Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Marble Run Fun!!

Part of  our Summer Fun bucket list was to make a marble run. I originally saw the idea on where other than Pinterest

This is quite possibly the easiest thing we've ever made and SO cheap! I'm talking like this cost me $1 to make!! Yes, it's not as perfect as the one I found on Pinterest, but that's besides the point. Main point here is that it cost me $1 to create hours of fun! Did you hear that? Hours of fun this has brought us so far!! When you find something like that with kids, you know you've hit the jackpot.

To make this all you need is the following:

  • Large piece of cardboard or some kind of thick board (we used a piece of cardboard fromt he box our new dishwasher came in)
  • popsicle sticks (found mine at the dollar store)
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Cups

First, we cut some popsicle sticks up to smaller pieces, from there I just kind of eye balled where to put the popscile sticks on the cardboard. Using the glue gun, I would glue lines and the big kids would put the sticks on.

Seriously, this took all but 5 minutes! Once we were done with gluing the sticks, we grabbed some paper cups we had on hand and glued them to the bottom.

We worked on this when Avery was napping but made sure to include her as soon as she woke up!


The kids came up with the numbers to write down and every time someone gets in the 1,000,000 cup, they scream so loud, it's so cute.

And there you have it, cheap, easy and FUN!!

I hope you try this - your kids will love it!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekly Recap + a Giveaway!!

Happy Monday friends!! This is Brayden's last week before school starts so we are for sure going to enjoy as much as we can!

We had such a fun week followed by a great weekend! Let's take a peak at what we did:

Monday I took the kids to a new park we've been wanting to check out - they had lots of fun exploring!

Tuesday we headed to the Carousel Room at the park district - they were having crafts there too which the kids loved! Brayden & Ella were very careful when doing them and Avery just loooooved pouring out tons of glue

Wednesday we headed out super early to head to a fun play area/farm that's almost an hour away. They were having a free day for IL residents and wow was it busy - but I guess that's what comes with free days.



Some friends met up with us and the kids were happy to see them!

Thursday morning I had my yearly physical and then I took the kids to swim at my in laws. My Mom surprised me and took the bigs out with her for the afternoon while Avery napped so I had a free afternoon alone which was very welcomed.

Thursday night Rick took Brayden to watch the Bears game by his parents and me and the girls hung out. We played several games of connect 4 and there was only a little fighting going on. #sisterproblems

Friday morning Miss A had her 3yr well visit and she rocked it! She is so my kid who won't even look back once she gets on the bus for Kindergarten *sigh


We stayed home the rest of Friday so I could clean the house. I made Brayden & Ella go upstairs for quite time while Avery napped and of course Ella snuck down and begged to help me clean. How could I even say no to that!?

Brayden wanted a picture with Max :)

Friday night we went by Brayden's buddies house for a BBQ - they have an inground pool & hot tub so that kept the kids occupied for quite a while!!

Saturday morning we had to head to the sports center to pick up the equipment keys since Rick is head coach of the Fall baseball team. There's a park right across the street so we let the kids burn off some energy

Later in the day Brayden & Ella helped me in the kitchen - love having cute helpers!!

The rest of the night we hung out in the yard, ordered pizza and watched Boss Baby. When the kids went to bed, Rick and I watched Chips which was pretty funny.

Sunday was my cousins baby shower so me and Miss Ella headed there. There was yummy food and it was so fun catching up with family

Doesn't she look great!? She's having a sweet baby girl in just a few weeks!

Also what came last week was my new necklace from Malibleue - this is my 2nd piece from this shop and I LOVE it! Stacy, the shop owner, is so nice and her quality is top notch.

Look at some of the cute stuff she has!

Stacy has been so kind to give away a piece from her shop to one lucky reader!!! Enter the giveaway below!! The giveaway will last through next Monday - good luck!!!

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Back to School Must Haves

Happy Friday friends!

This month I'm so excited I got my butt in gear to participate in my blogger buddy's link up! Erin is the sweetest and I love this link up she hosts. I know this should have been posted yesterday, but I was too busy sharing all about my dream vacation..

This month is all about 10 back to school must haves!

School for Brayden starts in a little over a week, and the girls don't start preschool until after Labor Day, however, we have started getting our butts in gear before it will be here before we know.

Here's our 10 back to school must haves:

{ONE} - New Backpack

The kids loooove picking out their backpacks. Last year we got them from Target and while they were really cute and themed to their liking, the quality just wasn't there. This year I ordered Brayden a new one from PBK and I've yet to get the girls (they really don't need one, but I know they like to carry one)

Brayden got the large backpack from this collection - I love it!

Fairfax Navy/White Stripe Backpack

{TWO} - Lunchbox

Last year I collaborated with Bentgo and received one in return. I love this lunchbox so much and so does Brayden - he loves that he can have a little bit of everything, which is his preference over a standard lunch (a little high maintenanced is he? Yep! lol)

You can find Bentgo lunchboxes on Amazon. I never had a lunch bag to put the Bentgo in (the one from the beginning of the year wouldn't fit it) so I would just stick it in his backpack, but the other day while I was at Aldi I saw a lunch bag big enough and grabbed it for $5! Score!

Image result for bentgo lunch box

{THREE} - Thermos

On the days I don't pack Brayden his Bentgo - I love to use a Thermos and make him pasta/meatballs or mac n cheese. We have this one and it works perfectly!

THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar, Charcoal/Teal

{FOUR} - New Clothes

It isn't back to school time without some new clothes, right!? I  picked up a few items from Gap's Friends & Family sale and my Mom has said she plans to get some them some stuff too. 

{FIVE} - New Shoes

Thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I was able to get them some new shoes at great prices. 

Brayden got a new pair of Nikes & Converse and Ella got some new Twinkle Toes. Thanks to my sister in law, the girls really don't ever need new shoes, but once in a while it's nice to get them!
Main Image - SKECHERS Twinkle Toes Shuffles Light-Up High Top Sneaker (Walker, Toddler & Little Kid)

Main Image - Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Basket Weave Street Mid Sneaker (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)

{SIX} - School Supplies

I don't know why, but I won't ever buy the school supply package from school. There's something about going and picking everything out - when I was little, I LOVED doing that and I'm trying to get my kids to inherit that. Brayden doesn't seem to be there, while I know when Ella hits elementary school, girlfriend will be all about it! I love going to Target for school supplies

{SEVEN} - Labels

I love the idea of labeling things for school - notebooks, binders, lunchboxes, shoes - pretty much anything I can. I did this for Brayden when he entered Kindergarten and had enough to continue last year. This year I'm looking at Mabels Labels - I think Brayden would love some Emoji labels!

{EIGHT} -  Clip on Beanie Boos

Brayden & Ella LOVE these things - last year I think Brayden's backpack had 5 as well as other stuff he would clip to it. By the end of the year, this backpack was hanging past his butt LOL

Image result for beanie boos clip on

{NINE} - Earlier Bedtime

Of course in Summer we let loose and let the kids stay up later than normal, but at back to school time, that all changes. I have to say, I'm looking forward to this one!

{TEN} - Lots of love & good wishes

At the start of each new school year, I get very emotional. Time is flying by and I know it's not going to slow down as much as I beg it to. I want to always send my kids off to their new school year with tons of praise and positivity and of course, lots of love.

What's on your back to school must have list? I can't wait to read through the link up!

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Girl Chat - August 2017

Wow, a month sure went fast! I feel like we were just talking about what we would do with a million dollars!

This month's installment is all about a dream vacation!

I think my true dream vacation would be to Alaska. I've always wanted to go for as long as I can remember. I have heard Alaskan cruises are awesome but I just don't know if I'm a cruise type of person (just being on a pontoon boat made me feel all wonky!)

Since I'm all about my family, I would want to be with them to explore this beautiful place. And since my sister and I use to daydream about Alaska together, I would invite her family to come along too!

My dream is to stay in a charming, quaint town.  And since I love snow, I would definitely want to be there while the streets and mountains were covered.

Girdwood is a town that seems to fit what I would be looking for - it's a suburb of Anchorage. I'm sure there are other cute towns but this is one that I've looked into before

Look how beautiful!!

Image result for Alyeska Ski Resort

The Alyeska Ski Resort looks like a beautiful place to stay and we could all get some skiing in too!

Image result for girdwood alaska

Some things I would want to do while there are:

Go on a Glacier Cruise

Image result for girdwood alaska glacier cruise

Go Mining

Image result for Crow Creek Mine

Visit the Roundhouse Museum

Image result for roundhouse museum girdwood

Go Dog Sledding

Image result for alaska dog sledding tour

So there you have it, pretty simple yet not so much since this is Alaska we are talking about! Writing this made me all giddy in hopes that one day we really can get there!

I can't wait to see where you all would go!

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