Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekly Recap {5.22.17}

Another week down and only 2 more left for Brayden until school is out officially for summer!! Let me tell you, he is ready!

Here's a look at our week - it was a good one!

Monday I took the girls the new park in town again and they had a blast

Tuesday was Miss A's music class while Ella was in preschool. We had fun but I think Avery is over the class. She was loving it for a while but now she seems to want to leave pretty much right after we get there. She is way too busy to be bothered with a structured class LOL

At night we all went to get ice cream because it was GORGEOUS!

Wednesday we headed to the mall to do some exchanges I've been putting off forever. The girls did pretty well in Macy's and then they played in the play area for a little.

At night Brayden had a baseball game. I thought I was being smart by showering the girls before we went, only to get there and realize it was a complete dust/dirt storm from the wind. Our hair was so knotty by the time we left. But, the game was good and Brayden was looking awesome pitching!! He even got the game ball.

Thursday was Ella's 3yr preschool graduation! Ah my little one is getting so big. I plan on doing a whole post on this for her

Rick went golfing after work so I was on solo parenting duty, which resulted in popsicles before dinner. Sometimes you just have to say yes, am I right?


Friday was Speech then grocery shopping.  Originally, a couple of weeks ago me and Rick had talked about taking the kids to the zoo in the afternoon (him taking a half day and pulling Brayden from school to come with) but when we saw the weather was terrible we decided that was off.  That morning I sent Brayden to school like any other day and then the hubs still decided to take a half day and suggested we go take the kids somewhere for some inside fun.  So he went and picked up Brayden around noon (who had NO idea this was happening) and I told the girls to get ready and get in the car. I didn't tell them where we were going and I hopped in the passenger side and they kept asking why I wasn't driving. 2 minutes later the hubs and Brayden got home and hopped in and the kids were all SO excited to go have some family fun!

We took them to this fun indoor play place I've been wanting to check out. I hear it gets insane on weekends and breaks so going on a Friday afternoon was perfect. Adults got to go on lots of the stuff too and there was a separate room for ball launching, we all had the best time and they were wiped out by the time we left!!


At night Brayden had his buddy's swimming birthday party and I had fun catching up with the Moms

Saturday morning Brayden's game got cancelled due to rain so he got to come with me and the girls to their cousins birthday party. Rick stayed home to work on our bathroom remodel. (it's almost done!!)

After the birthday party we headed home for naps/quiet time and then headed back out for another birthday party around 4. We got home around 7, gave the kids quick showers and all hung out on the couch for a while.


 Sunday we went to a Chocolate Fest a few towns over and had so much fun!! We ate chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered bacon and chocolate covered pretzels along with cookies, some mexican food and we stocked up on some old school candy at one of the cute candy shops. It was the perfect morning spent with my favorite people!!



Later in the day Rick worked more on the bathroom, I did cleaning/laundry and played with the kids (aka played a never ending game of Chutes & Ladders!) I got to work on the new footprint flip flop plate I'm making to hang up for summer and there was some relaxing in there too. It was quite the weekend, that's for sure!


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  1. Popsicles before dinner is always a good idea - at least in my book :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. What a fun family day! Congrats to Brayden on getting the game ball & Ella on her graduation!

  3. The play place looks fun and so does the chocolate fest!

  4. That place that you guys took the kiddos looks like so much fun! I wish we had something like that here! I feel like I'm always saying that to you, too. Y'all have some seriously cool stuff for kids up there.

  5. It looks like you had such a fun, busy week! That's so exciting that Summer Break is so close. Liam's last day is on Thursday, but the rest of my kids have 8 days left. We are ready! I hope you have a great week!

    1. Ahhh we are ready too, Brayden has a little over a week left!!

  6. I adore that picture of you and Ella! And what a fun picture with the cute little MnM!! Hope your week is just as wonderful as your weekend was beautiful lady!

  7. What a fun weekend especially the Friday family fun! I always loved popsicles in the summer and as my Dad always says, you should eat dessert first since you never know what will happen in life. Jess at Just Jess

  8. So I totally kept noticing all of your cute wardrobe pieces and admiring them all the way through this post, lol. LOVE the peplum. Holy heck, chocolate fest? Where in the world do I sign up!

  9. Great job to Brayden for getting the game ball! And your mall is so nice!

  10. Chutes and Ladders oh my goodness that game ;) :(! What a fun indoor play place and how cool you could actually do some of it - I always want to and most places say no - ha! So glad your remodel is nearing the finish line! Can't wait to see it! Xoxo Erin

  11. What a great week. Love seeing the indoor park place fun. What a great birthday party!!! We take our girls to the mall play place as well. Keeps them occupied and it is a great little place.