Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ella's 3yr Preschool Graudation

Well it's over, another child of mine has completed 3yr old preschool and is that much closer to leaving me to go to school all day

Ella has grown so much this past year, it's crazy when I really think about. She has become such a good friend, a great student, and a great role model. Although I can't say getting to school every time was easy, most of the year she fought me on not wanting to get dressed, not wanting to get her shoes on, not wanting to go, but then would be happy once we got there. Our Ella is a homebody and would rather stay home than do pretty much anything.

She was really excited for her last day of school. She kept saying "I can't believe I'm almost done with 3yr old preschool!"

Of course the morning of her last day she fought me on wearing a dress, but gave in and then said how pretty it was.

We got to school and took some pics and then it was time for the little performance


I've said it before, Ella & Brayden are like night and day with these preschool performances. At this age, Brayden was hiding his face and half crying during these shows, but Ella belts it all out and loves being up there. Crazy how different they are. (I have a feeling Avery is going to be even more of a show stopper than Ella)




After a few songs the kids came up and got little diplomas and hugged their teachers. Afterwards we had cookies and juice and snapped some more pics and that was it! I cannot believe next year both girls will be in preschool!! Ella in 4's and Avery in 3's - even though they are 2 years apart, the way their birthdays fall make them only 1 grade apart in school. Craziness!!

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  1. She looks so cute in her dress. Glad she wore it! I can't believe they will both be in preschool next year!

  2. What a cutie. I love that she is into the shows - none of my kids love performances like that!

  3. Two in preschool next year. Oh my momma heart!!!! They are so cute and her smile says it all, she is so proud! xoxo ERIN

  4. Such sweet pictures! So funny how different kids can be!

  5. Aaaahhhh!!! Such a sweet moment for your big girl. Preschool was just so much fun.