Monday, July 2, 2018

Weekly Recap {7.2.18}

Well hello there blog peeps! It seems this summer has a trend, DO ALL THE THINGS and that leaves little time for blogging. It's ok though, because my kids are only little once so I am making sure to enjoy the summer with them!!

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Once again, we had a fun filled week!! Here's a look back

Monday was Brayden's first day of basketball camp - it started at 8am and the first day they wanted the boys there 20 minutes early, which meant leaving the house at 7:30. Being as my girls (and usually Brayden) are still sleeping at that time, our good friend whose son was also doing the camp offered to pick Brayden up, and did so every morning - thank God for good friends!!

While he was at camp, me and the girls did the grocery shopping - Brayden ended up hanging out after camp with his friend and when I went to go pick him up, it ended up him staying at his friends house and I took their daughter home with me so the girls could play - later that night our friends brought Brayden home and we all hung out for a BBQ for our friends birthday which was the day before

Tuesday after camp we met up with some friends at an indoor jump place. Usually Avery loves these places but I think Summer is kicking her butt just like it is mine and she was extra grumpy, basically crying every minute for very little reason. I could tell she was tired and once we left and came home, I put her down for her first nap in months! Girlfriend needed it!!

Wednesday after camp we headed to Santa's Village - it's an outdoor amusement park that actually has been around since I was a kid, although it's been revamped. I was shocked at the rides Brayden went on, but then again, he is never fearless with rides. We had another fun day with friends!


Thursday I told the kids I had to catch up on housework so that's what I did. it was SO hot so in the afternoon we did go swimming at my in laws for a little then Brayden had a game at night.

Friday we went to a local splash pad which is right next to the library - the kids played for a while, then we ate a picnic lunch and went to the library afterwards for a magic show. It was a great break from the heat because once again it was in the 90's. The magic show was so funny and Brayden and Avery got picked to go up so they were thrilled, poor Ella was sad she didn't get picked.





Friday night the big kids had sleepovers with our good friends - Brayden went to their house and their daughter came to ours. The girls had a blast and they were so cute saying how they didn't want the sleepover to ever end.

Saturday was the All Star baseball game that Brayden was picked to play in. They pushed the game to 6pm because of the heat and it ended up not being bad at all. The team Brayden was on played good but didn't win. It was a fun night at the ballpark!

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Sunday Brayden & Rick had a game about an hour away for his travel team but me and the girls decided to stay back. They have been to so many games in the heat that I thought they needed a break, plus I needed time to get things done.  After the game we went swimming by my in laws then home to relax.

Now we're ready for another fun-filled week!!

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  1. I remember sleepovers as a kid being the best thing ever!! Have a great week ahead girl! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  2. How fun. Looks like an amazing week and weekend.

  3. I love all of the fun you are having! Nothing can replace those moments with your babies. I used to love sleepovers when I was little. Have a great rest of the week! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  4. The boys used to love splash pads! Soak in every precious second girl!

  5. Brayden loves some thrill rides, doesn't he?? Jacob does, too, and that just blows my mind!! He'll ride stuff that even I won't ride!

  6. Wow. Can I come hang out with you? I love all the fun that you guys have!!!