Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites {8.26.16}

Woohoo for Friday! This week has flown by and that's probably because we are back into somewhat of a routine and Brayden is back in school full time.

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Today's Friday Favorites is pretty random, but isn't it always?


Surprisingly the girls didn't get a ton of toys from their birthday party (which I was TOTALLY ok with), but Ella did get a pink razor that she is obsessed with. Ever since Brayden got one for his birthday she has been all about it, so it's good now that she has her own!



Speaking of the girls combo party, you can see all those details here! It was such a fun, low key party with some cute details.


Halloween with kids is my favorite! I'm already thinking costumes and I think Ella is going to be Little Red Riding Hood and Avery will be Goldie from Goldie and Bear (that is her favorite show ever!) I would love if Brayden would cooperate and be Bear but that is not looking like it will happen! However, if we do go to a Halloween party as a family, he will be forced to be Bear :) Then I'll be Mama Bear and Rick will be Papa Bear or Big Bad Wolf. Now let's just hope it goes that perfectly.

I saw this on Pinterest and love it! I think I might actually buy Ella's costume this year vs making it.

This Kids Red Riding Hood Tutu Costume is an exclusive Little Red Riding Hood costume for girls you won't find anywhere else. Goes well with a group costume.:


I am itching to buy these shoes but don't feel I can justify since I already own 2 pairs of converse, but aren't they soooo cute?! They've been all over blogland forever but really just now I am wanting them!



Some favorite pins of the week

How freaking good do these look!? I want them, like now. 

Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake Bars with a Streusel Topping:

And this!? 

Pumpkin Spice Crunch Cake:
Fall is not going to be good for my diet!

Happy Weekend, see you Monday :)


  1. That Little Red Riding Hood costume is darling!! And I just got my first pair of shoreline chucks and I'm obsessed!!! The regular ones make me look like I have clown feet--but these don't at all!

  2. I have those converse and love them, too! I say go for it! It really is a different look than the regular ones!

  3. Oh my gosh those bars look amazing and the costume is adorable!

  4. I love the white converse. Now I want them too!! Love the Halloween costume idea. I said I need to start looking and I haven't. I need to get on that. I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Those costume ideas are adorable! I have those Southshore Chucks (in grey) and LOVE them! And yum to all that pumpkin goodness!!

  6. The Little Red Riding Hood idea is going to be soooo cute! I hope you can get Brayden to cooperate!

    And girl, those Converse Shoreline are AMAZE. I LOVE mine. I haven't been wearing them much the last couple of months because it's been so hot and all I want to wear is sandals, but now that it's going to start cooking off soon, I'll be busting them out again. You should get some!

  7. Love the shoes! I have yet to buy a pair of Converse...I mean, there were those ones I owned in middle school. Turns out, I should have just kept them! 20 years later and they are back!

  8. I have to tell you to get the Chuck's - I cannot stop wearing mine right now!