Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekly Recap - {7.8.18}

We had another awesome week! As much as summer is alot of work for stay at home parents, I truly do realize how lucky I am to experience this!

Rick took off the days after the 4th so we kind of had a mini stay-cation which always leaves me super behind on housework, but oh well, it's worth it.

Let's go back to Monday - we were having a big party on the 3rd so Monday was my get all the last minute things day. In between that I did take the kids to Michaels for one of their craft camps and they all had a blast!

Monday was Brayden's last baseball game for his in-house team - we were sad because we loved all the families so much!

Tuesday was another busy day prepping/cleaning for the party. I did take the kids swimming for a little so they weren't bored at home the entire day.  Our party started at 6 since most worked that day, and then once it got dark, we set off fireworks in our backyard (luxury of having .75 acres and a cool subdivision)



Wednesday Rick took Brayden golfing in the morning and I cleaned up - thankfully it wasn't too bad. Later in the day we met up with some friends and went swimming at the public pool. It was crowded but not too bad and the kids all had so much fun! Brayden even went off some diving boards which he's never done before. After swimming we went to their house for a little BBQ and we were all just so tired. We headed home early, put the girls to bed because they were exhausted, then we watched some fireworks from our yard.

Thursday I took Brayden on a date to see the new Jurassic World and OMG it was SO good! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! While we were there, Rick took the girls to their favorite place, the carousel room.

Later that night Brayden went for a tryout for a travel baseball team for next year and Rick went for an interview for the coaching position - it's very political but we are trying to stay positive (fingers extra crossed)

Friday we all went to breakfast, hit up our local farmers market then Rick headed to the gym and I got a workout in at home. After lunch we headed out to play mini golf.

Later the night Rick and I got out for a little date night to our favorite spot - Hooters :)

Saturday morning Brayden has his 8yr well visit (how is he going to be 8 next week!!??) and then we went swimming by my in laws for a couple hours.  Later on, it was time for Brayden's birthday party with his friends! He chose a sports party and Rick and our good friend helped lead it - they played dodgeball and kickball and the boys had an awesome time! Us girls showed up when the sports playing was over and it was time for food/cupcakes. Let me just tell you, a room full of 11 8/9yr boys can get very interesting, and very loud LOL


We just relaxed the rest of the night which was much needed. Sunday the boys had baseball practice for Brayden's other team and when they got home, I headed out to brunch with my fam. When I got home I got super motivated and cleaned out most of the playroom and got rid of so much un-used stuff. It felt so good!  Later on I took all the kids to the tennis courts because Brayden wanted to play and I figured I would give Rick a break.

The rest of the night was dinner and relaxing! Phew, now on to a new week :)

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  1. Sparkler CUTIES right there! LOVE Brayden's Cubbies Cake! And the Beer toast to date night..right on!!

  2. Such a busy and fun week. What a fun birthday idea and I bet the boys love it :)

  3. We love the Michaels crafts that they have! I need to remember to look at the schedule and try to go to one before summer is over! They always have such cute ideas!

  4. What a great week! I'm glad you had some fun with fireworks too. Yay for date nights and getting out. I want to see Jurassic World too but not sure I'll make it when it's in the movies. Wow, 8?! How does the time go by so quick?! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  5. Happy birthday Brayden! Simon will be 8 soon too.

  6. What a fun week! That's so awesome that you got to enjoy a staycation. You managed to pack in a lot of fun activities!

  7. Definitely think Jurassic Park is worth checking out in the theaters! thanks for the suggestion! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. At what age did you start taking your kids to the movie theater? I want to take the girls but not sure they are old enough. We have the same 4th of July shirt. Target for the win. Looks like you had a blast on the 4th and the party was a huge success.

  9. Summer is such a fun time to be a kid =)


  10. So much good stuff! How is Brayden going to be 8??? That's just nuts! He looks so happy! Amen to date night. Those beers look soooo good!