Monday, August 8, 2016

2016 Vacation Recap - Part 1

Hey hey!! We are back from our week long annual vacation with my husbands side of the family and what a fun trip it was!

This year we forwent South Haven, MI as we have done the past few years and went to Green Lake, WI.  It was a change for sure, but it was such a great time and we made some wonderful memories.

I took about 300 pictures so I thought it would be best to break this up in 2 posts (don't worry, I won't share all the pictures)

We drove up Sunday instead of Saturday because we had a wedding Saturday night.  We got to the house in the early afternoon and got settled in.  This was probably the first time I actually took the time to take out all our luggage and put everything away and hung up. It was so nice not living out of our suitcases like we usually do, ha ha

After we were all settled, we made some food, had a couple of beers and waited for the rest of the family.  We were missing my SIL and BIL this year because she was pregnant and due in a couple of weeks, but to everyone's surprise, she ended up having the baby on Thursday! My MIL ended up leaving to drive home and see her and help out with their son (they had a girl this time and she is sooooo cute!!)

Back to day 1, we eventually walked into town and grabbed some ice cream then pretty much had a relaxing night back at the house.

The next day was our water sports day - we rented a 3 person jet ski, 2 double kayaks and a paddle board.  Oh, and this day was Avery's birthday!! We all sang Happy Birthday to her throughout the day and she beamed everytime.

Birthday girl!!

The hubby and I took the girls out on the jet ski first and although I was super nervous, everything was fine and he of course didn't go too fast.  He took Brayden later on who at first was having no part of it, but once he realized his newly turned 2 year old sister did it, he was game.  Later on I drove it with the hubby and it was sooooooooooo fun.  I took the kids out on the kayaks multiple times and everything we rented got plenty of use throughout the day.

Each family took turns making dinner and this was our night - the hubby made his famous ribs and I made a pasta salad and corn, everything was so good. We finished off dinner with a cake for Miss A and singing once again (don't mind my top, I didn't realize my bra was hanging out, LOL)

We finished every night with fishing and the kids were SO into it. Seriously, I had no idea how much my bigger kids would love it. It was great bonding time with their Papa too :)

The next day we had a scheduled fishing tour planned.  We were being taken out to the lake by a fishing guru (supposedly) and were on it for 4 hours...imagine how much fun that was with 5 kids, ha ha.  Even better was after 4 hours we had not caught 1 fish, NOT ONE!! It was so ridiculous and he wasn't cheap either.  Lesson learned I guess, next time we'll just rent our own boat and fish ourselves.


Throughout the rest of the day we just hung around the house, play basketball, yard games, fished, and of course had some drinks. I think it's safe to say I gained 5lbs on this vacation!

More fishing was going on this night and I caught my first one :)


Wednesday was a relaxing day, we did some swimming, fishing and napping and then went and visited a neighboring town since where we stayed really had no shopping.  I was happy to find a few cute things to buy.

Wednesday night we headed into town for a concert in the park that was going on.  It was 50's and 60's music which I actually really enjoy so I was having fun, but some of the others weren't feeling it and left earlier than us.  The kids were having a great time just running around and rolling down the little hill.  Except Ella, she kept crying and crying because she couldn't roll the right way, even when we tried to show her she just cried and cried...that girl!

I'll be back tomorrow for Part 2 with the rest of our week!


  1. What a great vacation! I love that your whole family goes on vaca together. We've only done that a couple of times in the past and it was before we had babies. I would really love to start doing that again! Also, I love your plaid tank! So cute!! I can't wait to see the rest!

  2. This is so fun! Congrats on catching your first fish! In the almost ten years I've lived on a lake I've only ever caught one fish, so you're doing waaaaaaay better than me! Haha! Everyone looks like they were having so much fun!

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast I love it :)