Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites {7.14.17}

Hooray for the weekend!! Our week has been filled with LOTS of rain and I'm looking forward to sunny skies.  We are celebrating Brayden & Avery's with our immediately family tomorrow morning with a little breakfast party and Sunday I'm having a girls day with my Mom & sis - I think it's safe to say this weekend will be a good one!!

Anyway, let's get to my favorites of the week!!


We had our July installment of our Girl Chat link up and this months topic was really fun! It was all about what you would do with a million dollars - to see what I would do, you can go here


Holy cow you guys, my FB group has reached over 5,000 members and I'm still pinching myself! That was like my total end goal but now that I'm there, of course I would love to keep going. The only thing that really stinks about Fb groups is that a huge percent of that 5,000 don't see a darn thing I post. Oh well, guess you can't have it all!


Who else participated in Prime Day? There were so many awesome deals and I think I had a Prime Day hangover on Wednesday after sharing them all! I scored some Christmas gifts for the kids that I will stash away, along with some under armour socks for Brayden, new shoes for Brayden and a quite a few books! The books deal was so awesome, most were already on sale, then another half off, then you could get $5 off $15! So yeah, I scored about 10 books for $22!

Image may contain: text


Am I like the last person to jump on the leather teardrop trend? They are SO cute!! I've been eyeing these ones, I love the fun pop of color they can bring to your outfit!! You can find them here - there are also several other styles!

Pink Teardrop Earrings - Teardrop Leather Drop Earrings - Leather Jewelry - Pink Metallic Leather Dangle Earring


I've been wanting to get some of those big Scrabble tiles to make a gallery wall in our bedroom, but they can be so pricey! I love a good DIY and when I came across this pin, I knew this was right up my alley!! I am so going to do this!

How to make Scrabble tiles

That's a wrap for today! I've got to get ready for our day - Brayden has his 7yr well visit, then we are seeing a magic show at the library and having a picnic afterwards, it should be a really fun day!

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  1. I don't have the earrings either and love them!! Ahhh Prime Day hangover, LOVE it!! It was exhausting looking through all those deals! Happy weekend gorgeous mama!!

  2. Nope your not the last person, I am. And I still haven't jumped....ooopppss! They are SO cute though, I really really should. Love the scrabble tiles pin! Happy Friday.

  3. I think I could stretch that million dollars pretty far! Or, I’d like to hope so. Ha. It’s so fun to dream about having that kind of money. Congrats on your FB group…that is awesome friend! You’re not the last…I haven’t gotten any of those earrings yet! I do want to, though. I can’t wait to see the scrabble tiles DIY!

  4. I like the scrabble art! I have a small version that I made with actual scrabble tiles!

  5. Girl, that is amazing that you already hit 5K members!! Congratulations!! I need somebody to create a group like that just for fashion deals so I don't have to seek them out myself. Haha.

  6. I love the scrabble DIY artwork. So cool. I had wanted to do something similar in the girls' room. Congrats on 5,000 followers. That is a huge deal. I soooo want those leather earrings. So pretty. Have a great weekend!

  7. I was good on Prime Day. Just purchased those headphones for Connor, which we've already used!

  8. Happy Friday mama! You are on a roll with your group! That is so amazing and I am so happy for you. I haven't worn earrings in years but those are really cute. I hope you have the best weekend! Beautifully Candid

  9. I love that Prime Day Meme. It's hilarious. I didn't participate in Prime Day (I don't buy enough to justify having a Prime membership) but my brother got a great deal on a carseat and my sister got some books. Happy Friday!

  10. I love those Scrabble tiles! I can't wait to see how you make your own!