Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

It's the last Wednesday of the month so I'm linking up with Shay  Mel & Sheaffer - let the fun begin!

What we're eating this week:

This week it's pretty low key - grilling out a few times and then making one of our favorites, baked spaghetti with vodka sauce

I also whipped up my easy summer quinoa salad for lunches, mmmm it's so good!

What I'm reminiscing about:

Well, my middle child, my sweet Ella Bella is turning 4 on Monday and then starting 3 year old preschool on Tuesday (she missed the cut off by a few days) and I just really cannot believe it!

Wasn't she just my 4lb baby!?!?

 Looking at these old pictures brings tears to my eyes!! It's so sad I can barely remember these moments, thank God for pictures and videos


What I'm loving:

Honestly, being back into a routine is so nice! Maybe my house can actually stay clean for longer than a day and I actually have time to get stuff done I've put off all summer

What we've been up to:

Well, we had Brayden's first day of 1st grade last week!

And really just soaking up the last really nice days of summer!

What I'm dreading:

Really nothing (which is good!) but maybe just a little bit I'm dreading Ella's first day of preschool. I hope she doesn't break my Mama heart into a million pieces and cry for me as I leave, or even worse, just goes in and doesn't look back!

What I'm working on:

Painting our front door again - I'm really hoping I like this new color longer than a few months, ha!

We decided on the darker grey on the left

What I'm excited about:

Labor Day weekend! Our town has its annual fest so we'll be there all weekend! Craft fair, rides, games, hopefully some bingo and ending with the parade on Monday!

What I'm watching/reading:

Watching Bachelor in Paradise, Mistresses and I just started a Neflix series called Stranger Things my sister recommended, so far it's really good!

Image result for stranger things

I'm currently reading The Island and it's pretty good so far, I just haven't had as much time as I would like to read lately.  Hopefully it picks back up soon!

What I'm listening to:

My dog freaking out and breathing heavy because a storm is coming

What I'm wearing:

I hope to be wearing my new booties soon. They are sooo cute! (I would watch these, I bought them for $32 so the price may go down again!)

Other than that, living in yoga capris and tanks while it's still been pretty warm here!

What I'm doing this weekend:

See above - Labor Day weekend fest activities!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

My sweet girls birthday, her starting preschool, our 8yr anniversary, my cousin's wedding shower and hopefully going apple picking again!  So much fun stuff next month!

What else is new:

I think I covered pretty much everything!

Bonus Question - “What is your favorite summer to fall transitional piece in your closet?”

My jean jacket or military jacket for sure!

Here's some cute ones I saw if you're in the market for either :)


See you tomorrow!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

You know you're a parent when...

It's so funny the things I do now as a parent.  There are so many indicators that define us parents and here are some of them.

You know you're a parent when.....

  • You see someone zipping down your street and you yell "Hey, slow down, there are kids around!!"
  • Staying up until 10pm is late
  • And waking up at 7am is sleeping in
  • You use the word potty when you have to go to the bathroom
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still on even after the kids went to bed 30 minutes ago
  • A trip to the dentist qualifies as "me time"
  • Date nights start at 4pm
  • You use the obnoxious grocery cart vs the traditional one
  • When getting peed on, puked on or pooped on doesn't even phase you
  • Your exciting conversations with friends are about vacuum cleaners and the latest and greatest kid toy

I know there are so many other funny things that define us, I'd love to hear yours!

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekly Recap(s) {8.29.16}

Good Morning, friends! Since I never got around to a weekly recap last week, you'll get a double dose today!  I hope you're ready for lots of pictures :)

A couple weeks ago I hosted a "back to school" playdate with some of Brayden's school friends.  It was a nice day so we played outside mostly and I made sure to have lots of water balloons!!

Call me crazy, but I loved seeing all these kids around our table!

We headed to the library to play and hang out and the kids had the best time.  Seriously, Brayden said "this is the best library day ever!!"


Popsicles are always a good idea!!

We made a surprise visit to Dad's work and the kids were so excited! We stayed and had lunch too, it was a fun day for sure!



We had a playdate with some friends in a neighboring town - they had a splash pad area, a park and a fun area with a zip line for kids and a climbing rope. The kids had a great time here and I can't wait to go back!

We had some play time with Daddy with the girls new toys

Last week Brayden started 1st Grade on Monday so it was our fist week without him.  We had tons of errands to run and things to do around the house that have been neglected, therefore, we didn't have a super fun week, but thankfully the girls are so little they have fun doing pretty much anything!

Ella wanted to help make cookies for Brayden's first day of school after school treat - she is such a love!

Big brother was super happy to come home and eat one too! He had a great first day!

Playing with some new chalk paint she got from her birthday party

The kids' first time holding their new cousin, Erin.  Ella is so in love, she talks about her all the time!

We celebrated Papa's birthday 

Max finally got a much needed haircut and the kids have been obsessed with him more than usual


Ever since our family vacation earlier this month, Brayden and Ella have been so into fishing! We took them the other night to a local area and even though we didn't catch anything, they still had fun. I walked the path with Avery a couple of times to keep her busy.

We got in some park time :)

And Friday Daddy was leaving for his out of town bachelor party and Miss A was NOT having it!


Friday I thought I would get alot accomplished with Rick being gone but I think I passed out on the couch watching a Hallmark movie by 9:30 #thestruggleisreal

Saturday we went by my SIL's house for the kids to play and later Rick took Brayden fishing while the girls napped and I cleaned out the entire car, vacuumed it and all.  

We went swimming at my in laws at night and ate dinner over there then headed home where the hubby passed out by 8pm. It's so funny how we just can't hang like we use to!

Sunday Rick took Brayden and Ella fishing in the morning while I got some things done around the house and played with Miss A.  Later we stopped at church to meet Brayden's religious education teacher and pick up some paperwork then went to Pirates Cove (a cute little kids amusement park)

Our friends met us there and that made the kids even happier!


No fear!

We ended the day having dinner at the same friends house and relaxing (well kind of when there are 5 kids involved, how much relaxing can really be done?) but it was still nice.  Then it was home for baths and bed and I sat my butt on my couch for the first time all day.

Today I'm hopefully going to start and finish painting our front door...yes again.  I have serious problems, I tire of things too quickly and the red door is certainly one of them!

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