Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekly Recap {5.15.17}

I totally have a weekend hangover.  We had so much fun and I overindulged way more than I normally do in both food and drink and I totally could have used another day to just relax, but oh well, the week is here and hopefully it will be a good one!

Before I recap our fun weekend, here's what we were up to all week

Monday I took the girls to the new park at our nature center and I was so happy I remembered a change of clothes for Avery! Girlfriend loves to play and the water/sand and is a hot mess by the time we leave.

At night Brayden had a game and it was freezing, like winter temps and I did not dress myself or the girls right (at least they had winter hats but that still didn't help) - I decided to leave early but before we did, I watched some more from the warmth of my car (why didn't I realize to do this sooner is beyond me)


Tuesday was Science day at Ella's school and I got to volunteer (which meant Avery was in the nursery for over 2 hours and she did great!)


Wednesday was gorgeous so after some cleaning and errands I took the girls on a really long bike ride and we ended up at one of their favorite parks. Avery's new thing is to pick up dandelions and blow them; it's super cute and reminds me of my childhood, always making a wish on those :)

Ella grabbed Brayden's binoculars and loved looking at everything

Thursday was beach day at school!! While Ella was having fun in class, me and Miss A ran tons of errands for the weekend and made a stop at McDonalds for coffee and a fry :)

I let the girls play at the school park for a little and they got this cool new swing - have you guys seen one of these before?!? So fun!!

While we were running errands, I picked up a few bubble guns so we busted those out when Brayden got home from school. The kids LOVE these and they work so good!!

Friday was the Fun Fair for the preschools and it was a gorgeous day!! We started with pony rides which both girls were originally excited for then got super hesitant once on. We went on to play tons of games, ride the train a couple times and when we were leaving, we tried the horses again and the girls loved them!



Friday night I went out with some Moms from Brayden's school and it was so fun to get out and commiserate with other Moms going through some of the same stuff. It's always good to hear things you are going through with your kids, other parents are too, makes you feel not so alone in this crazy thing called parenthood! :)

Saturday morning Brayden had a game and they played so well!! Avery loves going in the dugout :)

That's the hubby pitching to Brayden :)

Later that afternoon my Mom, sister, brother in law and nephew came over to celebrate Mother's Day. We spent the whole afternoon outside, it was so nice! My sister brought a bloody mary bar, my mom got steaks and I made a bunch of apps and we had baked potatoes to go with. We ate and drank so well and once my body hit the couch I was out

My Mom loves lotto tickets so we made her a bouquet bucket and she loved it!!

On Mother's Day the hubby picked up skillets from the local diner and the kids showered me with cards/gifts. It was all so sweet that it brought me to tears (happy tears of course!) 

Then once it was time to head outside and do some planting the kids pretty much didn't want anything to do with it. Ella was all about it until I poured in some manure compost and and she smelled it and ran away screaming that she wasn't going to help me because there was poop in there LOL. She did come back to help me water at the end but let's just say the whole idea of how I thought the day would go in my head turned out the exact opposite. I joked that I got a whole 5 minutes on Mother's Day :)

At least the kids took a decent picture with me :)

We spent the afternoon at my in laws and I think I ate my weight in food and enjoyed a couple of Corona Lights. We went home after a few hours of fun and the kids and I put on our tie dye shirts we made the day before (my sister brought a kit over and we all made them) - they all turned out so cute!

The rest of the night we relaxed and the kids were in bed by 7:30 :) 


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  1. Steaks, bloody Mary bar and precious family; well I would say that is perfect! What a busy week girl, hope today gives you some peace and it's not too crazy of a Monday.

  2. Wow. Y'all have had a busy week! But I feel your pain! HA.
    Looks like y'all had a great Mothers Day for sure. Love all that family time.

  3. That lotto bouquet is such a great idea - hope she won big! xo, Biana -BlovedBostona

  4. That's a fun gift! Such a great idea! A bloody mary bar sounds awesome! Bloody Marys are my jam.

  5. That swing is SO COOL. I've never seen anything like it before but I know our kids would love it.

    I love how the girls have little matching baseball tees for Brayden's team. How stinking cute!

    And I love that idea to give a lotto bouquet! I do that sometimes for our Dirty Santa party here at work... I've never actually thought to give one to my Momma! She would love it!

  6. I love the matching shirts at the end! That is an awesome Mother's Day gift basket. I want one like that! Ha. It is always nice to have meals cooked for you and to take the responsibilities off of us for the day. Sounds like the perfect cookout to end your weekend!

  7. I'm so glad you had such a nice Mother's Day weekend! I think Mother's Day needs to become a long weekend tradition. I ate and drank too much too. I love the lottery ticket idea, that's my kind of gift! You got so many cute pics of the kids and I love how your shirts came out. Beautifully Candid

  8. I am loving those shirts. My girls would LOVE to do that. I totally see why you have that weekend hangover. Looks like y'all had a really great week.

  9. Your weekends always look fantastic!

  10. Such a busy week and it looks like you had a wonderful weekend. It's always so much better when the weather cooperates. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  11. What a fun week and thankfully it looks like the weather warmed right up! What fun to take a long bike ride and find a park. I might have to do that next week since Vera is all done with preschool :). Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day. Love the lotto tickets basket! xoxo ERIN