Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Holidays 2020 Recap

Phew, somehow we are already in the middle of February 2021 and I honeslty cannot believe it's almost been a year of this pandemic. In a way, time has FLOWN by which is crazy since this has been the most trying year. But here we are, surviving and learning to deal with the world as it stands now. I am trying to remain hopeful for 2021 but I'm not going to lie, it's pretty hard sometimes. I am praying the only way to go from here, is up (or hopefully somewhat back to the normal we once knew)

Anyway, I wanted to make sure I documented our 2020 holidays before it gets to 2021 holidays šŸ˜œ

Thanksgiving was really nice, and very low-key. We hosted for the first time ever and it was a success. My Mom, my in laws and ricks sister and her family joined us.

We were still able to continue the tradition of chopping our tree down which was a success! we were so sad to miss our towns annual tree lighting celebration though :( hoping for this year!

Our elf Twinkles showed up on December 1st! 

We decorated a gingerbread house (thank you Costco for the pre-made house!)

Christmas looked different as well but we still managed to have a great time together!! 


We went on a little ski trip in between Christmas and New Years and wow did we have fun!! our kids have become quite the little skiers! I am so happy I took the leap to learn to ski a few years ago!




New Years was low key as well - we celebrated with my sister in law/brother in laws family and our close friends - but it was a fun night!!

We were excited to say goodbye to 2020! Here's to really hoping & praying these holidays look a lot different this year!