Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday! I'm so excited for today because I get to go on a field trip with Brayden's class. I tried to go on the past couple but haven't been picked so I am thrilled to be going today! We are heading to a space center so it should be fun!

Here's some rambling for you

//I had a Google alert set up on my phone for our flights to Disney and the other week while scrolling through my emails while laying in bed I saw an email for an alert that the price dropped. I immediately went down to our laptop and sure enough, flights were cheap! We are flying Frontier (but at least it's not Spirit) and got them for $165 a person, round trip, non stop! I thought that was pretty amazing!

//So yesterday I originally had plans to go out by my sister in laws to spend time with her and my new nephew and the girls would just hang out with us too. They live a few towns away and we would have spent the whole morning/early afternoon there I'm sure but we actually didn't end up going at all because Brayden came home on Tuesday and told me he had a half day Wednesday. There was a little reminder sent home on Monday but I didn't pay attention so really, if he wouldn't have mentioned it to me, we would have not been here when he would have gotten home. I keep thinking, like what the heck would he have done!?!? He doesn't have a phone, he doesn't have keys. I am so happy this didn't happen and now we have talked about a game plan just in case it ever does.

//Last night while I was making dinner, all 3 kids were in the backyard playing and having the best time! Part of me is loving that they are getting old enough to do this (obviously I still check on Avery like every 10 seconds) and part of me is a little sad - I'll look at the bright side and maybe this will be the first year I can get stuff done in the backyard because I don't have to monitor Avery's every single move

//I really want to watch 13 Reasons Why but I'm worried I'll get super anxious - has anyone watched? How is it? I don't really know much about it but it's all I'm hearing about lately

//Avery had 4 bathroom accidents yesterday and I have no idea why. She has been doing AMAZING at potty training and has been fully trained for months now, so I don't get this. Hoping it's just a fluke!

Ok - enough thoughts for today, I'm off to enjoy some quality time with my boy!


  1. Those flight prices are awesome! Way to go!

    So, I watched 13 Reasons Why in like 4 days. It is intense, you will cry & you will also want to hug the majority of the characters. As a Mom, it definitely pulls at the heartstrings. As a former teenager {FB came out when I was a freshman in college I believe -- just before social media became popular}, I can't imagine what teens these days go through with the impact that social media has. If you watch it, let me know what you think!

  2. That's a good idea to make a plan with Brayden in case he ever comes home and you aren't there. I should do that with my kids too. Though I think they'd just go with my friend who drives them home! That's a great flight price! I'm flying to NYC in 2 weeks and it cost $300+. I think I'm going to watch 13 Reasons Why even though I didn't like the book. I want to see how it transfers to the screen.

  3. Yay for cheaper flights friend, that is a GREAT price! Hope Avery has a better day today and things were just a bit off yesterday. It happens to all of us I suppose, just in different ways ;).

  4. Have so much fun on the field trip. 13 Reasons Why is good, but it is sad and tough at times, but really good. It makes you think and preps you for bullying and things that happen with kids as they get older. It was eye opening at times. That is such great deals for your flights!!!

  5. I am wondering the EXACT same thing about 13 Reasons Why. I really want to watch it, but I just don't know if I can handle it. If you do decide to watch it let me know what you think!

  6. My kids are playing out back too with my watching but tonight I quickly cleaned the kitchen while I watched! It is bittersweet! I always love field trips and getting to know my kiddos classmates better! Happy Thursday!