Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Favorites - The One Before Christmas Edition

Ahhh it's here! Christmas weekend!! I have mixed feelings. Of course I'm SO excited to celebrate but jeez did the month fly by!! I always say this, I just need more time!! (and I'm sure everyone else in the world could use some too)

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Here's a look at some favorites this week -

{ONE} - Elf on the Shelf

Our neighbors down the street have a life-sized elf on the shelf  and it is hilarious the things they have him do!! It's the best part of day when we drive past and see what he's up to! We've seen him roasting marshmallows, sitting a table with a bottle of makers mark and then this one....

I was DYING! I had to turn around to get a pic, it was just too good!

Speaking of elves - the kids love writing notes to ours. The other day Ella asked out loud if we thought Twinkles had a girlfriend. I said I wasn't sure, so take it upon Brayden to write him and ask him. I just love this age!!!

{TWO} - Handmade present

Brayden came home with a gift for us but he really wanted me to open it and not wait for Christmas. I l LOVE when the bring home handmade gifts!! There's something from Ella too but that's under the tree. I cannot wait to open it!

{THREE} - Avery being Avery

Avery is so that kid that just wants to have fun, all day every day. She keeps me on my toes constantly and more times than not, you will find me shaking my head at the things she does. But she also keeps me laughing!

So anyway - all the kids have chocolate advents. Their morning routine is coming downstairs, getting their chocolate and then finding Twinkles. Well I usually just let Brayden or Ella help Avery find the number but I should have paid more attention - girlfriend ate the entire month on week 2 LOL

And this is just a funny pic I had to share - we were at the store and Avery is constantly grabbing something if she's not contained in a cart. I looked over at her and she was sporting these glasses and just looked so cute and goofy!

{FOUR} -  Lifetime Christmas Movie

I have been on a roll this year with the Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies! I think it's because the kids are bigger I can actually take some time to watch, either way, it's been awesome. I just watched Snowed Inn Christmas and it was SO GOOD! Like I'm going to watch it again this weekend good. I saw it will be on again on Christmas Eve so make sure to record if you're into these cheesy movies!

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{FIVE} - Amazon Funny

I posted this in my FB group the other day after seeing Johanna post it - it is hilarious and so true for our household this season!

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Well I probably won't be back at this space until next Wednesday. I want to wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday!

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  1. This is nuts! I just tweeted that Amazin sign, then came to your blog and there it was! Merry Chritmas beautiful, you and those kiddos are the sweetest!

  2. So funny about the life sized elf! And your kids are the cutest!

  3. I am cracking up at the life sized elf! I wish someone around here did that. Wishing you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas!! <3 Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  4. Oh I am going to watch that movie today. I’m home sick. Ugh. I need to get better. But I am laughing at the elf on your neighbors yard and that Avery ate all her chocolate.

  5. I love the Mom's christmas carol! Lol! And I'm with you on the Christmas Hallmark movies! I have been watching them a ton! Have a wonderful Christmas! - Kasey

  6. Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! Enjoy the holiday friend!

  7. That elf is hilarious! Merry Christmas!