Thursday, July 12, 2018

Happy 8th Birthday Brayden Lee!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Brayden!!

Today you are 8! EIGHT! I don't think it has fully hit me yet (probably because I can barely keep up with how busy we are these days) but I know it will. I think I say this every year, but in some ways these years have flown by, and on the other hand, it seems like the appropriate amount of time has passed. Although when I think about the fact that I've been a Mom for 8 years, that kind of blows me away.

Anyway, back to YOU! My smart, kind, loving boy! You have been telling me lately that you are no longer a little boy, you're big now. I'm sorry, but I always keep you guys in stages for much longer than others do - for example, Avery is still a baby and she's almost 4 :) So you my dear, are still my little boy :)

You have grown so much this past year. I can see it every time I look at you.  Your face is thinning out, your legs and arms have muscle that wasn't there before and you are just a solid build of BOY.  You have matured alot as well. Things that you use to find funny/cute are no longer. I get it, I really do, but man it can be tough watching this new you come through. I just want all of you to stay my babies forever. (you'll understand this so much more when you're a Dad)

You are playing baseball like a boss this year! Your skills have grown tremendously and I love the bond baseball brings between you and Dad. He absolutely loves coaching you and teaching you. Your favorite position is Pitcher.

You say you want to be a police officer when you grow up and me and your Dad have to giggle a little at that because it's so fitting, you love to police everyone, especially your sisters :) but in all honesty, we are grateful that you are still such a rule follower, it helps make our lives a little easier and we appreciate that!

Speaking of your sisters, you all either get along great or you're at eachother's throats - I know this is just sibling stuff but I'm here to tell you, I LOVE the times you all get along so much more :) It's so sweet when I overhear you reading a book to them, or playing school. You really are a great big brother.

Every night you still ask me to lay with you and scratch/tickle your back. There are some nights I'm dead tired but I still make time, even if it's for only a minute because I LOVE that you still WANT me to do this.

Brayden, we love you so much! You make our family whole and we wouldn't be the fab 5 without you! I hope you have the BEST birthday!!




  1. Happy birthday, Brayden!!! This is so sweet, mama! I love that he still wants you to lay with him. They will always be our babies. A is going to be 5 this year and I still call him baby. I hope you all have the best day celebrating! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  2. I’m not crying, I’m not crying, I’m not crying. Oh my goodness, Happy Birthday, sweet Brayden! We’ve never met, but your personality shines through your Mama’s words every week. Have the best day ever, you guys! Sending love and hugs!

  3. Happy Birthday! Simon being the same age is our baby since he's our youngest! I bet Braden is much more mature than Simon!

  4. Happy happy birthday to Brayden!! I giggled at the policing part because that is Jacob to a T! He is constantly watching over Olivia's shoulder waiting for her to make a wrong move so he can bust her. Lol.

  5. I need to remember to put that in my letter to him for his birthday coming up in a couple of weeks! Lol.