Monday, August 22, 2016

Ella & Avery's Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

Today is Brayden's first day of 1st grade and I really can't believe summer is over for him! I am going to miss being with him everyday so much, but it will be so good for him to get back into a routine (me too!)

Today I'm sharing our gals combo birthday party we had on Saturday.

We decided a while ago we would do a combo family party for the girls since they aren't in school yet and don't really have their own friends. Their birthdays are a month apart so I decided on August 20th, a little after Avery's and a little before Ella's.  Poor Ella though, she keeps thinking she is 4 now...

Anyway, I knew an ice cream themed party would be so cute because they both love ice cream so much! (I mean what kid doesn't!?)  This wasn't a huge party by any means and I didn't go over the top decorating, but what I did do turned out pretty cute if I must say :)

I made the invitations by using my silhouette to cut 3.5" circles in purple and pink cardstock, that was for the back of the ice cream.  I just typed up the wording in Word, printed on white cardstock then used a 3" circle punch to punch them out.  I glued the white cardstock inside the pink and purple and also used my silhouette to cut the cones. Easy peasy!

The only other DIY stuff I did was make the banners, which were a little more intricate that I usually do but still pretty easy thanks again to my silhouette!

As soon as we hung the banners Rick said I should have used black letters - yep, I totally should have! I didn't even think about them being hung up against our white blinds! Oh well, they were still cute, but next time, black letters

Using a giant cupcake stand to hold all the cups/cones was the perfect idea! Thanks Pinterest and Aunt Nancy :)

I bought these little wooden spoons to make it seem like a vintage ice cream social - I still have about 80 of them left, ha ha

I used a veggie tray from the dollar store to hold all the toppings and it worked perfect! Except that I left it out during the party before the ice cream was ready because we were serving food first and there were probably more little grabby hands in here than I could count, but hey, what kid could resist all this!? I barely could :)

I snapped a couple pics of the girls before the party because I knew they would not sit still once it started and would probably get very dirty! (I was right about both of those)


My aunt once again made the most amazing cakes!!! Seriously these might be favorite!  I made the 4 and 2 by just drawing free hand and cutting out on glitter cardstock and hot gluing to toothpicks. 


Some party pictures - I was kind of bad and didn't take too many!

See - little hands grabbing the candy, and I told you she would be dirty! Ha!

The weather was perfect until about 2 hours into the party it started raining and a huge gust of wind came through taking our tents with them. Everyone helped to grab everything and we moved the party inside.  I would have loved to sing and do cake outside but Mother Nature had other plans!

I love Avery's face in this picture! Both girls sure knew how special they were on their party day!

After singing and cake cutting, it was time for the ice cream social! The hubby said he wanted to be the scooper after shutting down my idea of prescooping and freezing them so they would just be ready. I must say, he makes a cute ice cream scooper :)


 Sisters :)

Thankfully the rain only lasted 10 minutes and after ice cream we all headed back outside.

We played pin the cherry on the ice cream and pretty much every kid cheated - made me realize I need to have a blindfold next time!

I made another pinata for the girls' party and it was so cute! Each kid got 2-3 turns and then it broke open.  This one was way less chaotic than the one at Brayden's party :)

Ella and her bestie Ava!

Best attempt at a family picture :)

It was a great, low key, low stress party and most importantly the girls had a great time! 

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  1. Lizzie, I looooove this party!!! Oh my goodness and the girls are so, so cute! That piñata is awesome, the girls' shirts and your banners... Oh my gosh - it's all so cute! Cheers to a fun and relaxed birthday party!

  2. Seriously what an adorable party idea!! Sooo cute!!

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  4. This is Pinterest perfect, Lizzie! Such a cute idea for a party! And those cakes that your aunt made are just incredible. I still can't get over it!

  5. So cute!!!! I love the banner and the tiered holder with the different cones and ice cream cups!

  6. I love this idea. It came out so perfect. Love ice cream so this is right up my alley. The girls' matching shirts are so cute too! The cakes are beautiful!!!!

  7. Lizzie, oh my goodness, I love it all!!! What an awesome party. Every single detail is perfect! I'll definitely be looking to this post for inspiration for a future party!

  8. So cute! I love the banner and love the cakes! And love that there was just enough details to make it cute, but nothing over the top! I did an ice cream social for Brantley's 3rd birthday party and feel like I followed a similar plan.

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