Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weekly Recap {5.30.17}

What a week!! We've been doing so much I am looking forward to not doing much all week, well except 2 baseball games :)

Here's a look back at our week

Monday was gorgeous so I decided to take the girls to the zoo. We had the BEST time and spent a good amount of time there.


Monday night I let Avery go to town doing her makeup - girlfriend is obsessed!

Tuesday was Avery's last music class and since Ella was done with school she got to come with. She was having a blast being the big kid in the class!


Wednesday we ran some errands then went to the library. Avery loves this toy there

Thursday was cleaning then we headed to Brayden's school after lunch to see him participate in Field Day! The girls loved playing at the park while we were there.

Thursday night we had baseball. Aunt Becca came to watch the game along with my in laws. The Golden Dragons played awesome!!


Friday morning Miss A was up before anyone and just wanted some snuggles. How could I ever pass that up!?!?!

Then we headed to Ella's last speech lesson of the year - She asked if Avery could come in at the end and play the fish game. She's such a nice big sis :)

Later that day I volunteered at Brayden's school for Hot Lunch (last one of the year!!) And then it was home to clean while the girls had naps/quiet time

When Brayden got home both girls were sleeping so we got to play Sum Swamp!! It's his new favorite game and it's super fun!!

Friday night I went to dinner with a couple of friends and had the best time. Saturday Rick worked on the bathroom while I entertained the kids and later that day our friends came over for a cook out. The kids all played so nicely and it was a super fun night


The adults were playing poker while the kids hung out Sat night so the poker chips were still out in the morning and Ella wanted to play with her Dad, so that's what they did. It was so cute to look at them doing this (even if he's teaching her how to gamble LOL)

Sunday morning we took an impromptu trip the zoo! We're members so we go a lot, but usually Rick can't come since we go during the week, and Brayden hasn't been in a while because of school. Everyone was excited to go and check out some new exhibits!


I giggle when I look at this pic: sums up Avery perfectly! Never walking by you and always running because she's so busy!!

 We did the parakeet exhibit and the kids loved it!! It is so cool!!


We also checked out the dinosaur exhibit and the girls were scared of pretty much all of them


Monday Rick went golfing so I was on kid duty while also trying to plant all of my annuals. I got it done which seems nothing short of a miracle. Later on I ran outside for a minute to take out the garbage and when I came back I saw hair all over the floor. It took me a minute, then I realized Avery had cut her hair with Ella's scissors. Ughh so now girlfriend has half bangs and some other short areas. I swear, KIDS!!!!!!

Oh and later on I heard a noise outside and saw that our patio umbrella had flown into our house. Then I peaked outside and saw that it had also smashed our brand new patio table into a gagillion pieces. Note to self - no more glass patio tables and always make sure the umbrella is closed when not using :( -  Thank goodness no one was hurt!

I took the kids over to my in laws around 3 because I just needed a break -the kids swam in their hot tub while Mama enjoyed several glasses of prosecco. Rick met us over there and after a while he headed home to clean up that giant glass mess and we met him shortly after. 

It was a great long weekend but I'm super annoyed that our brand new table is broken and now need to figure out what to do - get a new piece of glass get a new table, make a wood top??? Ughhh just add it to the list of things LOL 

Hope your weekend didn't include anything broken! :)


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  1. Oh gosh that's scary that the glass broke but I'm glad that everyone was okay - rose was well deserved after your weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am so sorry about your table sweetie! I hate it when that happens. It does sound like you've had a busy week and oh my goodness how I love the zoo! I wonder if my teenagers will still go with me?. I love that you guys live life to the fullest and you can see it in the smiles on all your faces!

  3. Oh no!! What a way to end the weekend. So glad that no one was hurt though - that is scary! Brookfield Zoo is my favorite - so many memories going there growing up!

  4. So sorry about your table. I am so glad no one was hurt. What a fun week recap though.

  5. Oh my gosh! Your table! And wonky haircuts!! Looks like you had an interested weekend.

  6. Your table...:( and that's such a mess to clean up ALL that glass. You did have a busy week....wow! I hope you have a great week. I am already easing into the lazy mornings of summer, sipping coffee in my jammies while reading blogs ;). xoxo ERIN

  7. Avery and the makeup is the cutest thing ever. She is so pleased with herself. I love all the pictures at the zoo. Too cute! And your poor table... ugh!

  8. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun things going on!

  9. Oh no about the picnic table! I need a good trip to the zoo. Looks like fun!

  10. Oh goodness, y'all had a week. I am pretty sure between the make-up and the hair Avery is going to be some kind of personal stylist or something :).

  11. Oh my goodness, Avery and her makeup... so adorable!

    We took the kids to the zoo last year but it was freeeezing so half of the animals weren't even out. This makes me want to take them back!

  12. And ugggghhhh about the table. That really sucks!!

  13. So much fun going on! The zoo looks like a great time. Ha! Planting anything around our kids has been such a task. I can't believe Avery cut her own hair. Well, actually I can, I did that once when I was little too and it took awhile for it to even out lol. I'm so sorry about the new table. That really stinks but good thing no one was hurt. Beautifully Candid

  14. It looks like you had such fun week! I'm sorry about the table...AND the hair. Love the makeup pictures. SO sweet!

  15. So much to talk about. Avery cutting her hair and going to town on the make up made laugh because I did both of those when I was a kid. My mom was so mad about my bangs being butchered. I am so sorry about the table. I am so glad no one was hurt, but definitely a lesson I will remember.