Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites {5.26.17}

Phew, this week has been a doozy. Brayden & Ella have started this new thing where they stay up late running back and forth to eachother's rooms and the other night we heard them laughing so hard (loud enough to wake up Avery) and I told Rick to go send them back to bed and when he went up there he discovered Ella was taking toilet paper, sticking in the toilet water, and then throwing it at the walls - I MEAN WHAT IN THE WHAT!?! He reamed them pretty good (Brayden for being the instigator and Ella for being flat out gross) and that was that, they went to bed. The next day they were up to that same crap so we took their fidget spinners away. We had a good night last night so let's freaking hope that continues!!

Anyway, now that that's off my chest, LOL! On to my favorites for the week!!!

{ONE} - New Swimsuit

If you've been a longtime reader, you know I have somewhat of a bathing suit obsession. I recently found a new swimsuit line called Hapari that I'm in love with!! You can see their stuff here 

I ordered this tankini top paired with matching pink bottoms and I got it this week and I'm obsessed!! The quality is so good too!! (if you order from here use code SPRING17 for 40% off!!)

{TWO} - New Recipe

I so want to try these steak skewers!! Maybe this weekend I can make that happen!

Grilled Asian Garlic Steak Skewers are marinated in a delicious asian sesame sauce and grilled to tender and juicy perfection!:

{THREE} - Disney Countdown Chain

I am already starting to think of our Disney countdown chains that we'll make when it gets closer to our trip - how cute are these?!?!

Disneyland Countdown with the Disney Princesses! How cute!:

{FOUR} - New Clothes

Since I'm always sharing deals, I can't help myself but take advantage as well!! I scored some new stuff this week from Old Navy and I can't wait to get it all! I needed new jean shorts bad so I got 2 pairs and some basic tanks - the shorts were under $10 and the tops were like $7!

product photoproduct photo

I made sure to get this top in quite a few colors, I think it's going to be my basic summer wardrobe ha ha

product photo

{FIVE} - Favorite Funnies

Happy Long Weekend!!


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  1. Bha ha ha, caffeinated and hope for the to grab my coffee now. LOVE your new suit and oh my the sales this weekend..Old Navy has a great one and I need jean shorts too. Wishing you a sweet, long weekend beautiful lady!!

  2. LOL those memes - cancelled plans, clean sheets and good pens - yes! Oh man our kids have been crazy this week too so we have been hard core disciplining here...end of year???? Full moon??? Old Navy has had some great stuff lately. I got my new jeans from there and love them, who knew? xoxo ERIN

  3. Bahahaha. Your story about the kids has me cracking up! I swear, Jacob and Olivia have been INSANE this week! Maybe all the kids everywhere are just on a high becuase school is almost out?! Who knows!

    So funny that we both posted about jorts, too! Emily did, too!! I told her if I had seen these from ON I probably would have wanted to try those, too!! I might grab a pair since they're so cheap... then I'll have a little variety!

  4. Those are definitely things that make me happy too. Clean sheets are the best. Love the swimsuit that you chose. So cute. I am hitting up Old Navy today to see if I can get a few more things from their sale.

  5. Hahaha, dying at the things that we now enjoy as adults. :) And you know I am feeling those Old Navy shorts - you CANNOT beat that price!

  6. I love Old Navy! That's a cute bathing suit too. The countdown chains are so cute and look easy to do too!

  7. Happy Friday! I'm so glad that swimsuit worked out for you. I love the idea of the Disney countdown! I am cracking up with the things that make adults happy because that is so me with a nice pen, canceled plans, and fresh sheets. Have a great weekend girl! xo Beautifully Candid

  8. Cute clothes... not surprised. So I totally forgot I bought a new suit at the end of summer last year. My desire for another was instantly cured. Happy weekend friend!