Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Recap {5.8.17}

Happy Monday! We had a really fun weekend but let's back up a bit..

Last Monday Avery woke up with this shiner - the night before Rick had lotioned her up after the bath and she went running to her room, where she slipped on the hardwood and knocked right into her bed. She cried a good cry for a few minutes so we knew it hurt. Poor girl!

Ella and I have been enjoying some one on one time while Avery naps. This day she chose to play games. We love this one they got for Easter.

Wednesday Brayden had a half day so as soon as he came home, we left to meet up with the hubs for lunch. They all had McDonalds and I ate a quinoa salad I brought from home (of course I snuck a few fries in there)

After lunch we headed to one of their favorite parks to burn some energy


Thursday was Brayden's field trip to the space center. I got to go with and I was so excited!! Field trips are alot of fun but I could totally do without the bus - first graders are crazy! And of course it was the chaperones job to keep them in check. #yeahright

 Friday was gorgeous so we went to the car wash and the girls were mesmerized watching the cars go through

Afterwards we headed to the park before it was home for naps and cleaning


Saturday morning I came upstairs to this - the kids had moved Avery's bed and Ella is about to fall, but all I saw was a sweet moment happening - big brother reading to his little sisters. Just when I feel like I'm failing at this Mom thing sometimes, I see this and think we must be doing something right

Saturday afternoon was my sister in law and brother in laws annual Derby party. It was a nice day and the kids all had a blast but once Avery peed herself 2 times in 5 minutes, we decided it was time to head out.


Sunday we relaxed all morning, I got a work out in while the kids played with play doh then it was off to my nephews baptism

These pics were taken by my sister in laws Mom - my little Godson is soooooooooo adorable!!!

Later we came home and this girl crashed hard - 2 days in a row of no nap will do that to you!! 

We are expected to have some gorgeous weather this week and tonight is Brayden's baseball game. This weekends was cancelled due to wet fields so I'm excited to watch him play tonight!


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  1. I remember loving going to the car wash when I was little - my dad owned 3 so we would go all the time to check on things LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Your godson is so precious and so are your three beautiful kiddos! My heart melted too when I saw him reading to his little sissies! You and your Mr. cleanup so cute, love those pants girl! Hope your week gets off to a wonderful start!

  3. What an awesome weekend! My kiddos are 12 and 9 and still memorized by the car wash! HA

  4. It looks like you had a great week! That definitely was quite a shiner-ouch. I love the picture of the three of them on/in the crib. So cute! Have a great week!

  5. Poor Avery and her eye :( But it looks like she wasn't really bothered by it. I love that sweet moment of all of them in the bed and Brayden reading to them <3 enjoy the nice weather and baseball fun! Beautifully Candid

  6. What a shiner! I hope she gets better soon, although she seems to be doing well with that big smile on her face!

  7. Bless little Avery's heart! Isn't it the saddest thing when your babies get black eyes? They just look so sad even when they're happy when they have black eyes. I'm glad she's OK.

    And congratulations on being a godmother! That is such a special thing!!

  8. Your kids are so sweet! I would like to chaperone a field trip but I wouldn't be good at controlling the kids!

  9. Two times in 5 minutes, UGH! Bless your heart mama. Just keep at it and you will get there.

    What a great Sunday you had too. Such a special honor.

  10. She got a good shiner - ouch! I love when I get picked to go on the field trip ;). What fun, a derby party? The weather has been so delightful - yay! xoxo ERIN

  11. Wow she has a black eye for sure. Poor girl. My girls have done that too. I really want to go to a Derby Party. Sounds like a lot of fun. Love the photos from the baptism!

  12. Avery’s sweet little eye! Oh man that looks painful. Whoa, you have some major self-discipline for choosing a salad over fast food. That’s awesome. How sweet to walk in on big brother reading to his sisters!! Looks like a good week.