Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Avery Jane!!

My dear sweet Avery,

Happy Birthday to you!!

My baby, my last born, how in the world are you 2!? In some ways that seems perfectly fitting as I feel like you've been with us forever, but in other ways I blinked and we are here.

I still remember the day you came into the world, our world.  It was the best day! You were the cutest little nugget and I snuggled with you non stop.

You fit so well into our family that any hesitations I may have had about having 3 kids were taken away instantly.

You are getting so big my dear! You are talking so much and it's so so adorable! I love listening to you. You can say pretty much any word we ask you to and you put together 2 word sentences.

You are a wild child!! You do not sit still, which is really different from your siblings.  You are definitely the most outgoing out of the bunch at this age.

If you do sit still, you like to play with dolls, try and attempt puzzles, build towers with blocks and then knock them over and play kitchen.  That being said, you rarely are sitting and playing, you are more likely causing mischief somewhere or standing/jumping on the couch even though we have told you 10000000 times to NOT do that :)

You are the epitome of a little sister.  You see something your brother or sister has and you immediately come up and take it and run away. You drive Brayden & Ella crazy with this but hey, you're the baby, it's your job to ruffle some feathers around here.

Although we really have to stop saying you're the baby and letting you get away with pretty much anything because we all know that won't end well.  It's hard to discipline you though, you start crying immediately and your Dad and I fall for it every time.

You are funny! Oh so funny!! Your full of life personality makes you act so goofy and I love this! Lately you've been pretending to sleep and you even make yourself snore, it's the funniest thing ever!

Your favorite TV show at this time is Goldie and Bear, it's the only show you have ever really sat still to watch longer than 2 seconds.  Although really, you could care less about TV.

You usually go to bed between 7:30-8pm and wake up around 6-6:30 (I really miss when you slept until 7, you can go back to that anytime) You take 1 nap around 1-1:30-3:00. You rarely ever take longer than a 2 hour nap.

You are a pretty picky eater and we've gotten into a bad habit of making you chicken nuggets for dinner while the rest of us eat whatever I made.  I have never seen a baby not like pasta until you! At this age, your siblings were eating everything I made but not you.  We said when you turned 2 we were going to stop giving in to you, so sorry dear, the jig is up! I know you won't starve but it's going to be a rough couple of weeks I'm sure!

You love your Daddy so much!! I always say M-F from the time you wake up until 5 you are a Mama's girl, then the second Dad gets home, you go running to him screaming "DAAAAADDDYY!!!" He eats it up and I don't blame him!

You might act like you're too cool for your big siblings but you couldn't live without them! You follow their every move and always want to be included. But you can be a little stinker because the second they show you love and affection, you push them away, literally.

You are the child who is keeping me on my toes Avery Jane!! I had it easy with the others then you came along and knew it was time to give me a run for my money :) It's ok though, I love keeping up with you even if I feel like I ran a marathon by the end of each day.

My sweet baby, today we celebrate you! I love being your Mommy and look forward to many, many more birthdays! (even if they are hard for me to accept :) )

I love you!



  1. I LOVE that picture of her with the Hulk hands... so funny!

    Happy birthday, sweetest girl!!

  2. such a sweet girl!!!! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Miss. Avery!!!!

  4. Happy birthday sweet girl!! Hope 2 is amazing!!

  5. Happy birthday to your little girl. She's adorable.

  6. Hope she had a great birthday! Can't believe your sweet baby is 2!