Monday, January 5, 2015

Avery is 5 months!

A little late...again :)

Happy 5 months my sweet chubby bunny! So when you were 4 months I said that just felt right, but saying that you are 5 months makes me stop in my tracks and think, where the heck did the time go!?

It's hard to tell, but your hair is coming back!!! It's coming in really blonde so that will be interesting to see.  I actually gave you your first haircut this month because you still had leftover original hair that was 2 inches longer than the rest, so we had to clean you up :)

This month you are starting to develop some sort of nap routine, and for that I am thankful! You have been a serial cat napper from the get go so getting some longer stretches in there really makes Mommy happy!

You are still sleeping through the night but lately have started getting up around 5 to eat then you go back down until 7/7:30.  I don't mind though because I like getting up at 5 and after I feed you I pump then workout and have some *me* time before the craziness begins.

You are a pure joy to be around (most of the time) - we just look your way and you give us the biggest smiles ever! This is refreshing since this wasn't the case for your sister at all.  We had to pull out a 3 ring circus to get that girl to even smirk!

You are still drooling so so much and it's causing a little rash on your upper chest.  I think I just need to put a bib on you 24/7.

You love laying on your back and now have started kicking your legs up and grabbing your feet.  I know soon enough those little toes will be in your mouth :)

You are still eating 6-7, sometimes 8 times a day and exclusively breastfed.  We had some issues this month with you not taking a bottle from your Daddy but I'm hoping that was just an off couple of days.

You love to hang out and watch Brayden & Ella play.  They are so sweet to you, especially Brayden. He comes up to you every morning and says Good Morning Avery! And is always telling you he loves you and trying to make you laugh.  You actually giggled out loud at something he was doing and we weren't even paying attention! Of course you didn't do it again

Tummy time is good some days, worse the next.  You do OK but it's not your favorite thing in the world.  You definitely like attention and want it all the time.  :)

Baby girl, Mommy, Daddy, Brayden, Ella and even Max, love you so so much. We are so happy you are part of our family!

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