Thursday, July 13, 2017

Girl Chat {July 2017}

Woohoo it's time for some Girl Chat!! This month's topic is "What would you do with a million dollars?"

First of all, if I won a million dollars, this would be my face:

Image result for really excited face

A million dollars is ALOT of money but if you aren't careful, I'm sure you could blow through that very fast!

I'm pretty realistic and conservative with money so I think I would do a few things:

{ONE} - Do some awesome stuff to our house

I love where we live so I wouldn't necessarily want to move (unless it was out of state because IL is falling apart!) but there are things I would love to do to our home!

Our yard is huge so an in ground pool would be a must! A nice patio off the back with a built in fire pit would be awesome too. Basically just turning our backyard into a little oasis, ahhh I can see it now

Related image

{TWO} -Buy my Mom a house

My Mom has done so much for me over the years and I really would be lost without her. I would love to help her out and buy her her own home, nothing crazy but a little space to call her own. Her dream is to have a little cottage in WI, so that's what I would give her!!

Related image

{THREE} - Take our families on a vacation

I would love to be able to take everyone on a cruise or somewhere awesome like Hawaii!! We could make some awesome memories!!

Image result for hawaii

{FOUR} - Give back

We would give back to some charities and people in need because really, what is having money if you can't share it and do some good.

Image result for give back

{FIVE} - Invest

Of course we would invest as much as possible which can hopefully be enough to take care of us later in life. 

Related image

This all sounds pretty good to me! Now only if I could get my hands on a $1,000,000!!

I can't wait to read about what everyone would do!  And don't forget about our other topics for future months

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Love your plans. My plans would be so very, very similar. Well, I'd also by some project cars too :P.

  2. Love your plans. Key is to invest in something that will stretch that money out.

  3. You and Lindsay are so good - I just blow through all my money. :)

  4. Haha that face is perfect!! I really wonder what it would feel like to win a million dollars?! Ahhh that oasis looks amazing! I am right there with you on a really nice outdoor space. And Hawaii is on my list of places I must visit! Beautifully Candid

  5. I think we are all on the same page about traveling, investing and spending a little!

  6. I would buy my brothers' homes. They both are renters right now and they would forever be grateful for the new home.

  7. These are all lovely ideas especially the backyard pool!

  8. Yep, we pretty much did have all of the same things. And girl, if we ever DO win a million dollars, I'm taking that exact picture of the back yard and taking it to a landscaper because that is EXACTLY what I want our back yard to look like. Ours is HUGE so we have plenty of room for it all!

  9. I agree on every single thing!! How sweet to buy your mom her own quaint place! I love my parents dearly and agree that I'd give them some $$ for all they've done for me!

  10. Oh how fun it is to dream about having that kind of money! We would do so many of the same things as you! What a dreamy background!