Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekly Recap {1.23.18}

I feel like I should call this "the week of snow" because we did so much playing in it! We are all bummed that it melted away this weekend.

Let's look back at what we were up to

Monday the kids were off for MLK day and we had fresh snow so we went sledding!! It was alot of fun and I've never seen the hill so busy! We came home, made hot chocolate and hung out.

Ha ha Ella's face!

Tuesday after Speech, Ella and I headed to the library for their fun STEM class.  We crafted snowflakes, played with real snow and even made snow blizzards in mason jars!

I had everything in the car to go sledding right after getting Avery from preschool. It worked out perfect because the big sledding hill we go to is behind their preschool.  The girls had a total blast sledding once again and Ella's bestie and her Dad even met up with us.

2 very excited girls to go sledding!

I laugh so hard when they go down - They lay back in the sleds and they look like missiles shooting down


 Ella is such a snowbunny - she would not stop sledding! She must have said "just one more time" about 15 times!! This is her heading back up as we're heading to the car LOL. Don't worry, we stayed and waited for her

And this is how far Miss A got all on her own! It might not look far in the pic, but she was almost in the parking lot - haha!

My lunch for the week consisted of my healthy "baked potato" cauliflower soup - it's seriously sooooooo good!

Wednesday I took Miss A to the library for story/craft time while Ella was in school. Later in the day we played a game with dot markers + dice that Stephanie inspired me to do.  I need to do this more with Avery because she is not a fan of learning but this was so fun that she had a blast!



Thursday I did some chores around the house and hung with Ella. After getting Avery at school we went to the store to pick Brayden up a new sled (I accidentally broke his trying to sled with him LOL) We got one and headed home for lunch, quiet time and naps.

When Brayden got off the bus I surprised him and told him we were going sledding! He instantly got sad and said he forgot his snow pants and boots at school. We improvised with 2 pair of pants and rain boots - and it worked! We checked out a new hill that another parent told me about and it was awesome! We will for sure be going back there

 My whole world walking up that hill :)

Thursday night is when Ella woke up throwing up and it continued into Friday. She had to stay home from school and we all just kind of hung around the house like zombies. I did manage to get Miss A outside and entertain her for a little while Ella rested.


Brayden & Rick actually had a super fun night planned though! For Christmas, one of Brayden's gifts was a sleepover at the Museum of Science & Industry in the city. We set it up so his buddy and his Dad were going too. They all headed downtown around 3:30 and they had SO MUCH FUN! The hubby was extremely tired the next day since he said there were some super loud snorers and the ground was hard, but that it was a blast! 

Me and Miss A made a homemade pizza for dinner and Ella just sipped her ginger ale, poor girl!


Unfortunately Saturday morning right before they were heading home, Brayden threw up.  He didn't throw up again but he wasn't feeling good. He missed his basketball game and we all chilled then later at night everyone seemed good so we grabbed some pizza.

Sunday we went and saw The Greatest Showman and OMG see it if you haven't already! I cannot say enough good things. Hugh Jackman is my new celebrity crush :)

The rest of the day was spent playing games, lounging around. The boys headed to baseball practice at 5:30 and I spent the rest of the night with the girls and putting them to bed.

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  1. There's nothing more fun than playing in the snow with kiddos, is there?! My boys were loving the slightly warmer weekend to play in the snow, and they didn't even mind getting wet! What fun it looks like you had :)

  2. Look at all that SNOW FUN! All ours melted yesterday and I’m sad! That does it, I have to see The Greatest Showman! Have a GREAT week!

  3. Looks like you guys took full advantage of all the fun that can be had in the snow! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Thank goodness you all didn't come down with the stomach virus. Ugh. That stinks that Brayden ended up not feeling well, but I suppose it could have been so much worse. And girl, all of your snow playing... SO MUCH FUN! I wish we had appropriate outerwear and snow gear so we could have played even more when it snowed here this past week!

  5. I want SNOW!!! I'm so jealous!! But we did have temps in the high 60s this weekend so if I can't have snow, I'll take that instead! ;)

  6. Yet another fun week for your family! I love how you capture all the little things and share them!

  7. Look at all of that snow fun! We haven't taken the boys sledding yet this year but need to get on that before the winter is over.

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