Monday, August 23, 2021

30A recap

hey there! look at me, I'm sharing a blog post, somebody pinch me, ha! it's been forever but I really want to document our April vacation to 30A where we had the best time! 

 let's rewind, originally we were suppose to be in the beautiful Cayman Islands this past April, then with the world situation that wasn't an option, so we rebooked to the Turks and although it wasn't what we (ahem, me) really wanted, we knew it would be so nice! then the US put the testing to come back into place and well, with our kids we just didn't want to chance it. So, that led us to a vacation in the good old US of A and we landed on 30A - we have friends who have been and I've seen several bloggers post about it forever and it always looked like a good place! 

 we booked for a week and stayed in the cutest townhouse right on the ocean in Seagrove. 30A has several cute communities throughout and we felt Seagrove was the perfect middle ground (and we still think that after staying there!) here's a map for those not familiar with 30A

while we were there we did tons of bike riding (so proud of how long the kids lasted) tons of eating, tons of beaching and a few activities

we did head to the Gulf View Marina one day to swim with the dolphins and wow that was awesome! Rick and I have done that before kids but it's been forever and of course it was the kids first time. they were a little nervous but did great.



We ventured to the beautiful Rosemary Beach, such a cute area!

One day the boys went golfing and us girls did a craft day 

We took a boat/snorkeling tour one day too but looking back I wish we would have stayed back at our beach house because this was what the water looked like....


but the boat tour was fun too! and that's saying something for someone who doesn't do well on boats, ha!

ohhh those sunsets! 

we LOVED having a golf cart! we rode it so much and the kids had a blast!

we also took professional family pics while there and we were blown away with them! i love family beach pictures!! here's just a sample - love this family of mine!! 

we are already wishing for the day we can get back to this area!!

Have you been to 30A? tell me some favorite spots or things to do for next time!