Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favorites {1.26.18}

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How in the world is this the last Friday of January?! This month has FLOWN by and I'm not really a fan, time please slow down!!

We have a super fun weekend ahead but for now let's check out some favorites of the week

{ONE} - The Greatest Showman

Guys, I just cannot stop talking about this movie! We saw it last weekend and all of us agree that we want to go see it again! (although we'll probably just wait for it to come to blu-ray) - We are all obsessed with the music too and when I saw the CD dropped in price, I had to grab!!

{TWO} - New Favorite Red Wine

I randomly bought this red wine at Trader Joe's last week, I think it was $6 and for that I figured it would just be ok, but it's actually REALLY good! A new fave for sure!

{THREE} - Daddy/Daughter Dance

The Daddy/Daughter dance is coming up next month so I'm on the hunt for a dress for Ella. Unfortunately Avery isn't old enough to join yet which is a bummer because I know she wants to go so badly! Anyway, I saw these dresses and for the price and free returns, hopefully one will work. Which do you like better?

Image result for NNJXD Girl Polka Dotted Pleated Multilayer Ruffled Party Dress
Image result for Colorful Childhood Little Girls Dress

{FOUR} - Tips for trying to lose some weight

Earlier this week I shared some things I'm doing to shed a few pounds - it's seriously not that easy! If you want to read it, go here and check it out :)

Image result for i wish was as skinny when I thought i was fat

{FIVE} - Rockstar Jeans

Ok, all I keep hearing is how awesome Old Navy's Rockstar jeans are. So who has them? Are they that great? Which ones are better? (there's so many!!) Mama needs a new pair of jeans!

product photo

I'm off to start our day - errands and cleaning are on our to-do list (fun stuff šŸ˜œ) Happy Weekend!

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  1. I wear old navy jeans, they might be the rock star type! I think they are! I like the first of the two dresses better. We still need to see the greatest showman!

  2. ok so EVERYBODY is talking about that movie. I feel like we're the only peeps who haven't seen it! I guess we need to get on it! Happy weekend, Lizzie!

  3. I love my Old Navy boyfriend distress jeans with frayed hem. So comfy! I love both dresses but the 2nd one just screams sweet valentine dance to me :) xoxo ERIN

  4. How about I didn't even realize it was the last weekend of the month until I read this. I feel like I am the last person to see the Greatest Showman. We need to find a sitter and go. A daddy daughter dance must be the sweetest thing! I hope have a great weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  5. I have some rockstar mid-rise skinnies and I LOVE them. Although, they were really cheap when I bought them and they have been a bit more lately. I keep waiting for another REALLY good sale.

    Those polkadots! SO stinking cute!

  6. Old Navy is the ONLY place I can get jeans from because I am so damn short. But the Rockstars? I don't know if I've ever tried those.

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