Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekly Recap {7.24.17}

Happy Monday! What a fun week we had - Brayden had his last camp of the Summer. This one was at our towns Nature Center and it was called Nature Pirates. He actually won a mini scholarship for this camp by writing an essay and drawing a picture so we were super proud of him for that!! He was very excited for his first day!

After we dropped him off, me and the girls headed to a local splash pad - it was HOT out and they had a blast playing in the water.  The splash pad is connected to Oberweis so ice cream was a must!

When we picked Brayden up, he showed us his pirate flag he made that day and told us all about walking the trails looking at bugs, using their treasure maps to find their daily treasure and he even held a few frogs!

It was so hot we headed home to play and have a popsicle (don't judge, I know the girls just ate ice cream hours earlier LOL)

The rest of the week, we had a daily ritual. Drop Brayden off at camp then head inside the nature center to look at the turtles (this was Avery's favorite part of her day!) Then me and the girls would head out to do stuff. 

Our nature center just built this amazing new park that gets SUPER crowded by like 10am, since camp started at 10 we made sure to get there early some mornings to play

 The girls and I made it to story time at the library on Wednesday and then went outside to draw with chalk as part of the story time activity.

Avery was either not napping or taking them super late because pick up for Brayden was 2pm. I had to snap this pic because she is currently obsessed with our disney princess book and falls asleep with it every nap and every night

More nature center fun!

Thursday we made chalk paint and had a blast with it outside!

The girls also helped me pick veggies :)

Thursday when we picked Brayden up, we went to the other side of the nature center which has a working farm. The kids wanted to go into the gift shop and get these cute little pencil sharpeners (not for sharpening pencils of course LOL)

Then it was back to Oberweis for more ice cream!!!!

Friday morning at camp drop off Brayden found a millipede and shared it with his sisters :)

The girls spent the morning/afternoon at my Moms so I could actually get some cleaning done. Rick was going to the Cubs game with friends so I drove him to the bus during that time too.

I picked the girls up then we went and got Brayden. It was his last day and he made the girls some pirate hats :)

We went home for Avery to nap and the kids to relax then I decided to run out and get the kids McDonalds for dinner since Rick wasn't home and I didn't want to cook. Originally I was going to let them play at the play area (this one really is awesome) but I saw the clouds changing while we were driving and thought we should get home to the dog who would be freaking out shortly if a storm came through. Well within 5 minutes a CRAZY storm came through and I couldn't see a damn thing. I managed to pull into a parking lot where we sat it out, all while giant hail was smacking against our car for 10 minutes straight. My poor kids were hysterical and I was just trying to remain calm - the whole thing lasted 15 minutes and when I went to drive home all the streets were flooded! After several detours we made it but it was so crazy. I can't believe how much damaged and flooding happened within minutes!! They said the storm hit an isolated area (like 5 mile radius) and we stuck smack dab in the middle of it. They also said it was a microburst not a tornado like everyone though. 

This is a busy, main rd that was flooded, the side streets were so much worse!

Anyway, we got home, recovered and I had a big glass of wine!

Saturday we had my nieces 1st birthday and I have no pictures = fail. It was a nice day despite the night before and everyone had fun.

Sunday we had plans with my Mom. My sister and BIL actually didn't meet us because they got roped into meeting their neighbors by their other neighbors. We went to another local splash pad which was nice because again it was HOT. After the kids played for a while we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. In the afternoon Avery went down for her nap, Rick took the bigs to his parents to swim and I actually got to sit outside and read! It was so nice until I noticed dark clouds coming through. I went in, Avery was just getting up and then a storm rolled through shortly after.

Rick and the kids got home a little after, we fed them dinner and relaxed the rest of the night.

Now it's a full fun-filled week ahead!!

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  1. A splash pad connected to an ice cream place is GENIUS! That may be my next business endeavor, lol! SO scary that you got caught up in that storm friend. So happy that y'all are okay.

  2. I am so sorry about the flooding, I know that was scary but I'm glad you're all OK! I love the picture of the kids with their bomb pops and splash pads are the best. They weren't really around when my boys were little but they still love it in the preteens. I hope you have a great start to your week pretty lady! That bloody Mary looks delicious!

  3. Chalk paint is just the most fun - even for me when I play with my nieces and nephew LOL! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Whoa! That flooding looks insane and to think that it was even worse on the side streets! WOWZER! I'm glad it was quick, but wow - I'm happy you guys were okay! Oh my gosh, Avery's bedding is so cute! Where is it from?! And you guys have two splash pads near you - that's awesome!

  5. What a great week full of ice cream and splash pads! I need to check some out by us, I know there are several. B is so dang cute with his sisters, making them things and thinking about them while he's at camp. So dang cute! And those storms that roll in so fast, that is CRAZY!!! glad you were able to pull over and wait it out. Those moments where are a parent you have to be calm when inside you are freaking out, so hard!

  6. A Nature Pirate camp? That sounds like all kinds of awesome. Did he enjoy it? Congrats on the scholarship. That’s so neat. We have a new splashpad in town that we’ve yet to try. We need to change that. Brayden looks so big and grown in that popsicle picture!! And he seems so sweet with his sisters. So sorry about the storm. How frightening. I am not a fan of storms at all. I can’t believe how much flooding happened in minutes. Glad you are all safe! And that wine was definitely deserved, mama! Hope y'all have an amazing week!

  7. Nature camp sounds lots of fun and the splashpad looks great too. We got a big storm here on Saturday night with lots of rain and lightning and there are lots of trees down. We were out during it too but made it home! Glad you made it through too.

  8. So much fun! That nature center sounds amazing. We have a splashpad around here but haven't even had a chance to take the boys yet. That storms sounds crazy and looks like it was a mess to try and get home. It so nuts how so much damage can be done in minutes. Glad you were all safe! I bet that glass of wine hit the spot lol. Happy Monday! Beautifully Candid

  9. So much fun!!! Love the outdoor activities!!!

  10. Whoever put that splash pad next to the ice cream shop was smarrrrttt! Haha, how can you say no?? I cannot believe that flooding - that is insane! So glad it wasnt worse for you guys!

  11. Do you have hail damage??? How scary!!!! What a night you all will remember! Sounds like a fun camp week too! I can relate to the littlest not getting a nap or a late one! Camp pickup times always seem smack dab in the middle! Xoxo Erin

  12. Aren't splash pads the best invention ever?! Why didn't they have those when we were little??

    And I still can't believe that about that storm that you guys had. HOW SCARY. We have had several of those microbursts lately here, too, and they are just insane. We had one the week before last that pretty much just hit over our neighborhood and surrounding area and we had hail, torrnetial rains, and wind that was insane. And it literally appeared out of nowhere. One minute it was perfectly sunny and then one minute it was pitch black and storming. Our power was out for hours and our neighbor's wood privacy fence literally blew away. Meanwhile, people on the other side of town were all, "What are you talking about?? It's sunny here." Haha. So crazy! I'm glad you're all okay.

  13. You all had the best weekend ... minus the storm and high waters. I would have been freaking out if I was forced to drive through so much water.

  14. What a fun week!! Except for the crazy storm! Glad y'all are ok!

  15. That rain storm left a ton of water. Crazy. I would have been having to keep my kids from freaking out too. And I don't judge for a Popsicle after ice cream. I have been there! Sounds like a great week though!