Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer Essentials Under $20

I don't  know about you, but I'm getting pretty stoke for Summer!! I rounded up some summer staples that are all under $20!

1. Swim Cover - I need a new one and I'm liking this one!

2., Sunglasses - I'm a big fan of cat eye sunglasses, I like these because they are a very subtle cat eye

3. Mesh Beach Bag - Yes! This is a must for us. A mesh bag comes in handy at the pool, the beach, wherever!

4. Beach Towel  - How fun is this one?!

5. Jean Shorts - I just bought these and am a huge fan. Right now they are under $10!

6. Tank dress -  I pretty much live in basic tank dresses in the summer, I have quite the collection forming but they're just so comfy!

7. Sandals - It's great to have a pair of basic, but dressier than flip flops, sandals and these are a great price point!

8. Swimsuit - I shared the other week about my new favorite swimsuit but I thought I'd change it up a bit and show this flattering one piece! It comes in 5 colors

9. Floppy Hat - Over the years, I started being very sun conscious and I really try and wear a hat whenever I'm in the sun for a decent amount of time. I have more of a fedora floppy hat (can't find it online anymore) but I love the look of this one!

10. Waterproof picnic blanket - We are all about having picnics in the summer and it wouldn't go as smooth if not for a waterproof blanket. These are awesome just to throw down anywhere!

Of course a good book and something cold (preferably alcoholic) to drink is always a plus too! What's on your summer staples list?

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weekly Recap {5.30.17}

What a week!! We've been doing so much I am looking forward to not doing much all week, well except 2 baseball games :)

Here's a look back at our week

Monday was gorgeous so I decided to take the girls to the zoo. We had the BEST time and spent a good amount of time there.


Monday night I let Avery go to town doing her makeup - girlfriend is obsessed!

Tuesday was Avery's last music class and since Ella was done with school she got to come with. She was having a blast being the big kid in the class!


Wednesday we ran some errands then went to the library. Avery loves this toy there

Thursday was cleaning then we headed to Brayden's school after lunch to see him participate in Field Day! The girls loved playing at the park while we were there.

Thursday night we had baseball. Aunt Becca came to watch the game along with my in laws. The Golden Dragons played awesome!!


Friday morning Miss A was up before anyone and just wanted some snuggles. How could I ever pass that up!?!?!

Then we headed to Ella's last speech lesson of the year - She asked if Avery could come in at the end and play the fish game. She's such a nice big sis :)

Later that day I volunteered at Brayden's school for Hot Lunch (last one of the year!!) And then it was home to clean while the girls had naps/quiet time

When Brayden got home both girls were sleeping so we got to play Sum Swamp!! It's his new favorite game and it's super fun!!

Friday night I went to dinner with a couple of friends and had the best time. Saturday Rick worked on the bathroom while I entertained the kids and later that day our friends came over for a cook out. The kids all played so nicely and it was a super fun night


The adults were playing poker while the kids hung out Sat night so the poker chips were still out in the morning and Ella wanted to play with her Dad, so that's what they did. It was so cute to look at them doing this (even if he's teaching her how to gamble LOL)

Sunday morning we took an impromptu trip the zoo! We're members so we go a lot, but usually Rick can't come since we go during the week, and Brayden hasn't been in a while because of school. Everyone was excited to go and check out some new exhibits!


I giggle when I look at this pic: sums up Avery perfectly! Never walking by you and always running because she's so busy!!

 We did the parakeet exhibit and the kids loved it!! It is so cool!!


We also checked out the dinosaur exhibit and the girls were scared of pretty much all of them


Monday Rick went golfing so I was on kid duty while also trying to plant all of my annuals. I got it done which seems nothing short of a miracle. Later on I ran outside for a minute to take out the garbage and when I came back I saw hair all over the floor. It took me a minute, then I realized Avery had cut her hair with Ella's scissors. Ughh so now girlfriend has half bangs and some other short areas. I swear, KIDS!!!!!!

Oh and later on I heard a noise outside and saw that our patio umbrella had flown into our house. Then I peaked outside and saw that it had also smashed our brand new patio table into a gagillion pieces. Note to self - no more glass patio tables and always make sure the umbrella is closed when not using :( -  Thank goodness no one was hurt!

I took the kids over to my in laws around 3 because I just needed a break -the kids swam in their hot tub while Mama enjoyed several glasses of prosecco. Rick met us over there and after a while he headed home to clean up that giant glass mess and we met him shortly after. 

It was a great long weekend but I'm super annoyed that our brand new table is broken and now need to figure out what to do - get a new piece of glass get a new table, make a wood top??? Ughhh just add it to the list of things LOL 

Hope your weekend didn't include anything broken! :)


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Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites {5.26.17}

Phew, this week has been a doozy. Brayden & Ella have started this new thing where they stay up late running back and forth to eachother's rooms and the other night we heard them laughing so hard (loud enough to wake up Avery) and I told Rick to go send them back to bed and when he went up there he discovered Ella was taking toilet paper, sticking in the toilet water, and then throwing it at the walls - I MEAN WHAT IN THE WHAT!?! He reamed them pretty good (Brayden for being the instigator and Ella for being flat out gross) and that was that, they went to bed. The next day they were up to that same crap so we took their fidget spinners away. We had a good night last night so let's freaking hope that continues!!

Anyway, now that that's off my chest, LOL! On to my favorites for the week!!!

{ONE} - New Swimsuit

If you've been a longtime reader, you know I have somewhat of a bathing suit obsession. I recently found a new swimsuit line called Hapari that I'm in love with!! You can see their stuff here 

I ordered this tankini top paired with matching pink bottoms and I got it this week and I'm obsessed!! The quality is so good too!! (if you order from here use code SPRING17 for 40% off!!)

{TWO} - New Recipe

I so want to try these steak skewers!! Maybe this weekend I can make that happen!

Grilled Asian Garlic Steak Skewers are marinated in a delicious asian sesame sauce and grilled to tender and juicy perfection!:

{THREE} - Disney Countdown Chain

I am already starting to think of our Disney countdown chains that we'll make when it gets closer to our trip - how cute are these?!?!

Disneyland Countdown with the Disney Princesses! How cute!:

{FOUR} - New Clothes

Since I'm always sharing deals, I can't help myself but take advantage as well!! I scored some new stuff this week from Old Navy and I can't wait to get it all! I needed new jean shorts bad so I got 2 pairs and some basic tanks - the shorts were under $10 and the tops were like $7!

product photoproduct photo

I made sure to get this top in quite a few colors, I think it's going to be my basic summer wardrobe ha ha

product photo

{FIVE} - Favorite Funnies

Happy Long Weekend!!


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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ella's 3yr Preschool Graudation

Well it's over, another child of mine has completed 3yr old preschool and is that much closer to leaving me to go to school all day

Ella has grown so much this past year, it's crazy when I really think about. She has become such a good friend, a great student, and a great role model. Although I can't say getting to school every time was easy, most of the year she fought me on not wanting to get dressed, not wanting to get her shoes on, not wanting to go, but then would be happy once we got there. Our Ella is a homebody and would rather stay home than do pretty much anything.

She was really excited for her last day of school. She kept saying "I can't believe I'm almost done with 3yr old preschool!"

Of course the morning of her last day she fought me on wearing a dress, but gave in and then said how pretty it was.

We got to school and took some pics and then it was time for the little performance


I've said it before, Ella & Brayden are like night and day with these preschool performances. At this age, Brayden was hiding his face and half crying during these shows, but Ella belts it all out and loves being up there. Crazy how different they are. (I have a feeling Avery is going to be even more of a show stopper than Ella)




After a few songs the kids came up and got little diplomas and hugged their teachers. Afterwards we had cookies and juice and snapped some more pics and that was it! I cannot believe next year both girls will be in preschool!! Ella in 4's and Avery in 3's - even though they are 2 years apart, the way their birthdays fall make them only 1 grade apart in school. Craziness!!

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