Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Greek Yogurt Recipes

I mentioned before my love for Greek yogurt - it's become a new favorite ingredient of mine as well. I love being able to swap out mayo or sour cream and use Greek yogurt because 1. it's healthy! and 2. it's delicious!

Today I thought I would share some recipes I've been making on repeat using Greek yogurt

ONE - Deviled Eggs

Gone are the days where I make these with mayo! Now I whip these up using Greek yogurt instead and they are a healthy snack during the week

healthy deviled eggs

TWO - Mashed potatoes

By using Greek yogurt I can add some key nutrients and also not feel totally bad after eating them

Image result

THREE -  Taco Dip

You will not even notice the sour cream is missing - the Greek yogurt is even better in my opinion!

This lightened up version of the classic 7 Layer Dip is the perfect appetizer for game day parties. Made “skinny” with light cream cheese and fat-free greek yogurt, this dip will disappear quickly! About 15 years ago, I was living in my own apartment and was hosting my very first Tupperware party. I had recently …

These were made by yours truly and they are such an easy, yummy, healthy snack!!

Another one by yours truly. We make these all the time! Substituting Greek yogurt makes these a tad healthier and they are just so good!!

Those are just some of the things we love to make with Greek yogurt. Like I mentioned before, pretty much any time a recipe calls for sour cream or mayo, I just swap it for Greek yogurt. When we eat enchilada's for dinner, I dip them in Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. If we're having baked potatoes, I do the same. These are small changes that can really help you get more nutrients into your diet, and who doesn't want that!

What do you make that uses Greek yogurt? I'm always looking for new ways to use it!

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekly Recap {7.24.17}

Happy Monday! What a fun week we had - Brayden had his last camp of the Summer. This one was at our towns Nature Center and it was called Nature Pirates. He actually won a mini scholarship for this camp by writing an essay and drawing a picture so we were super proud of him for that!! He was very excited for his first day!

After we dropped him off, me and the girls headed to a local splash pad - it was HOT out and they had a blast playing in the water.  The splash pad is connected to Oberweis so ice cream was a must!

When we picked Brayden up, he showed us his pirate flag he made that day and told us all about walking the trails looking at bugs, using their treasure maps to find their daily treasure and he even held a few frogs!

It was so hot we headed home to play and have a popsicle (don't judge, I know the girls just ate ice cream hours earlier LOL)

The rest of the week, we had a daily ritual. Drop Brayden off at camp then head inside the nature center to look at the turtles (this was Avery's favorite part of her day!) Then me and the girls would head out to do stuff. 

Our nature center just built this amazing new park that gets SUPER crowded by like 10am, since camp started at 10 we made sure to get there early some mornings to play

 The girls and I made it to story time at the library on Wednesday and then went outside to draw with chalk as part of the story time activity.

Avery was either not napping or taking them super late because pick up for Brayden was 2pm. I had to snap this pic because she is currently obsessed with our disney princess book and falls asleep with it every nap and every night

More nature center fun!

Thursday we made chalk paint and had a blast with it outside!

The girls also helped me pick veggies :)

Thursday when we picked Brayden up, we went to the other side of the nature center which has a working farm. The kids wanted to go into the gift shop and get these cute little pencil sharpeners (not for sharpening pencils of course LOL)

Then it was back to Oberweis for more ice cream!!!!

Friday morning at camp drop off Brayden found a millipede and shared it with his sisters :)

The girls spent the morning/afternoon at my Moms so I could actually get some cleaning done. Rick was going to the Cubs game with friends so I drove him to the bus during that time too.

I picked the girls up then we went and got Brayden. It was his last day and he made the girls some pirate hats :)

We went home for Avery to nap and the kids to relax then I decided to run out and get the kids McDonalds for dinner since Rick wasn't home and I didn't want to cook. Originally I was going to let them play at the play area (this one really is awesome) but I saw the clouds changing while we were driving and thought we should get home to the dog who would be freaking out shortly if a storm came through. Well within 5 minutes a CRAZY storm came through and I couldn't see a damn thing. I managed to pull into a parking lot where we sat it out, all while giant hail was smacking against our car for 10 minutes straight. My poor kids were hysterical and I was just trying to remain calm - the whole thing lasted 15 minutes and when I went to drive home all the streets were flooded! After several detours we made it but it was so crazy. I can't believe how much damaged and flooding happened within minutes!! They said the storm hit an isolated area (like 5 mile radius) and we stuck smack dab in the middle of it. They also said it was a microburst not a tornado like everyone though. 

This is a busy, main rd that was flooded, the side streets were so much worse!

Anyway, we got home, recovered and I had a big glass of wine!

Saturday we had my nieces 1st birthday and I have no pictures = fail. It was a nice day despite the night before and everyone had fun.

Sunday we had plans with my Mom. My sister and BIL actually didn't meet us because they got roped into meeting their neighbors by their other neighbors. We went to another local splash pad which was nice because again it was HOT. After the kids played for a while we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. In the afternoon Avery went down for her nap, Rick took the bigs to his parents to swim and I actually got to sit outside and read! It was so nice until I noticed dark clouds coming through. I went in, Avery was just getting up and then a storm rolled through shortly after.

Rick and the kids got home a little after, we fed them dinner and relaxed the rest of the night.

Now it's a full fun-filled week ahead!!

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites {7.21.17}

Woohoo for Friday!! We've been having a great week but it's always nice when the weekend gets here!

We have my nieces 1st birthday party tomorrow and a family day with my Mom/sis/BIL/nephew on Sunday - should be a fun weekend!

Here's a look at my favorites for the week!


My garden is growing!! Well, most of it anyway! We have tomatoes (which is hard to believe since Avery picked SO many when they weren't ready), zucchinis and cucumbers! My green pepper plants seem to always have problems as the past couple years they don't grow anything but one small pepper - I wonder what's up with that!?


Who else has been early access shopping the Nordstrom sale?!?! So much stuff I want but I'm using self control! I did pick up these and these for Brayden and I'm giving these jeans a try:

Main Image - Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® 'Ox' Sneaker (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)

Main Image - Nike Flex Contact Running Shoe (Toddler & Little Kid) (Regular Retail Price: $53.00)

Main Image - Vigoss Jagger High Waist Skinny Jeans

I'm also really hoping this comes back in stock in my size and the color I want!!


Avery's birthday is coming up and I so want to get her one of those ride on toys - we've never had one for any of the kids and our yard is huge and screams for one. I found this one on clearance and I sent it to the hubby, she NEEDS it! LOL

12V Ride On Car Kids W/ MP3 Electric Battery Power Remote Control RC Pink


How yummy does this recipe look?!?! I have this on my must make soon list!!

This Parmesan Garlic Crusted Chicken with Garlic Alfredo Shells is PHENOMENAL! The homemade garlic alfredo sauce is so creamy and perfect! One of the best meals you will make!


Our Disney trip is coming up quick and I have to book our fastpasses soon so I've been in major planning mode - I absolutely love planning our Disney trips though, so I don't mind my free time going to that.

Image result for planning disney memes

Image result for planning disney memes

Image result for planning disney memes

No automatic alt text available.

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Brayden & Avery's Breakfast Party

Our kids birthdays are all a month apart - Brayden is July, Avery is August and Ella is September. Since Brayden and now Ella are at the age where they want their own friend parties, we still do a little get together with our immediate families. Ella is turning the 5 this year (also her golden birthday) and is getting a big party, otherwise, they would have all been combined together (which is what we plan to do starting next year)

I thought it would be fun just to do a little breakfast party, something easy and simple and who doesn't love breakfast food!? We had fruit, bagels, pancakes, porkies, and I made these amazing crescent breakfast rolls (seriously, make these, they are SO good!!) - Of course I took no pictures of the food, too bad, it was all so yummy!

For their cakes, I opted to do donut cakes since it fit with the theme. They each got their own and we had way too many donuts, but is that really a bad thing?

It was a hot day so we had a bunch of water balloons - thank goodness for these! The kids had a blast running around and it was fun, quick little party!

My Mom got Brayden a mini beer pong (we only call it pong around the kids) because he had so much fun playing at my Aunts BBQ over the 4th - it really is a fun game and I can't wait to play the adult version, without kids :)



Avery being a stinker - she took that little box away from Ella and is beaming with pride #gottalovelittlesisters

And that's a wrap on birthday celebration for the moment! Avery's actual birthday will fall while we are on vacation so we'll make sure to sing to her and probably do a cake. Now I need to get my butt in gear for Ella's big birthday party!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Celebrating Brayden Turning 7!!

I feel like it was a week-long celebration for Brayden's birthday! It all started last Sunday with his party for his friends. This year he chose 5 buddies and we had a party at one of our favorite bowling/arcade places.

It was the perfect amount of kids and I think our boy felt super special!! I even stayed home with the girls so Rick could be with the boys and little sisters wouldn't get in the way. About an hour before the party was over, I dropped the girls by my in laws and joined the party.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (and thank goodness I showed up to take some! They first bowled so I wasn't there for that and as soon as I showed up I ask Rick, "did you take any pics?" and he of courses said "oh shoot, no, I didn't even think to" LOL! )



On his actual birthday he had breakfast in bed (his only request and I figured, hey, why not) and then we met up with my mother in law for lunch and at night we gave him his presents and had cake - it was a fun night celebrating our BIG boy!

He got 2 new fidget spinners and I think those were his favorite LOL


 I got him a funny card about his stinky feet and we had a good laugh :)


Don't blink Mama's with young ones, in what feels like an instant, they will be 7 and you will wonder how the world that is physically possible. I had a couple of good cries, some were sad because with every year he gets bigger, I will miss the age he was, and I grieve that his childhood is passing me by, but on the other hand, I had some happy tears because he is growing and thriving and turning into such a young little man. Such a bittersweet feeling.

We also had a little family party to celebrate him and Avery (we will be on vaca over her birthday) and I'll be back to recap that tomorrow!

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