Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekly Recap {6.26.17}

Happy Monday! We enjoyed another great Summer week/weekend. Our weather was gorgeous and we were buys, busy busy!

Brayden was in S.T.E.M. camp all week but it was only a couple hours each day so it pretty much felt like we had to go back and get him after we had just dropped him off. There really wasn't much for me and the girls to do in between besides run errands or play at the park.

Tuesday after camp we decided to ride our bikes to the local donut shop and let's just say it was an experience. It was the first real bike ride for Brayden & Ella (who both really just started riding without training wheels) and I think that will be our last trip for a while. Way too much anxiety!!

Later that night I took Brayden out for a little Mommy/Son date. We played mini golf, a few arcade games and had some ice cream. It was so good getting some one on one time in with my boy :)


Wednesday after camp we went to my in laws to swim because it was HOT

Wednesday night was swim lessons for Brayden and he did SO good! He is swimming, but he still has some stuff to learn. I'm not 100% confident that if he were to get thrown/fall into the deep end, he would  know what to do. I'm hoping several weeks of lessons will get him closer if not there.

Wednesday night he also pulled out his loose tooth!! That's #5 for him!

Thursday after camp we headed to a local park/splash pad and had lunch, then some friends met us there to play. The kids had a great time!


Thursday night was another baseball game and another super late night.  Friday was the last day of camp so I made sure to snap some pics of Brayden and his buddies.


I let the girls jump in puddles while waiting for Brayden to come out. Avery fully enjoyed it!

We went to Ikea right after camp with my Mom (thank God she was there with me, these kids are crazy I tell ya!!!) I got a few things I've been needing and we headed home where Rick met us and then we drove him to a golf course to meet his friends (he was ubering home later so I figured I would help by driving him there) We got home and made some pizza then Brayden made us all bubble wands.

Saturday we did lots of cleaning/organizing and switched Brayden's bed to Avery's room (now she has a twin) and converted our crib into a full bed for Brayden. I always knew my son was a hoarder buy omg it was insane the stuff I was finding. There were 3 garbage bags filled with stuff to get rid of by the time I was done (and actually didn't even get to finish!) We had to cut it short to head to the last game of the season!!

Rick did such an amazing job coaching these boys and I know I'm not the only one who felt that way. Everyone praised him and the kids were so sad it was over and kept telling him they were going to miss him. It was so sweet!!!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Later that night our friends came over for dinner/drinks and we let the little kids play. Avery got so tired she just passed out on the couch :)

Sunday I was moving slow. Rick took Brayden with him to a bowling tournament he was playing in, then to the Boomers baseball game (our semi pro league) so I had the drama queens, I mean girls with me for the day. We had to run quite a few errands and they were absolutely awful at every store we went to . All I could do is laugh at their insane behavior otherwise I would have been crying. When we finally got home, I fed them a late lunch then put Avery straight down for a nap.  Ella relaxed a little then remembered I said we could play with glitter while Avery slept, so that's what we did.


Later on after the boys got home, Ella wanted to go for a bike ride so we did. I still cannot believe how well she rides her bike without training wheels!! Sidenote: She needs a new bike, can anyone recommend a good one?

The rest of the night was spent relaxing, I was still sooooo tired, I couldn't wait to hit my bed.

Today we are going to just hang out at home, maybe go to the park and we have plans to make homemade rockets :)

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites {6.23.17}

Happy Friday! We've been having a great week and I hope that only continues into the weekend! Tonight we have no plans, I'll be hanging at home with the kiddos while the hubs is golfing with some friends and tomorrow is Brayden's last baseball game of the season! I would normally be sad because I love watching him play baseball, but he just decided he wanted to do Fall ball instead of Fall soccer so we'll be back at the ball fields in a couple months!

Anyway, on to my favorites of the week:

{ONE} - Etsy Shop

While scouring through Etsy for a new necklace, I cam across this shop, specifically this necklace that I did a double take on. Isn't it SO cute!! I think this would make a great gift!

Chicago Cubs Necklace - World Series 2016 - MLB Baseball - Gift For Her - Hand Stamped Jewelry - Cubs Fan - Cubbies

{TWO} - Link up

I actually remembered to link up for the Remembering the Little Things on Wednesday. If you missed it,  you can read it here. I love this link up and hope to participate more!

{THREE} - Favorite New Bowls

I mentioned these bowls the other day, but they are such a favorite they need mention again. Have you guys seen these?? We are obsessed. We have the cereal bowls, the little snack bowls and the plates.

{FOUR} - Favorite Reads of the Week

Lindsay posted about Red, White & Blue Jell-O Shots that look amaaaaaaaaaaazing!


Stefanie posted about an awesome sensory activity. I am totally doing this for my girls!!

The Flower Garden Sensory Bin

{FIVE}-Favorite funnies of the week

This seriously made me laugh out loud! It's sad but true


35 Funny Quotes of the Month #Funny #Quotes


36 Funny Quotes And Sayings

Happy Weekend! After Brayden's last day of camp, we're heading to Ikea, pray for me! :)

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Remembering The Little Things {June 2017}

Happy Wednesday!! I'm excited to participate in the Remembering The Little Things link up this month with Leslie and Jen- it makes for such a fun and sentimental post that I'm sure to look back on and smile one day!!

Here's some little moments I never want to forget.....

//How Brayden still asks me to lay with him and tickle his back every night before bed

//How Ella asks for 10 kisses on her face at bedtime with the 10th one being on her little nose, then we follow with Eskimo kisses

//How Avery wakes up every morning (and every nap) and says in the cutest little voice "Is it morning time?"

//How Ella & Avery play "sleepover" and Ella will set out these play mats we have as their sleeping bags and put pillows down. Then they go under a blanket and literally lay there for at least 15 minutes

//How Brayden literally belts out songs while he's in the shower. I'm so glad I've snuck in there before and videotaped him, because

//How Avery sings along to You're Welcome from the Moana soundtrack and at the very end shouts "YOU'RE WELCOME!!"

//How Ella writes me little notes inside a post it, then folds it up like an envelope and leaves it for me. Seriously, I think I have 80 of them :) She's also on this new kick of hanging up her little drawings. If there is paper around, this girl will draw on it.

//How Brayden picks out a stuffed animal to sleep with every night and he usually asks for my input

//How the kids really just love being with us - I know this is not going to last forever and I am soaking it up.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekly Recap {6.19.17}

Oh Monday, you came too quick! Why can't there be 3 days in the weekend? Maybe one day, ha!

We had a really fun week! Monday I took the kids to the Shedd Aquarium with my Mom and we had so much fun! I hadn't been since Brayden was 1 so it was long overdue!


Tuesday Brayden had a camp at our local semi-professional baseball league's field. We did this last year and again it was like 90+ degrees and I felt so bad for him but he actually had so much fun and didn't even complain about the heat (which is crazy)

Wednesday I had to do some things around the house that I've been neglecting (I'm such a terrible housewife in the summertime!!) I laid out tons of white paper and had the kids doddle while I cleaned and then I doodled with them for a while.

Brayden got a creative idea to trace his legs and arms then draw his body/head and put together a flat Brayden. It took him a good amount of time and there was actually some peace in the house LOL

Thursday we had a playdate with some friends at a local library that is pretty much like a museum. They have an actual giant slide inside the kids area! A giant light bright board, tons of pretend play stuff, and so much more! Best of all they have booths you can sit at and eat your lunch while watching your kids play. I love this library!


Brayden worked on some legos later in the day

The hubs came home to me and Miss A laying together - I love her cuddles so much!!

Friday I promised Ella I would take her to one of her favorite parks. She has been wanting to master their little monkey bars and she did it! And she did the big ones too! My girl is so determined and I love that about her.

We also found a little caterpillar and Brayden become super attached. He was practically crying when we had to leave him. I love his soft, sensitive side!

Saturday morning we were back at the ball field (3rd game of the week!) I was able to snap some super cute pics of everyone in our matching shirts too!


We went swimming at my in laws after the game and later on we watched A Dog's Purpose, which was sooooo good I was pretty much crying non stop (both happy and sad tears!) 

 The kids love eating their snacks out of their new favorite bowls!

I also stayed up to watch Patriots Day which was really good. I finally called it a night around 1am which is SO late for me but I took advantage of not being tired (and paid for it the next day)

Sunday we were up and I made a giant breakfast then Ella wanted to go out and try out the new bubble machine I got.

We gave the hubs his presents and we were dying because Ella took it upon herself to wrap (more like put in a gift bag) some random stuff that morning. She also helped Avery "wrap" a gift. Avery gave Rick a pair of ballet shoes and Ella gave him a nerf gun and a pretend screw driver that goes to one of her toys. It was hilarious to say the least!!!

We spent the afternoon at my in laws then came home to relax.

This week Brayden has S.T.E.M. camp every day so me and the girls will get some quality time in!

How was your weekend?


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