Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekly Recap {12.11.17}

Happy Monday friends!! Whew, another super fun filled weekend has come and gone, but before I recap the weekend, let's take a look at our week - it was another good one!!

Sidenote: I cannot believe it's only 2 more weeks until Chrristmas!!!

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Monday we were able to go on a walk and play at the park for a while - just in time because the next day the temps dropped super low!

Ella has been wanting to paint my face ever since she saw Avery's from Breakfast with Santa. I obliged and she painted an ornament on my cheek (if that's what you call it) and then she wanted a Christmas tree on hers


Tuesday we met up with friends at the library for cookie decorating!! Another sugar filled fun event where most of the frosting ended up in Avery's mouth rather than her cookies :)

Ella and I played a few games of foosball one afternoon while Avery napped - girlfriend is getting good! (wish I could say the same for her dart throwing skills)

Thursday we headed to the city! I had been wanting to start the tradition of taking the kids to the Walnut Room (inside Macy's in Chicago) but was waiting for Avery to get a little bigger - originally I had just planned for the girls and I but decided I wanted Brayden included too - so it was a skip day for him (well, Avery too, but 3yr preschool didn't miss her, I'm sure)

We took the L into the city and it was so seamless! We went and put our name down for the Walnut Room (they don't take reservations) and while we were waiting for a table, we went down and saw Santa!


Peeking through the glass window at Santa!!

Avery was scared at first, but warmed up, although she didn't say more than 2 words, ha ha. I'm totally sad this is my last year with a crying kid on Santa's lap (unless she still cries next year?)


 After seeing Santa, we headed back upstairs to go eat. My first time ever at the Walnut Room was last year with friends - the place is so gorgeous and the tree is so beautiful in person!! We enjoyed a delicious lunch and the kids loved the princess that came to our table and had them make special wishes


Brayden asked me to write out several math problems - love that he was practicing math while skipping school, well done kid :)


After eating, we wrote our letters to Santa (in case he forgot what we had just told him) then shopped a little at their holiday lane. I wanted every ornament I saw! 



Friday I cleaned the house while Ella was at school and Avery played quietly. Later on we made brownies and when Brayden came home, we decorated them

Friday night we headed out to look at Christmas lights! Of course we had hot chocolate to go with!

Saturday morning we woke up to a little bit of snow and of course Ella wanted to get right outside at 6am. We convinced her to hold off and after dance class we headed out. We have a putting green in our backyard and that's where all the snow was, so we made a little tiny snowman :)

Daddy & girls playing play doh :)

The hubs headed out Saturday night with friends and after I put the kids to bed, I enjoyed wine & Hallmark movies while wrapping presents.

Sunday we went by BIL & SIL's for my niece's birthday.

Ella was having so much fun playing with her cousin - isn't he the cutest!?!?!

 We headed home and relaxed the rest of the night. Today me and Miss A have LOTS of errands to run and things to do while Ella is at school, here's to hoping I can finish everything in 3 hours!

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  1. How cool is the Walnut Room. My parent's Minneapolis Santa Land closed. IT was so sad as we took Solon and then the girls every year! What a fun day to spend together and I bet your kids will always remember it :) xoxo ERIN

  2. Aw, sounds like so much festive fun! I love library events - that's exciting they had a cookie decorating party. Mm...those Christmas tree brownies look so yummy! I'm glad meeting Santa went well. :)


  3. Wow that Santa visit looks like a fun experience!

  4. Your such a fun mama with the face painting that you did! That little snowman is just adorable!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Avery's little frownie face with Santa is the CUTEST! At least she didn't full-on melt down like they always do. Haha.

  6. SO much holiday fun. I want to come spend the week with you guys. I adore that you let her paint your face friend. that was such a sweet thing to do.

  7. So many fun Christmas events! Love all your sweet pictures. Your painted cheek...too cute! And I truly can't believe there's less than 2 weeks to go! I just started shopping yesterday!

  8. Yes yes and yes to the Walnut Room, snow, baking cookies! You do the Holidays right pretty girl! XO

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