Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ways I'm Trying to Lose Weight

I've been talking so much about saving money and budgeting lately that I thought I would switch gears.

Another little fun fact about me is that I LOVE food. Like seriously, I LOVE it. I was that kid who ate everything! My sister still makes fun of me to this day for being a kid and ordering a hot dog with everything, a bowl of chili, cheese fries and a tamale when we would go to the local hot dog joint. I also may have been that 5yr old kid at the public pool who could eat 2 chili cheese dogs #noshame

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What I'm trying to say is that I've always had a love for food and that love has only grown the older I've become. I am probably the least pickiest eater you will ever meet and now that I know how to (and really enjoy) cook, I overindulge ALOT of the times. I have no idea what portion control means and if I don't eat seconds I must be sick.

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Despite my crazy eating habits and thinking I was "fat" when I was in HS - I've managed to maintain a pretty decent weight over the years. That is all finally catching up to me now. I knew I was gaining a little weight here and there but now it's to the point where I'm looking in the mirror and I'm not happy. I know some people would disagree with that, but this is how I truly feel. I am not happy in my own skin and I'm starting to become super self conscious even around my hubby.  This is the year I get my eating habits under control and really lose the weight I've put on the past couple of years and here's how I'm doing it

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* Tracking my food

I started using the My Fitness Pal app last January and I was doing so good with it until I had surgery in March - then I totally fell off the wagon of tracking. I noticed myself gaining weight once I didn't continue back with the tracking and it was a downhill battle ever since. Now I'm back in the swing of it and it's really helping

*Increased Work Outs

I've always worked out, probably more than ever just in the past few years (I had to to keep up with all the eating and my slowed metabolism šŸ˜‚) but now I'm upping my game even more. I use to work out 5 days a week but now I'm aiming for 7, but no less than 6. I work out at home and either do 30 minutes of running on the treadmill + sit ups or a 30 minute total body work out with weights. I'm hoping by adding 1-2 more days this will help

*Meal Planning

I do my grocery shopping on Monday mornings so I only have one kid in tow. That means I sit down Sunday afternoon and plan out our meals for the week. I've also started meal planning my breakfast and lunch which I wasn't doing before. Monday is also my day to prep my food. If I'm having my cauliflower soup for lunch for the week, I make it that day. I also make lots of breakfast cups for myself and hubby - this is just whatever I decide to throw in. Eggs, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, breakfast sausage etc. I feel like if I meal plan and have all my meals accounted for, then I should be eating better.

*Not Eating Past 6pm

This has been the hardest one for me because I LOVE me some late night snacking while watching my shows. I'm allowing myself 1 cheat night though, for The Bachelor. Plus my snack isn't that bad, it's air-popped popcorn and maybe a piece or 2 of dark chocolate.

So there you have it, a few things I'm doing to *hopefully* shed a few pounds. Not being comfortable in my skin really bothers me. However, the second someone puts a cheeseburger in my face, those thoughts disappear. LOL. So really, self control is the biggest thing I'm working on!

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  1. These are all such great ideas! My husband and I are doing a keto challenge, and beyond the diet, itself, the biggest impact on our weight loss has been no food past 6 PM and meal-planning. Plus, we're saving a ton of money!

  2. This is a great list. I have always struggled with body image so I can relate. I find not eating after dinner to be so helpful, instead I have my hot glass of water like an old lady ;)! Love your tips!

  3. I feel like we are one and the same with this, haha! I LOVE food and definitely struggle with portion control and resisting all the goodness of food. I am using My Fitness Pal app, too, and it definitely helps keep me on track. I see a difference when I use it consistently. Same with meal planning - otherwise it's almost like a free for all, haha! And working out, too. Although I have heard that you need a rest day, which is true for me because otherwise I get just burnt out. Good luck!!! Hopefully we can both be feeling better in our own skin soon!

  4. You are doing great girl! No eating past 6 is a big one for me. Keep working because it’s even harder in your 40’s. I do 6 days a week 60-90 minutes a day. But I must as I too love my food especially sweet treats!

  5. All good advice. I have trouble with food too!

  6. yes yes and more yes! I'm so with you on this! We got this though!

  7. I think it's great you're doing things to make yourself feel better! So so important!

  8. Cracking up at the pics! I am a food lover too and usually always go back for seconds. I can also see it starting to catch up with me. I love these tips and will be using some of these myself. I know I need to find a way to get some workouts in. Thank you for sharing, Lizzie! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  9. Not eating past 6 is soooo hard. I have a 1/2 carton of Halo Top every night around 9 and I know I should really stop doing that!

  10. I'm a bit picky when it comes to food, but I have such a sweet tooth so eating too much is definitely a problem. I've gotten better and lost some weight, but I do want to work out more and drink more water so that I can hopefully lose even more.

    Good luck with all of your goals. I need to do better with meal planning and prepping too.


  11. Love these steps you are taking to make your life a healthier one. I couldn't do the no eating after 6PM. We don't eat dinner till about 6:30 or so because of James's schedule. I am not a big snacker so a later dinner actually helps me quiet a bit.

  12. Not eating past 6 is definitely something that would be great, but I dont get home until then, so mine would have to be a little later! You're going to do great! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. Not eating in the evening is HUGE! I used to cut myself off at 8 and I thought that was bad! 6 must be SO difficult! I love that all of these little steps can add up to some great results though.

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