Monday, January 26, 2015

weekend re-cap - Frozen edition!

Our weekend was pretty low key, just what the dr ordered since the hubby became victim to the nasty sickness myself and the kids have already had.  He was able to muster enough strength to still go to Disney on Ice with us, bless his heart.

The kids had SO much fun at Disney on Ice! I was worried about Ella since she barely made it through a movie  couple weeks ago, but girlfriend did amazing! She was soooo into it, her eyes were glued to the stage the entire time.

This boy. I picked out an outfit for him to wear, jeans and a cute mickey shirt, but he insisted on wearing sweatpants and his tie dyed mickey shirt because I quote him "Mickey will love this shirt Mom!!" - Ok so tie dyed shirt wins.

Give this girl popcorn and she is in heaven!

The show was solely focused on the movie Frozen, which I didn't really expect.  I thought the Frozen people would make an appearance like all of the other movies, but no, Frozen took over and the rest of the Disney crew (Mickey, Minnie, the rest of the pals, and all of the Disney princesses) only got about 5 minutes of ice time.  It was a little sad but they put on an awesome Frozen show so you can't really complain.

Sunday I decided to finally break out the gingerbread house I bought 2 months ago - and yeah, that thing was ridiculously hard to put together! It seems so easy but ours just kept falling down, so I just let the kids decorate a piece each.  They had fun, but this was a total fail for sure :)

Then me and my little sweetie took some afternoon selfies, I just love this little muffin!!

Finally the hubs started feeling better and we watched our shows after the kids went to bed - which really means I watched about 5 minutes and then passed out :) Looking forward to hopefully a sickness free house this week!

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