Tuesday, May 9, 2017



* He's busy being the head coach of Brayden's baseball team! He really is the perfect guy for the job but I know it's alot too, these kids can be crazy at times!

*He is also busting his butt to finish our bathroom remodel. He has tiled the shower completely and tiled the floor - hopefully this week he can grout, paint, and get the toilet and vanity in and we will be that much closer to having a working bathroom again!

*He is hoping to join a summer golf league and if not, he will at least be taking Brayden once a week to help him with his game


*I'm trying to organize all the things. I want to get the kids' closets cleaned out and organized and then our closet will be after that.

*I'm trying to lose 5 more lbs and now that I've been cleared to work out, I hope it can happen. Although it's probably more like 10lbs now since I'm sure gained some that I lost back while I was recovering from surgery

*I'm enjoying running my little Facebook group! I hit my 2K member goal now I'm on to 3K - hopefully that can happen soon here!


*We went for the initial appt for Brayden's umbilical hernia surgery and were told that it's pretty small and really surgery is not needed. I was still a little unsure on what to do but after talking more with the surgeon (who I LOVED) he made me feel confident that surgery isn't neccessary right now.

*He is really enjoying baseball! He has good games and he has bad games, but either way, at the end of the day he still likes it and looks forward to the games!

*He is looking forward to all things Summer! He enjoys school, but he is really excited for Summer vacation! He is signed up for a couple of camps and then we have a big family vaca in there too.


*She is becoming more and more of a Mama's girl and I love it! When I work out, she is right next to me doing the exact same thing. She always loves on me when the others won't and she is just super sweet.

*She is really into singing and playing her guitar & piano. She puts on these shows for us and my heart just melts

*She is starting to finally talk to more than one kid in her preschool class. This year she has really blossomed and is becoming quite the good friend to many.


*She is starting to really enjoy her music class. Of course she's one of the only tots who doesn't completely listen, but she is having fun and that's all that matters right now

*She is all about doing everything herself. Literally if I try and help her she says things like "Don't help me Mom!!" or "I don't need my help Mom!!" She's a feisty one, that's for sure :)

*She made her transition to her toddler bed so seamlessly that I'm still surprised by it. We decided to make the change before my surgery so I wouldn't have to lift her in and out of the crib and I was so worried she was never going to stay in her bed or fall asleep but to my surprise she does! She really doesn't even get out of the bed at all once we put her in! Pretty soon we will do another transition to a twin bed.


  1. I love how you talked about what each family member is currently up to! So, I have had an umbilical hernia since I was pregnant with my youngest I started having some pain with it about three years ago and went to the most amazing surgeon and he said toobit was small enough that no surgery was needed. The reason I was having pain was because I had had a garage sale and moved a bunch of big boxes. Bottom line he said is to not gain too much abdominal weight and not lift anything majorly heavy. He should be OK. Have a wonderful day sweetheart!

  2. What wonderful family times.... all lives are busy, yet connected. :)

  3. I appreciate all your ambitious goals! Great job!

  4. We are all about all the summer things right now too. What a great catch up on what is happening with your family. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Summer can't come fast enough for us! I love that Rick coaches his baseball team. That must be so cute to see them together but I can imagine how crazy it can get. All those kids must be so tough to keep in line. I need to tackle our closets too and get rid of some clothes that the boys are outgrowing. Your family is just adorable <3 Beautifully Candid

  6. Oh my goodness, Avery is in a toddler bed now. So cute. I need to go through my kids clothes too. We just let them pile up in their closet on the floor until I pull them all out. Ugh. Yay for working out and having a workout buddy. That helps. I can't wait to see your bathroom photos.

  7. I'm so glad he doesn't need surgery. That's great news! I'm glad to hear your Facebook group is taking off, too. Everybody loves a good deal!

  8. Yay for being cleared to work out! That's great news! Good luck with your five pounds! We are going to the beach in three weeks and I've been feeling extra bloated around the middle, so I'm trying to start cutting back on sugar which is SO HARD. As a matter of fact, one of our carriers just brought freaking Gigi's Cupcakes and I'm being strong and not having one. Sigh.

  9. Good luck losing 5 lbs! I'm sure you can do it! I just looked up what I weighed before I had my first and I'm 10 lbs more than that right now. So...there's a goal. Glad Brayden doesn't need surgery!

  10. I remember how stressful (but fun) it was when Nate coached Mason’s tball team! It’s hard when they are younger!! Congrats on hitting the 2k mark! I bet you reach 3k before long. Whew! So glad sweet Brayden doesn’t have to undergo surgery! Ella & Avery – isn’t the growing up so bittersweet? It’s great to watch them gain their independence, but you want them to need you at the same time!

  11. Such a sweet little update about the family. I am so glad to hear Brayden gets to avoid surgery for now! That has to be a huge relief.

  12. Sweet family and I am so glad you are all healing up. What a fun father-son thing to coach baseball and golf together! Yay for continued fb group success! xoxo ERIN

  13. Sounds like everyone is having a great spring!! I am in the mood to organize all the things too! I have a few days off at the end of the month and plan to do just that!