Monday, January 19, 2015

that time I cried at swim lessons

You know those moments when you are staring at your kids and before you know it, tears are streaming down your face? Happy tears, of course.  This happens to me all of the time.  I am just in awe of my children and find myself asking myself daily "how did I get this damn lucky?!" Don't get me wrong, this whole parenting gig is TOUGH but as cliche as it is, so so worth it.

I took my little guy to his first trial swim lesson this past weekend.  The last time he had lessons he was probably 2 1/2, maybe 3 and he never ever enjoyed them.  He hated the cold water (who could blame him) he hated water touching his face and just wasn't very comfortable letting an instructor work with him.  Even though those classes were always with a parent, he still was never that confident in the water.

Fast forward to now 4 1/2 years old, we thought it is time he really starts to learn how to swim.  This past summer, he really gained alot of confidence in the pool but still has that little problem of hating the water touching his face.  Since that's his biggest issue, we had to start him at the bottom of the classes, as a Duckling.  I was worried he would be with a bunch of littler kids, but to my surprise it was only him and another little boy who looked very similar in age. (This new swim place we went to is awesome, they never have more than 3-4 kids per instructor)

I led Brayden into the pool and introduced him to the teacher and then left.  Without any hesitation he went right into the pool and started chatting.

I sat behind the big glass wall watching my baby, my first born, my child who has always been extremely shy and sensitive around new people and new surroundings, basically OWN that swim lesson. The tears just started streaming down my face and in that moment, I couldn't have been more proud of our boy.

It's funny how you think your kid will never do something and then all you do is give it time and things start to happen. Time is all my little boy needed.

Afterwards, we had a Mommy/son date at Steak N Shake for some fries and a milkshake.  This could be trouble as it is walking distance from the pool :)

And a mean game of tic tac toe was played, I lost several times :)

As we sat there eating, Brayden said out loud "best day of my life ever Mom, thank you!" Be still my heart, be still.

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