Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Favorites {12.15.17}

Happy Friday! On this day, 10 years ago, Rick asked me to be his wife! I remember that day/night so well and I feel like we blinked and it's been 10 years. If you read my post yesterday, you would know that currently my wedding rings are missing and it has me super sad. I have looked everywhere and prayed to St. Anthony but no luck yet (although I did find something else that I've been looking for!)

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Trying to find some humor šŸ˜•

{ONE} - Girl Chat

We had our last installment of Girl Chat for 2017 yesterday - I can't believe a year has gone by! The topic was all about our greatest gifts and in case you're interested, head here to read all about mine

But for now here's a teaser - you're welcome LOL

{TWO} - Trader Joes

I grabbed these frosted gingerbreads from TJ's the other week and OMG, they are delicious!!!! I've started a bad habit of eating 2 with my coffee in the morning #holidayweightgainisinfullforce

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{THREE} -  Elf on the Shelf

This week I decided our elf needed to step his game up - I've been feeling a little guilty that all he does is move from spot to spot. So of course Monday at 10:30pm as I was just about to fall asleep, I realized the elf hadn't moved yet so I went downstairs and created this. As I was cutting up paper I had to giggle at myself at how ridiculous this is, but the kids' faces in the morning made it all worth it. 

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{FOUR} - Christmas Books for Kids

As I was scrolling Pinterest the other night, I saw my pin pop up and that was a favorite! I forgot all about this post - it's a good one to check out :)

Best Christmas books for kids

{FIVE} - Kid Drawings

Lately Brayden is really into looking at pictures and trying to draw them. I found this pin and can't wait until we have time to sit down and draw these out!

6 Christmas Themed Directing Drawing Projects for Kids

Today is going to be filled with cleaning/laundry then we are going to watch my niece at her gymnastics meet! Our weekend is also filled with lots of holiday fun, I'll be back Monday to recap it all - Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. LOVE the Elf on the shelf with the TP..brilliant! Such a sweet memory form your Christmases past! Wishing you festive weekend beautiful babe!

  2. I meant to tell you to pray to St. Anthony for your ring! I kid you not, it has worked literally every single time for me except for once. There was one time where something turned up like a month later and I was so grateful! I am so so sorry that it is lost. I just can't get over that for you. Ugh. Did you guys have any kind of insurance on it or anything? We have insurance on my rings through our homeowners insurance. Although I would still be devastated because I would want the original rings back. :o(

  3. I want to visit Trader Joe's for my usual finds but I can't be trusted with what I'll come home with thanks to their seasonal selection.

  4. I haven't had time to read many blogs lately but tonight I plan on making up for that and binge reading! haha. So sorry to hear about your rings! I lost mine in the ocean one time and long story short, some guy showed up at the exact right moment in our exact location with an underwater metal detector and found it within minutes! Crazy. It was the closest thing to a true miracle I've ever personally been involved with. Hope you find them!!! That Inspired Chick

  5. Love those gingerbread cookies from TJ too!! So sad about your ring!

  6. That elf idea is amazing. I am totally using that one soon!

    I am SO sorry about your rings friend. I really, really hope you find them.

    Happy weekend!