Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Favorites {7.27.18}

Happy Friday!! Another fun week has passed and we're into the weekend!

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I thought today would be fun to share 5 summer soups that I'm dying to try!! I love soup no matter what time of year so I'm really hoping to get these into the rotation before summer ends!

Summer Fresh Corn and Zucchini Chowder - the BEST healthy chowder! At only 173 calories, NO flour, NO heavy cream | @littlebroken

Summer Vegetable Stew - Butter With A Side of Bread

Minestrone soup featuring fresh summer garden vegetables! With zucchini, tomatoes, green beans, celery, bell pepper, chicken stock,…

This Italian Orzo Spinach Soup is easy to make in 30 minutes, and it is wonderfully delicious and comforting. |

Vegan Spiced Summer Squash Soup | @naturallyella

Have you tried any of these? Do you like soup in the summer? I can't be the only one 😜

Happy Weekend!!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Life Lately {7.23.18}

Happy Monday!! It's been a while since I've recapped our week so I thought it would be best to do a little life lately so I don't forget to document more of our fun summer!

I took the kids to a fun lego event at the lego store - you have to sign up a month before then you pick a day/time to go the following month. They give each kid a little lego set to put together and the kids loved it!

We celebrated free slurpee day on the 11th!! Well, most of us did - Ella does not like slurpees!

 We had an art day at home and made sand bottles! This was a HIT!

A picture of Brayden on his birthday eve!! Went to bed 7....


and woke up 8!! He requested breakfast in bed again so that's what he had! The girls were so cute giving him cards and a present

Later that day we had plans to hang out with friends at the local splash pad! It was a fun time


 At night we had family come over for cake and ice cream! Oh, and funny story, I had wrapped Brayden's gifts from Rick and I and while I was picking up the house Avery brought them upstairs to Brayden and told him they were from her so he opened them! All of them! I was so bummed we didn't get to see his face because he got some cool stuff - kids, I tell  ya!!!


Brayden spent some time reading Peppa the Pig books to his sisters :)

We had a nails night on a Friday while the boys were out at a tournament

We spent the rest of that weekend at the tournament - it was hot, it was exciting and it was exhausting! 12 hour days at the baseball field are not for the faint! But we had a blast even though the boys didn't win



 All last week Brayden & Ella had church camp and they loved it!

while this cutie had "kiddie" camp!

we had more fun at splash pads

and saw a dog show at the library which the kids loved! Brayden even got picked to be in the show

We had another baseball tournament this past weekend so again me and the girls stayed back Friday night since we knew the rest of the weekend would be spent at the fields. My friend and I signed the girls up for a pottery class which was actually a drop off - for 2 hours they ate pizza, painted pottery and did crafts and my friend and I had a little Moms night out - (we went to a restaurant literally next door haha) The girls had so much fun!

Saturday was out of the house early to drive to the tournament - the boys had won Friday night, and won both games on Saturday!! It was an awesome day!!

We celebrated afterwards with Portillos and some of us had adult beverages :)

and then yesterday we headed back out for the last day of the tournament - we had to win our first game to move on to the championship game and we did it!! It was so close but the boys pulled through - so we went on to play for the title and WE WON!! My gosh was it an exciting day!!!! My husband's the coach of this team and I just have to give him a shout out for being awesome, like really awesome! He does so well with these kids and it shows 

We went out for dinner after the big win with some teammates then headed home to relax, something we haven't done all weekend!

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favorites {7.20.18}

Woohoo for the weekend! I don't know what it is, but this week has kicked my butt and my patience is running pretty thin with the kiddos, so the weekend is welcomed!!

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{ONE} - My kids have been at camp all week and they've been having a blast! Brayden & Ella are doing VBS at our church all week and since Avery wasn't old enough, she is doing this kiddie camp through the park district (just 3 days) - aren't they just the cutest little campers!?

{TWO} - I managed to not go crazy with the anniversary sale but here are some things I am loving!!

The Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan is da bomb! This is from last year so the color isn't available, but there are other good ones, and today the sale opens to the public!! You can find it here

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I am still debating on this pullover, it just screams cozy!! Find it here

Wubby Fleece Pullover,
                        color, Ivory

I love the BP tees! Find them here (with lots of colors)

Raw Edge Scoop Neck Tee,
                        color, Ivory Liz Stripe

{THREE} - So who participated in Prime Day?! It was for sure a favorite of mine this week because it kept me busy posting aaaaaaaaaalll the deals, so much so that I even missed some stuff I wanted! I heard Amazon say it was their best sale to date which I thought was surprising since almost the entire first day was impossible to get on - just imagine how well they would have done if that wasn't the case!!

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{FOUR} - Yesterday was our monthly Girl Chat linkup and we talked all about summer recipes! You can check mine out here and read through all the posts that linked up, some good stuff was shared!!!

{FIVE} - We have our last baseball tournament this weekend and then the season is over for Brayden's travel/tournament team - we are excited but it will be a long weekend so tonight me and the girls are skipping the game and I'm bringing them to paint pottery at a local place - they are going to have so much fun!

I hope everyone has a good weekend! 

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