Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday Thoughts {6.29.17}

This week is going by pretty fast which I'm OK with because our weekend is going to be filled with non stop fun and I'm looking forward to it all!

I haven't been posting on Thursdays but since I didn't post yesterday, I decided to join in the fun. I'm linking up my girl Danielle and you should too!

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Here's my ramblings for this Thursday....

//How is already July this weekend??! Like really, where the heck did June go? I feel like Brayden just got out of school and that was almost a month ago. #summerslowdown

// I seriously never really paid much attention to Instagram before, I just follow people and like stuff/comment and post some pics here and there, it's just not something I've dedicated time to before. Now I decided I want to try and grow my account (you can follow me here ) but jeez it doesn't seem like it's going to be easy - in one day I'll have numerous people follow me only to unfollow me the next day. I guess this is the stuff Lindsay was talking about in her post - (which I need to go back and take some notes on!)

//I took the girls on a date the other night to this little amusement park by our house and I'm just amazed at how many parents don't parent their kids.  There were little kids being rude left and right, pushing their way past my girls and the Moms were standing near and not doing anything about it. I politely had to keep telling these rude kids that we all have to wait our turn and no pushing please. It was ridiculous! I know I'm not perfect but if I see my kids acting like that (which these Moms did see because I was watching them watch their kids be jerks) I would correct their behavior.

// I have so much I need to get done around the house and there is just no time. My mom took the kids yesterday all day so that helped me alot in terms of going to run errands alone (hallelujah!!) but I barely got anything accomplished at home. Brayden's new desk needs to be put together, our garage needs to be cleaned out, our yard needs tending to but there's never any time.  Oh well, it will all happen one day and then we'll be wishing for these back, right?!

That's all for today - the bigs slept over at my Moms last night and are coming home later this morning then we are all heading to the arcade! Should be a fun day!


  1. Agreed. How in the world is it almost July? Hoping July and August are slow ones! I tooootally agree about parents not parenting their kids. I'm certainly not perfect, but I do correct behavior, even if that means tears and time-outs. It's amazing to me how some parents don't feel the need to discipline. Some are just told, "No," but the kids are not explained to as to why "No." How will they ever learn empathy?! Ugh...I need a drink. Haha!

  2. I noticed that about parents at the playground. I was with my friend and her little one (she is 2.5) and the kids were just pushing on by her and I swear they didn't even see her. I am not a parent, but I feel like if those were my kids, I would have said something like ohh be careful of the little one, or play nice, something!

  3. I just followed you on Instagram. :) I really miss the days when IG was strictly chronological. Now they pick what you see, so sometimes I never even see posts from my faves. I'm sure there is some trick to getting your posts seen by more people. I keep my IG account private, and just approve friends and bloggers that I "know."

  4. Ugh, Instagram. It has become even more of a pain in the ass the last couple of months because it now seems that EVERYBODY has learned the trick of following and unfollowing and literally nobody follows people because they actually want to. It became so annoying that I haven't been working to grow mine much lately. I figure, I met my goal of getting to 5k for the year, so I'm giving it up for a bit until I can feel refreshed again.

  5. I have long given up on IG. It just makes no sense and I hate feeling like the trick to being noticed is a cohesive flawless feed, I just won't do that. Even if you try and work on quality photos you can post them and nobody sees them. It's ridic! I never even scroll my feed anymore. I just post an occasional photo and do IG stories.

    I agree with Tanya too on missing the chronological feeds.

    Can't even believe it is almost July too. I mean seriously, how!

  6. I am completely with you about not getting anything done at home. It's pretty much impossible with all four kids home all Summer!
    Instagram is absolutely infuriating. The more you grow, the less visible your feed becomes. Facebook completely messed it up when they took over. Oh, and don't get me started on the follow/unfollow feeds. It's all those darn automated Instagram like/follow apps!
    I truly can't believe July is this weekend. Where did June go?!?

  7. Getting things done around the house is almost impossible. I always have to wait until they go to bed and then I'm usually exhausted! I wish I would have jumped on the instagram train sooner and used more hashtags back in the day. The follow/unfollow happens to me all the time. I will say though, that even with the small amount of growth I've had, a lot more companies have reached out to me. Hashtag away girl and comment on other accounts is where I've seen the most success. It's also nice when you can form a strong support system and a little community. Lindsay also gave so many great pointers too! Beautifully Candid

  8. I hate the IG follow and unfollow game. I have been trying to grow my IG for awhile and I get big bloggers who follow me for a day or two and then stop. I downloaded IG Followers so I can track it. If it happens, I unfollow them back. I hate when we take the girls somewhere and other people's children are so rude. Knocking the kids down, no sense of awareness, etc. Ugh. I can't believe it is July as well. Crazy!