Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 Vacation Recap - Part 2

Happy Tuesday!

I'm back to share the rest of our annual vacation today.  Yesterday I recapped the first few days and today I'll recap the last.

We woke up Thursday to the news that my SIL was in the hospital for contractions but was just being monitored at that time.  My MIL was trying to decide what to do or when to leave really to head home and help her out.

Our morning started off easy, more fishing and just hanging out.  I think we walked to town for ice cream but I can't be too sure, the days sort of meshed together.

this girl loved the ukulele - I think I sense a birthday present idea!

The kids all swam in the hot tub and pool for a good part of the morning

Ella was so cute I almost couldn't take it! She loved to "swim" in the hot tub, which meant just diving and swimming under water.  I can't believe how much she loves to go under, quite the opposite of her big brother at this age!

After lunch, myself and 2 sister in laws were heading to another neighboring town to check out some shops and also a winery.  My MIL at this point was heading home because my SIL was in labor.  We found out when we were out shopping that my SIL was going to be taken back for a c-section so we would soon know what would be joining our family, boy or girl!

 When we got back to the house we all finally got the news my BIL & SIL had a sweet baby girl! We were all so excited for them!

Once we all got ready, we headed out to the annual county fair the town was having. We pretty much only got to stay about an hour because a crazy storm rolled through.  We all walked/ran back to the house once the rain died down a lit



When we got home, we put a movie on for the kids and the adults played poker.  This little one snuck over to join in :)

Friday was our last full day and we started off with a family walk.  The lake was so pretty!

 Friday afternoon it was back to the county fair with much better weather!  The kids all got their faces painted first, well except Ella because she passed out in the stroller.

Avery literally would not leave this duck game, thankfully the people were really cool about her hanging out and playing in the water and even chucking the ducks...this girl, I swear!


The rest of Friday we took it really easy, the kids did tons of more fishing and we all just relaxed. I spent a good amount of time getting all our stuff ready and packed up for the next day and went to bed early.  

playing big Jenga and loving it!

Saturday we woke up, cleaned the house up and headed into town for breakfast before our drive home. We had such a great time and the kids I know had an absolute blast! They are still talking about how much fun we had. I love these annual vacations!


  1. Yay for a great time! Congrats on the newest addition to the family. How exciting that you all found out the gender together! All of the kids look like they really enjoyed the fair. The picture with their faces painted with the balloons in the background is awesome. It's so colorful and happy! Happy you had another awesome vay-cay!

  2. Congratulations on the new sweet little girl!

    I cracked up when I saw your post about Avery not wanting to leave the duck game. I can just imagine her telling y'all she wasn't going to leave! Haha.