest hug and kiss and walked in (much different than her spunky little sister!)

When we picked her up she couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had! She even drew me several pictures during her morning there.

Since Ella's birthday was actually before school started, they celebrated the following Monday. I was so excited to be able to go to her class to help sing and celebrate her! I think she was equally as excited because she wouldn't let go of me for the longest time :)


Everything has been going great with Ella, although we do have some days where she cries when I drop her off, which of course makes my Mama heart so sad, but I know as soon as she gets in she stops, so that is comforting.

I'm wishing my girl the best year!!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Avery's First Day of 3yr Preschool

I thought about combining the girls first day together in one post then I thought, well that isn't fair and they should each get their own. So you'll get 2 doses of cuteness this week!!

<But first - I'm being featured over at Johannah's blog today, head over there if you want to read a little bit about me :) >

Avery was the first to start preschool because she goes Tues/Thurs and her first day was the day after Labor Day.

Girlfriend was SO excited to go! I knew she would be my kid who had no attachment issues, what I didn't know is how sad that would make me feel!

We got up that day and had our normal routine (Brayden had already been in school for a week at this point) We went outside for the official "first day of school" pics and then we were off

Once we got to school Avery was SO excited to do her routine of pushing the handicap door button and then proceeding to wash her hands in the bathroom. She knew all of this from taking big sis last year.

 Brayden was home sick this day with strep throat so he got to come with to drop her off 


We then waited for her teachers to open the door and once they did, Avery walked right in! Literally, she didn't even stop to say bye to me (or her siblings) and when I was yelling her name to say bye she WOULDN'T EVEN TURN AROUND TO LOOK AT ME! This kid, I swear. I stood there a little in shock that she wouldn't even say bye to me and then I got a little sad. But that was it, we left and I knew she would be fine which is a welcomed feeling since the other 2 had some separation issues.

When we picked her up she was grinning ear to ear! I knew she had alot of fun (and I'm sure gave her teachers a run for their money, haha)

I can't believe my BABY is in preschool - it's still a hard pill to swallow, but I know this  year is going to be great for her!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend Recap {9.18.17}

Here we are at Monday again! I actually welcomed today because it meant that yesterday was over with - phew what a day it was. The kids acted like monsters pretty much all day (sorry kids, still love you) and it was extremely emotionally draining. I yelled more than I care to admit and I am just glad to start fresh today.

Our weekend was a good one though (despite yesterdays antics)

Friday night we went to our towns Family Fun night and we met our friends there - the kids had a lot of fun running around!  Afterwards we came to our house to hang out for a little while the kids played.


Saturday morning was baseball & dance then we headed apple picking! I love this little tradition and the kids seem to too which is always good! Usually the temps are pretty good when we go but this year it was HOT! We still managed to have fun and came home with LOTS of yummy apples




 They had a wagon laying around and Brayden was being a super nice big brother pulling his sisters around - they were loving it!

Saturday night Brayden went by my Moms to hang out and the rest of us went out to eat. Later at night the hubs headed out to watch the fight with his friends. I stayed up crafting Ella's costume for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party we're going to while in Disney and watching Dateline (big mistake because then I freaked myself out to fall asleep without the hubby being home, you think I would learn by now!)

Sunday we had a lazy morning then had to get ready for family pics - this is where the day just went to sh*t. Brayden was complaining about his outfit and throwing major fits, when we got to the place to take the pics, Ella started crying because I took this giant piece of paper she was holding away and Avery was being, well, Avery.  You guys I could have used about 5 drinks during these pics haha!

After the pics the day just continued on like that with the kids and they wore us thin. We tried to get the bigs to play alone for a while and they would, then they would fight, this was Bedtime couldn't come fast enough! Once they were asleep I finally just kicked back and relaxed with a glass of wine and watched some more Dateline #obsessed #itsaproblem

So yeah, there you have it, our mostly good fun filled weekend! How was yours?

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favorites {9.15.17}

Woohoo we made it, it's Friday!!! I tell ya, this whole all kids in school thing is kicking my butt! I feel like I'm getting a taste of what all the seasoned Moms talk about, where you just become a taxi driver for your kids! Between drop off/pick up of preschool, driving to speech, driving to gymnastics, driving for errands/grocery shopping, I feel like we are living in the car these days! And while having both girls still in 5pt harness car seats, it's no easy feat (just let me complain, I know this really isn't hard stuff LOL)

Anyway, I'm so happy to see the weekend! Ours should be a good one! We have a family fun night tonight at our park district, tomorrow is dance for the girls, baseball for Brayden, then we are going apple picking and Sunday we have family pics followed by a picnic at our church! Phew it's going to be alot but alot of FUN!!

Here's a look at some favorites of the week!

{ONE} - A day in the life

I finally did another day in the life post this week - if you're nosy like me and want to read about what our days look like, check it out here

{TWO} - Bows

OMG can you look at theses bows?!! I found this shop on Etsy and I am LOVING them!  I want like every one, heck I would even wear these they are so cute! If you're in the market for some bows, I would suggest checking this shop out!

{THREE} - Wine glass

While scouring Etsy I found this wine glass, OMG how funny right?!! I could use this glass filled every night after the bedtime routine LOL

{FOUR} - Girl Chat

If you missed it, we had our monthly Girl Chat link up yesterday where we shared our favorite fall recipes - check it out here if you're interested, and see what others shared; there's some good stuff!

{FIVE} - Family pics

Sooo I decided to do the end of summer session with this new photographer vs fall because I wanted to make sure the weather was still decent (I've done October before and had it be in the 40's!!) We are all set for this Sunday and of course it's showing storms - I'm hoping that changes! Either way, even though it's still technically Summer, we are all dressing Fall-like so I'll get a little bit of both :)

I'm really hoping to get some images like these!! No matter what, I'll just be happy we are getting pics done, I cherish family pictures so to me, all that matters is that we do them!

The Walton Family | Fall Family Session | Kelly Gorney Photography | Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania

{SIX} - Magic Bands

I can't go without mentioned how excited we all are that are Magic Bands have arrived!! Not much longer until our magical vacation!

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I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! See you back here Monday!

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Girl Chat ~ Favorite Fall Recipes

Happy Thursday!! Today is our monthly installment of Girl Chat - we're talking all about favorite Fall recipes! We hope you link up!

Fall is definitely my favorite season (although Winter is close since it hosts Christmas) - I just love when the weather gets a little crisper and the leaves start to change, it puts me in a great mood! I also love football Sundays and it seems I do the most home-cooking around this time of year. Fall puts me in the mood to eat!!!

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Fall - check it out here if you're interested :)

Here's a few of my favorites recipes!

A couple years back we made these super yummy & easy Halloween cookies  - They are a hit with the kids and we make them every year now

Image result for reese's pieces halloween cookies this happy life

A total fall favorite would have to be Chili!! I love it, but my family isn't 100% on the same page

I love to cook it in the slow cooker - this is a good recipe!

A+  - Slow Cooker Chili - So easy and so delicious!! One of my go to dinners that the whole family loves.

We LOVE baking pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! The kids could eat the entire batch in one sitting! (well the bigs could, Avery can't be bothered with carbs LOL)

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Every year we go apple picking and I always have high hopes to make a homemade apple pie but that has yet to happen (maybe this year??) but I have made apple crisp and that just screams Fall to me!

You have to try this recipe for Apple Crisp! A perfectly, crumbly oat topping on top of tender, cinnamon's THE BEST! Easy to make!

Fall weather puts me in the mood for homemade chicken pot pie for sure!! I have finally perfected my homemade recipe (which I've shared, you can find it here) - and it's sooooooo good!!

The most delicious chicken pot pie

I love making soups in the Fall too - I have a board that I'm constantly adding favorites too (you can see it here)

I can't wait to read through everyone's favorites, hopefully I'll find something new to make!!

We hope you link up below!

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