Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Clock {DIY}

You know those projects you start and then never seem to get around finishing? This clock was that for me. I originally started this last September but it was just finished a couple of weeks ago.

Going back - Months ago I started thinking how I want a clock above my fireplace. I've had many different things above my mantel but nothing ever seemed right to me.

Enter this clock I saw online:


I knew this would look amazing above our fireplace but that price tag, woah, way outta my budget. I then went to Pinterest and started searching planked clocks.  I saw a few and they seemed easy enough (thanks to my super handy hubby) and decided to give one a try.  I don't have a full tutorial for this, but I'll explain how I made it.

I didn't follow any set plans, just went to Home Depot and picked up some wood and had them cut it there

Once I had that done, Rick helped me glue the boards together. Once dry, he cut out my giant circle

From there I stained it a dark brown, jacobean to be exact, and after that dried I painted on some cream/white paint we had already. I wanted a distressed look so I scuffed it up in some areas and even used a screwdriver to bang it up as well. 

Now for the hard part - I wanted my roman numerals to be big, metal pieces rather than just paint them on (which would have been soooo much easier and cheaper) so the hunt was on for that. I ended up finding a seller on Etsy that wasn't too pricey so I ordered those and went ahead and purchased this spray paint to paint them.

When I was ready, I used gorilla glue to glue the numbers to the clock. Then came the next obstacle. I wanted this to be a working clock because it was going to be such a big statement piece I just thought that made sense. I originally ordered a clock motor and hands off Amazon and when it came, the thread shaft (the part in back that sticks through your clock) was too short to fit through my wood which is about 3/4" thick. 

So I found a different clock motor that had a longer shaft (no pun intended) and when it came, the hardware that was sent with it didn't fit. I was getting frustrated at this point because I just wanted the clock DONE. So my awesome hubby drilled a hole in the back of the clock so we could use the original clock motor. 

And with that, the clock was now complete! Well, almost. I wanted the clock to hang on the fireplace wall, not just sit on the mantle. so Rick had to drill a hole into our stone and place a nail in it. Then we added a sawtooth picture hanger on the back of the clock, and now it was done!

I am in love with this clock so much! I know it's not really close to the one I originally saw, but I think I love it even more. I love the fact that we created this beautiful piece for our home. Can I say love anymore??

After this was all said and done, Rick remembered Menards sells already cut large circles of wood - that would have been nice to know 6 months ago :)

I think this is one piece of decor that will be sticking around for a long time :)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekly Recap {1.30.17}

I can't believe it's Monday already - this time, it came way too quick.

Let's see how our week went

The girls and I had lots of playtime with their treehouse - seriously this has been the most used gift we've ever gotten them!

We headed to our library for story time on Monday, I think it's the last time we'll be going as it is SO boring. The lady who instructs it is super quiet and it's just blah. The girls are always wanting to leave shortly after we get there anyway.

Avery cracks me up. She is OBSESSED with those little tsum tsum's and those little beanie babies. She carries these 3 everywhere with her!

I set up this fun craft for the girls to make - for Avery I cut and she glues but Ella does everything herself (well I draw everything and she then cuts/glues) These girls love crafting!

Brayden has this fun exercise competition going on with school so every night we are doing tons of workouts with him. His push ups are getting so good!

Wednesday we headed to our neighboring town's library. I love this library so much more than ours. The girls had fun playing before heading in to their story time

Every time I'm checking books out, they go sit with these statue kids. It's really funny.

After the library we met Rick at Panera. I grabbed McDonalds for the girls first though because they really don't eat much from Panera which shocks me because everything from there is amazing! They both wanted to sit with their Daddy so it was me on one end and those 3 on the other :)

Brayden has a little beanie baby too, his is Buddy from Secret Life of Pets and he carries him everywhere around the houses and treats him like his own dog. He asked me the other day to help make him a leash out of a broken chain. He was so happy!

Brayden had a half day Thursday and since he was around for the afternoon we set up a bunch of targets and had fun with our nerf guns. Not long after, there was a full on nerf war going on :)

Thursday night we had Brayden's school conference so me and the hubs went there while Grandma stayed with the kids. I always tear up at these because I love hearing what a great kid we have. At home it's a whole other story, but it's so good to hear that at school he is so good!

Brayden had a basketball game later at night and he was super excited his Grandma & Papa came!

He scored one basket this game and I was able to get a shot of it

Friday Brayden had off (for more school conferences) and we headed to Costco. Thankfully my Mom came with but it was still pure chaos.

Friday night I took the kids to go see my nephew perform in his holiday show. He was super cute! After we all headed to dinner at Portillos (YUM!) and then home. Rick was out at a poker game with his buddies so when we got home we just relaxed and watched a movie.

Avery loves wearing big brothers hat and she looks darn cute in it too!

Saturday was Disney on Ice and we had so much fun once we got there. It was a little chaotic getting out of the house and then once we got inside there more chaos trying to get food/drinks. Everything was good once we got to our seats and we actually ended up sitting farther back than we were suppose to but it was completely empty and we liked that idea much better.

Sunday was cold but we all headed outside to play anyway. 

When we came in the kids worked on their Valentine's. I'm so happy we got this out of the way!

yes, Ella is wearing a Halloween shirt. She says it's her favorite :)

 The bigs went to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa for a little while Avery took her nap and I got some much needed relaxing time. I caught up on Shameless and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Seriously love that movie.

Later Rick & Avery made brownies and our girl was super happy to be having one on one time


The rest of the night was spent eating dinner, watching The Little Mermaid, playing some games and just relaxing. 

How was your weekend?

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites {1.27.17}

Happy Friday!

Image result for life is good especially on friday

Brayden is home from school today because of conferences so we have big plans to all go to Costco together, wish me luck!

Check out my favorites for the week :)


Earlier in the week I shared some cute Valentine's tops, you can check them out here if you missed


I scored some major deals this week at Gap/Old Navy. I ordered these jeans because I've been on the hunt for a black pair and the price was amazing after the 40% off! I hope I love them

I also ordered these for the girls for next Christmas - for $8 I couldn't pass them up! #alwaysthinkingahead


Eeeks, isn't this bedding just so cute!? I ordered it for Avery's big girl room, I cannot wait to decorate!



One of my favorite things is to have one on one time with each kid. It was Ella's turn for a date with Dad (we rotate parent/kid every month) so last week they went out. Her request was to eat dinner at the McDonalds at the mall so that's where he took her. She was so excited, that morning she woke up, ran right downstairs to me and said "Mom! Today is my date with Dad, I'm so excited!!!"

Next week I'll be taking Brayden on a date, probably to the movies which is his request. We started these dates when the kids turned 3 and even though Avery is only 2, I think we need to add her to the mix because she wanted to go on a date with Rick & Ella so bad!


My favorite funnies of the week

Image result for take a nap go to bed early not going to a party meme

Yes please!

Image result for lets wear pajamas bake stuff and watch disney movies

All I can do is laugh at this one - so true

Image result for i can't wait until my kids get a smartphone meme

Happy Weekending! We are taking the kids to see Disney on Ice tomorrow, we all can't wait :)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Confessions {1.26.17}

Is it just me, or is this week flyyyyyyying by? I can't believe it's already Thursday. It's been a while since I've linked up for some confessions, so here we go.

I confess..........

  • Dieting makes me angry. I've been tracking my food intake and really watching what I've been eating, and while I like to think it's working a little already, it also makes me so darn hangry all the time! I love food so limiting myself is hard. waaaahhh!
  • Our neighbor was robbed the other week and even though it was petty and no one was hurt, it still spooks me out that it happened so close
  • I ordered this hoodie the other day and probably shouldn't have; I just couldn't help myself! It was on a flash sale so I really couldn't pass up the price, right?!?!
  • I really, really want some snow. I'm probably one of the only ones, but when you live in the Chicagoland area, you are use to snow this time of year and we've had none for over a month now. I LOVE the snow, so please mother nature, bring some our way
  • I said I was going to be better at our budget this month then above said hoodie happened and somehow a few things popped into my cart and were checked out at Gap, ugh, I have no self control.

I think that's enough confessing...sorry hubby if you're reading! :)