Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites {4.21.17}

Happy Friday Friends!

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This week seemed to have flown by, but it's OK, because I am so ready for the weekend. We have dance, Brayden's first baseball game, kid birthday parties oh and we're remodeling our master bathroom which involves re-doing our pipes and it's going to be a big giant mess :)

Let's get to my favorites of the week!!


Eeeek I am so excited about the dresses I am having made for the girls for our Disney trip! Since we are having breakfast at Cinderella's Castle with all the princesses, I really wanted my girls to have special dresses. They each chose their characters and I was then on the hunt trying to find someone on Etsy who would make them for a reasonable price. I finally wound up ordering from this shop and things already hit a snag, but the shop owner has been nothing but kind and helpful (no this is not sponsored) - I just wanted to give her shop a shout out because of everything that's gone on and how she has handled it!

Anyway, Avery picked Little Mermaid and Ella picked Beauty & The Beast - here are samples of the fabrics - I cannot wait to see these!! The tops will be a solid coordinating color :)


Disney Beauty & the Beast Belle Character Toss


It's been a while since I've talked about my Facebook Group (haha like a week maybe) - the group has over 1700 people, I'm so close to my next goal of 2000!! If you want to join, you can do so here!


I am loving the cold shoulder trend - this one is 40% off right now and comes in several colors! I think I need it

Main Image - Bobeau Textured Cold Shoulder Top


Speaking of clothes, did anyone else take advantage of the huge sale Mindy Mae's Market had on Monday?!? Oh my goodness it was a good one! I scored some loungers, another double hood sweatshirt and this floral top - I can't wait to get it all!



Favorite funnies of the week!

Yep, every day

I just thought this was so cute!


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Happy Weekend!!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Remembering the Little Things {APRIL}

I was so excited to participate in this link up this month and then I forgot #bloggerfail. However, I'm only a day late so it still counts, right?

This link up is all about remembering the little things. Anything to talk about my kids, I'm game for.

Here's some things I want to remember:


*The way she says Ella's name is adorable - she pronounces it BLEH-BLEH

*She carries around her little tsum tsums with her everywhere. She has 5 now and it's so cute when she gathers them all up to bring with her, and of course they better be in her bed when it's nap or bedtime!

*At bedtime or naptime she will grab you and hold on so tight so you lay with her in her bed. She says "lay in my bed!!" over and over again, even when you're laying right next to her. Silly girl!


*She "reads" to me all the time. Currently she obsessed with a little Minnie Mouse holiday book. She listened to me read it a couple of times and has most of it memorized, and what she doesn't, she just makes up and it's hilarious

*She dances and sings all the time. Most of the time she makes up songs and it's just the cutest thing! She really is our free spirit child

*She was doing a word search the other day and she kept saying "Mom, I'm doing my research right now!" when I would ask her to do something. So cute.


*He comes home with a new joke from school every week. It's so fun seeing elementary school through him.

*He paints the girls nails whenever they ask him, he can be so sweet to them when he wants to be!!

*He asks me every night which stuffed animal he should sleep with. When I give a suggestion he will say "oh yeah, I haven't slept with X in a while, it's definitely time" I love that he still does this

See you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What's for Dinner?

Happy Wednesday!! Today I'm sharing some more tried and true dinner recipes that have been a huge hit around here!

Buffalo Sliders

With 5 ingredients and a slow cooker, Buffalo Chicken Sliders could not be an easier addition to the appetizer table! Buffalo sauce and ranch make this snack the perfect recipe for game day and casual entertaining.:
Yum, these are sooooo good! Although I don't follow this recipe exactly - what I do is use rotissere chicken (so much easier) and just toss it in a saucepan mixed with a little butter and buffalo sauce and heat through. I then spoon the mixture onto the buns topped with some ranch and bake for a few minutes in our toaster oven - so easy!!

One Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas

One Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas - tender juicy shrimp with roasted bell pepper and…:
Love sheet pan dinners!! I make this and we put them inside some flour tortillas with sour cream and cheese, so yummy! Usually I make the kids cheese quesadillas when I make these

Scallops & Risotto

Brown Butter Scallops with Parmesan Risotto and Garlic Spinach - a cozy, romantic recipe that feels like a fancy restaurant meal at home! |
This is another super yummy dish! It does take a little while to make the risotto but it's so worth it, I promise! Sometimes I use scallops, sometimes I use shrimp

Cheeseburger Gnocchi

Oh my gosh you HAVE to try this Cheeseburger Gnocchi recipe!! Pillowy soft potato dumplings (gnocchi) are toasted for a crunchy skin, but impossibly fluffy middle. Then they're simmered with seasoned beef and cheese for a 15-minute, one pot meal that everyone will FLIP over!!! So good!! :):
We LOVE gnocchi! This dish is so easy and so flavorful! Bonus - the kids love it too!!

That's some of what we've been having for dinner lately along with the standard staples - have you tried any of these before?

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Happy Monday! Instead of a weekly recap I am just focusing on Easter today - it was such a fun day and I want to recap it now before I don't get around to it.

We started the festivities Saturday night with my Mom bringing over the kids' baskets and then dying eggs! The kids got way too much stuff from Grandma (like always, love you Mom) and had a blast dying eggs!!


Easter morning started with Easter baskets and an egg hunt around the house - the kids loved it and of course Brayden had the biggest collection and we had to keep him from collecting all the eggs.


 I love celebrating holidays with Ella - she is sooooo excited and that makes me so happy!! She literally woke up running around saying HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! And with everything she got in her basket you would think she won the lottery with her reaction, I love it.




After a quick pancake breakfast we all got ready and headed to 9am mass. The kids did pretty good during church and I'm pretty sure everyone knew Avery was there :)

After church we stopped home to grab some food we made and headed over to my in laws. There we enjoyed a full spread of brunch food and I indulged in quite a bit of champagne. The kids did another egg hunt over there and we made sure to give the littles a head start.

We spent several hours over there then headed home to play in the backyard. The kids got water squirters from my Mom so we filled up the water table so they could squirt the grass, trees etc, well of course it turned into a full on water fight :) We then came in and dried them off and popped in a movie to settle in and relax for the night.

It was such a fun filled weekend spent with the ones we love.

How was your Easter?

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites {4.14.17}

Happy GOOD Friday! This week flew by! We had some good weather mixed with some rain, but overall ok.

Today Brayden has his buddy from class coming over the play so I need to find something for me and the girls to do so they stay out of their hair. Ella always has such a hard time when Brayden has a friend over, she wants to be with them so badly but of course, they don't want her. Story of a younger siblings life, right??

Anyway, here's my favorites of the week!

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{ONE} - Girl Chat

Did you see yesterdays post? It was our monthly Girl Chat link up and the topic was Easter traditions. If you missed it, you can check it out here

Here's the schedule for the rest of the year, we would love to have you next month!

{TWO} - New Vase

My Mom picked me up this new vase that I had been on the hunt for. I didn't have time to check Homegoods the other day so she went for me and sent me multiple pics of different ones (seriously, Moms are awesome!) - I picked this one and had some tulips that I had already bought from Trader Joes so they went together perfectly :)


{THREE} - Random pictures

I love when I open my camera roll on my phone and find a bunch of random stuff from the kids. This week Ella took my phone and proceeded to take selfies of her and her giraffe - girl needs to work on her angle though :) She also recorded a video of her and the giraffe playing together and it is hilarious

{FOUR} - Lunch Ideas

I've been in a serious rut with lunches for the girls lately. This pin is going to inspire me to try some new stuff!

These 12 Healthy Toddler Lunches are nutrient packed (we are even going to hide some extra veggies in them) and balanced meals that will be devoured by your toddler in no time at all!:

{FIVE} - Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend!!