Thursday, August 11, 2016

Confessions {8.11.16}

How is Thursday already!? This week is flying and I would like it slow down please, our summer break is coming to end very soon here and I could use more time.

Anyway, here are today's confessions

Sparkles and Lattes

I confess......

I feel guilty that I haven't done enough with my kids this summer, but I know that's crazy because all I have to do is look back at our weekly recaps and then I realize we have done alot...but still, it doesn't seem like enough

I've been terrible at watering my gardens. Our yard is so big and to water everything takes alot of time and I've been being super lazy about it.  Even though all I have to do is hook up a sprinkler and move it around, but even that I'm too lazy for

Going to a public pool by myself with 3 kids is super intimidating.  I've been asked to go on pool dates with other moms, but they don't have young kids, as in Avery's age so it's just different.  I've declined the offers because I know what I can handle and 3 kids wanting to all do different things at the pool is something I cannot. Maybe next year.

Even though I don't want summer break to end (I love having Brayden home!) I am kind of over this heat.  I am so looking forward to Fall; sweaters, booties, skinny jeans, pumpkin everything!

We were just on vacation but I feel like I need a vacation from that vacation.  Vacationing with kids can be exhausting!!

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


  1. Oh my gosh! I think you and I have the exact same brain right now! From not feeling as if we didn't do enough this summer to enjoying the kids being home to being OVER the heat and wanting the fall temps! I'm with ya on everything!!!

  2. Oh girl, you seem to do more with your kids than anyone else that I know!! Y'all are always doing something fun, so definitely don't feel bad about that.

    And also, public pool by yourself with three kids? Uh, no. You're not alone, momma! I won't even go to one with my TWO kids. I refuse unless Brian is there. Haha.

  3. I have had a hard time watering my two pots on my balcony! Definitely with you on being over the heat. I am ready for cooler days.