Monday, January 26, 2015

weekend re-cap - Frozen edition!

Our weekend was pretty low key, just what the dr ordered since the hubby became victim to the nasty sickness myself and the kids have already had.  He was able to muster enough strength to still go to Disney on Ice with us, bless his heart.

The kids had SO much fun at Disney on Ice! I was worried about Ella since she barely made it through a movie  couple weeks ago, but girlfriend did amazing! She was soooo into it, her eyes were glued to the stage the entire time.

This boy. I picked out an outfit for him to wear, jeans and a cute mickey shirt, but he insisted on wearing sweatpants and his tie dyed mickey shirt because I quote him "Mickey will love this shirt Mom!!" - Ok so tie dyed shirt wins.

Give this girl popcorn and she is in heaven!

The show was solely focused on the movie Frozen, which I didn't really expect.  I thought the Frozen people would make an appearance like all of the other movies, but no, Frozen took over and the rest of the Disney crew (Mickey, Minnie, the rest of the pals, and all of the Disney princesses) only got about 5 minutes of ice time.  It was a little sad but they put on an awesome Frozen show so you can't really complain.

Sunday I decided to finally break out the gingerbread house I bought 2 months ago - and yeah, that thing was ridiculously hard to put together! It seems so easy but ours just kept falling down, so I just let the kids decorate a piece each.  They had fun, but this was a total fail for sure :)

Then me and my little sweetie took some afternoon selfies, I just love this little muffin!!

Finally the hubs started feeling better and we watched our shows after the kids went to bed - which really means I watched about 5 minutes and then passed out :) Looking forward to hopefully a sickness free house this week!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Brayden - 4 1/2

My dearest Brayden,

You are now 4 1/2 and it feels like just yesterday we celebrated your 4th birthday.  Although, I won't lie, it's a little blurry for me since I was 2 weeks away from having your sister :)

I am so amazed with the little boy you are becoming. You continue to surprise me and your Daddy on a regular basis.  Our once super shy, super sensitive, super reserved boy is coming out of his shell. And in true turtle form, it is happening slowly, but once I look back 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, it feels like it is happening so fast! You are becoming so much more confident in yourself and I literally could not be more proud of you.

So with the new age of 4 came a new attitude and I have to say it is still here.  We are still working on this negative behavior with you and some weeks it seems to be getting better, but then we have a bad week and we are back at square one.  You really like to push boundaries and you think you are the one in charge in this house.  Sorry son, but that is just not the case :)

Of course underneath the attitude is a very very sweet boy.  I think everyday for the past month you have told me (multiple times a day) "Mom, I will love you forever" It's so sweet to hear these words and you know just how to melt my heart.  In the morning while you are eating breakfast you always say to me, "I didn't get my big hug and kiss!" Even though I always hug and kiss you right when you get up, I don't mind at all doing it again.  It is crazy to think one day you will not want to give me hugs and kisses..but my mind can't go there right now or I will become a huge mess!

Your role as a big brother got even bigger a few months ago when your newest sister was born.  You were instantly smitten with her and you really are a great helper.  When I need diapers, you get them, diaper cream, you're on it, a blanket, it's all you.  You are always willing to help me and I will always be grateful for that.  You are so in love with Miss Avery, and she is so in love with you.  She loves to watch you and you are the only one who can get her to really laugh!

Now your role as big brother to Miss Ella is another story.  Ella is now at the age where she can and wants to play with you or your stuff and some days you just don't like that.  We are trying to work on you being a little nicer to her because sometimes you get super frustrated and handle yourself in a not OK way.  There have been more time outs in the past 6 months than I can even count, and almost all are because you pushed or hit Ella.  But then there are times where you and Ella are the best of friends! You include her in your playing and you guys plot against me.  If you're somewhere by yourself and getting something, you always say you need another for your sister Ella.  So you are always thinking about her, which is nice to know :)  I know all of this is normal sibling stuff but I just hope and pray you and Ella are close always.

You are such a rule follower! This is completely different than Ella :) You know the rules and you are always eager to enforce them when Ella is not following. In some ways, I love this! You are always looking out for your sister and if she is in danger you tell me right away, on the other hand, you literally tell on Ella for every little thing.  We are working on teaching you the difference between Ella getting into danger or trouble and Ella just being a kid :)

I can tell you're getting bigger because our bedtime routine has changed, you don't ask me to rub your back anymore or do the walking thing or ask for more hugs and kisses :( You do still ask me to lay with you which I will always do! So please don't stop asking that anytime soon, my heart cannot handle it.

Preschool this year so far has been amazing for you! You have made some new friends and are so confident walking into class everyday.  I literally cannot believe later this year you will be starting kindergarten.  

Right now we are in the dead of winter so finding stuff to keep us occupied is challenging for Mommy, but we still manage to do plenty of fun stuff! You still love to do puzzles, we play alot of board games, we go to the library quite a bit and you love playing Super Mario on Wii with Dad.  Every morning you ask, can I play Super Mario with Dad today? On the days it doesn't happen you get so sad :(

Your favorite toys right now are your new castle you got from Santa, your T-Rex takedown and magnatiles. You love to do crafts still and you are getting really good at drawing.  Your favorite shows right now are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Paw Patrol.  You are such a good sport though and still watch Mickey & Cailou with Ella.

Brayden, my sweetheart, you make me so happy words cannot even describe! Being able to stay home with you these past few months has been nothing short of amazing. I am truly blessed to be your Mom and I will always remember and cherish these times. I love you more than you will ever know.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

fun in the snow

We got a good amount of snow last week but we knew it wouldn't last long since the temps were suppose to rise to the 40's, so we knew we had to take advantage while we still could!

Friday I took the kids outside to play while Avery napped.  We built a snowman and no more than 2 minutes after we finished him, Brayden decided to punch him to the ground... ahhh boys.

these two are just too cute for words

Here's the wind up...

direct contact! A perfect hit I must say, even though it made Ella and me sad for the snowman :(

He thinks he is SO funny! :)

Saturday morning, my cousin came over to babysit Avery for a little while we took Brayden & Ella sledding. This was the last day we would have snow as it was already melting.  When we got to the hill we were surprised that alot of snow was already gone but we still managed to have so much fun. 

When we first got there, both kids started crying and said they were scared, but after one trip down the hill, that all changed.  They kept wanting to do it again and again.

Time to go...these two, I hope they are friends for life

Now all of the snow is mostly gone. I hope we get more soon! I love playing in the snow with my kiddos :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

that time I cried at swim lessons

You know those moments when you are staring at your kids and before you know it, tears are streaming down your face? Happy tears, of course.  This happens to me all of the time.  I am just in awe of my children and find myself asking myself daily "how did I get this damn lucky?!" Don't get me wrong, this whole parenting gig is TOUGH but as cliche as it is, so so worth it.

I took my little guy to his first trial swim lesson this past weekend.  The last time he had lessons he was probably 2 1/2, maybe 3 and he never ever enjoyed them.  He hated the cold water (who could blame him) he hated water touching his face and just wasn't very comfortable letting an instructor work with him.  Even though those classes were always with a parent, he still was never that confident in the water.

Fast forward to now 4 1/2 years old, we thought it is time he really starts to learn how to swim.  This past summer, he really gained alot of confidence in the pool but still has that little problem of hating the water touching his face.  Since that's his biggest issue, we had to start him at the bottom of the classes, as a Duckling.  I was worried he would be with a bunch of littler kids, but to my surprise it was only him and another little boy who looked very similar in age. (This new swim place we went to is awesome, they never have more than 3-4 kids per instructor)

I led Brayden into the pool and introduced him to the teacher and then left.  Without any hesitation he went right into the pool and started chatting.

I sat behind the big glass wall watching my baby, my first born, my child who has always been extremely shy and sensitive around new people and new surroundings, basically OWN that swim lesson. The tears just started streaming down my face and in that moment, I couldn't have been more proud of our boy.

It's funny how you think your kid will never do something and then all you do is give it time and things start to happen. Time is all my little boy needed.

Afterwards, we had a Mommy/son date at Steak N Shake for some fries and a milkshake.  This could be trouble as it is walking distance from the pool :)

And a mean game of tic tac toe was played, I lost several times :)

As we sat there eating, Brayden said out loud "best day of my life ever Mom, thank you!" Be still my heart, be still.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Siblings {Night & Day}

I need to take a moment to write down just how different my little Ella and my (not so little) Brayden are. These 2 really couldn't be more un-alike.

                 Ella                                                              Brayden

Loves playing with water in the bath          Has always hated playing with water and when
                                                                         Ella gets water in his face he still cries to this day

Such an adventurer! Always climbing      Has always played it safe, from the very
and getting into things she isn’t                beginning. He never climbed on anything and never
suppose to. We have to REALLY               attempted to get into things he wasn’t suppose to
watch this one

Eats mostly anything that is put in              When asked to try something new, his usual
front of her. Loves strange foods for         response is “Eww, gross, no way will I eat
kids like tamales, salami, sauerkraut          that” 

Pretty outgoing to new people                  Took 3 years to warm up to some family

Does not enjoy reading books                   Loves reading books

Very independent                                       Very co-dependent

At bedtime, tells me to "GO!" after I         After bedtime stories, still asks me to lay with him
attempt to read a book           


I'm sure there's many more ways these two are different but this is a good list to sum it up.

Of course they do have some similarities (they sure know how to throw a tatrum!) but these two are definitely more opposites than not. Now, I just wonder who Miss A is going to take after...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Life lately

I can't believe the New Year is here! December sure did fly by, but we made some pretty awesome memories so I'm ok with it.

It's been so so cold here this week, Brayden's school has been closed since Wednesday so we have all been going a  little stir crazy! I figured it's been a while since I dumped some photos of our life lately, so enjoy!

On New Years Day, we took little miss to her first movie (other than Wreck it Ralph which she saw when she was 2 months old) We went to see Penguins of Madagascar.

We thought she is at the age where she can sit still and watch an entire movie, with popcorn of course.

Well, we were wrong.  Once she ate her entire bag of popcorn, she was ready to blow that Popsicle joint! I took her outside while the hubs and Brayden stayed watching the movie.  She wanted to sit, then stand, then run, then repeat.  She is sooo lucky she is cute! :)

This picture cracks me up.  Everytime we go to my in laws, Brayden grabs himself a shot glass (a non glass one) and my FIL grabs a V8 fusion and Brayden pours himself *shots*  Usually they are sitting at the bar but this night they were watching Gold Rush - I'm sure I could easily be judged as parent of the year here, but this is so harmless and a time my sweet Brayden cherishes.

Just love my little girl in her new pjs'!

We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for the first time.  They had an absolute blast!

Then this past week started potty training this one...things started off not so great, then got a little better..

Then she got sick :(  So training is on hold for the moment. Maybe I'll try again in a few weeks but I'm in no hurry after all of the accidents I cleaned up this week!

I can't forget about my sweet Avery! She started trying solids earlier this week too and it's going takes her about 20 minutes to get a teaspoon down so we need to keep at it :)

That's that - we're hoping our sweet Ella is better this weekend and hopefully Avery can get a little more efficient with her eating abilities :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Avery is 5 months!

A little late...again :)

Happy 5 months my sweet chubby bunny! So when you were 4 months I said that just felt right, but saying that you are 5 months makes me stop in my tracks and think, where the heck did the time go!?

It's hard to tell, but your hair is coming back!!! It's coming in really blonde so that will be interesting to see.  I actually gave you your first haircut this month because you still had leftover original hair that was 2 inches longer than the rest, so we had to clean you up :)

This month you are starting to develop some sort of nap routine, and for that I am thankful! You have been a serial cat napper from the get go so getting some longer stretches in there really makes Mommy happy!

You are still sleeping through the night but lately have started getting up around 5 to eat then you go back down until 7/7:30.  I don't mind though because I like getting up at 5 and after I feed you I pump then workout and have some *me* time before the craziness begins.

You are a pure joy to be around (most of the time) - we just look your way and you give us the biggest smiles ever! This is refreshing since this wasn't the case for your sister at all.  We had to pull out a 3 ring circus to get that girl to even smirk!

You are still drooling so so much and it's causing a little rash on your upper chest.  I think I just need to put a bib on you 24/7.

You love laying on your back and now have started kicking your legs up and grabbing your feet.  I know soon enough those little toes will be in your mouth :)

You are still eating 6-7, sometimes 8 times a day and exclusively breastfed.  We had some issues this month with you not taking a bottle from your Daddy but I'm hoping that was just an off couple of days.

You love to hang out and watch Brayden & Ella play.  They are so sweet to you, especially Brayden. He comes up to you every morning and says Good Morning Avery! And is always telling you he loves you and trying to make you laugh.  You actually giggled out loud at something he was doing and we weren't even paying attention! Of course you didn't do it again

Tummy time is good some days, worse the next.  You do OK but it's not your favorite thing in the world.  You definitely like attention and want it all the time.  :)

Baby girl, Mommy, Daddy, Brayden, Ella and even Max, love you so so much. We are so happy you are part of our family!