Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekly Recap {7.17.17}

Another fun Summer week is in the books!! Despite lots and lots of rain last week, we still managed to have alot of good times.

Monday we went and saw Despicable Me 3 with friends and it was HILARIOUS!! Seriously, I recommend seeing it, so so fun! Love that in the pic all my kids are shoving their faces #priorities

Tuesday we ran some errands, played inside and baked chocolate chip banana bread - Brayden decided to add some m & m's to his and once it was done, some suckers too - needless to say he was a little crazy this day.  At night the bigs had swim lessons and Ella was doing so well holding her own even though she's in a class ahead where she should be. I asked them to bump her up because she's so good with water and she misses the cut off for the next level by 2 months so they allowed it. I must say though, you can tell she is the youngest :)

Tuesday night was the the last night by baby was going to bed as a 6yr old

When he woke up, he was 7!! Where the heck did the time go!?

This day was storming bad so we hung inside, had lots of fun with nerf guns then met my Mother in Law for lunch because she didn't think she would make it over at night because she was golfing.

Brayden decorated his cake after we got home and later at night my Mom and Ricks parents (his mom's golf got cancelled) and we celebrated (I'll include those pics in his birthday post)

Thursday it finally wasn't raining - we ran errands for the weekend and stopped at the park to play. 

These two can be so cute when they want to be!

The bigs had lots of fun with my Amazon boxes LOL


Friday we got ready and had to be at the dr at 9am for Brayden's well visit. All was good and then we we were off to the library for a circus show. But before that, Brayden practiced his reading to Max :)

After the library we headed to one of their favorite parks for a picnic. It was a Fall-like day this day and I can't lie, I wasn't mad about it.

Me and the hubs had a date night and chose to go to Hooters (we love that place!!) We sat outside and I was wearing my double hooded hoodie which was perfect for this cozy night!!

Saturday morning we celebrated Brayden & Avery's birthday with our families and it was super fun!! (I'll also be posting about this separately - gosh I have alot to catch up on LOL)

Later in the night we went swimming by my in laws and then home and I crashed, I was so tired!

Sunday my Mom and I headed out by my sisters for a local fest going on. It was a kid free day and we had a lot of fun! The fest itself was kind of a bust we stopped in a little museum where we saw lots of cool stuff including the furniture Abraham Lincolns wife used while she was staying at the mental institution. (Abe Lincoln was my favorite president so I found this super cool!)

We walked the town some more and had a couple drinks by the river and then we headed home.  We hung outside with the kids for a while since it was a gorgeous night then everyone got to bed a decent hour (hallelujah!!)

This week Brayden has camp everyday at our local nature center so it will be me and the girls all week :)

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  1. We loved Despicable Me 3!!! Such a cute movie!! Have a great Monday!!

  2. Yes to a kid free day and a little mom and sister time! You guys are so cute! I absolutely love the picture of Brayden decorating his cake! I hope you have the best week pretty lady!

  3. All those amazon orders are good for entertainment as well ha! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Seeing that furniture is SO cool. I don't like history too much, but I LOVE old furniture and artifacts like that. That is really neat. We need to see Despicable Me 3! Jacob has already asked about it so I guess we need to check it out.

  5. I didn't know that about Abraham Lincoln's wife - that she was in an institution. Wow. Seems like you have been keeping busy for sure!

  6. Cheers to family time! Can't beat it! (and kid free? whaaat?) haha looks like a fun week! xo

  7. Sounds like such a great week. A birthday, day with your mom and sisters, a movie, and outside time! Those are my kinds of weeks. I love seeing the photos of the historic pieces. So cool. Have a great week. And yay for having a kid free day. Love that.

  8. WE want to see Despicable Me 3!
    Happy Birthday to your little man! how sweet that he was reading to the pup!

  9. Such a fun weekend. We've seen every single movie that's hit theaters this Summer that's kid appropriate. We are those parents that take their kids to the movies the same weekend new films hit

  10. What a great week friend. My girls went to see Despicable Me 3 and I opted to stay home, I am kind of sad I didn't go and will definitely watch it when it comes out to video. Jealous of your cool down too. It has been stupid hot around here.

  11. We can’t wait to see Despicable Me 3. It looks so fun! I love Brayden’s concoction!! Haha. It sounds like you all had a great week. You, your sister and your mom all look so much alike. Beautiful ladies!!