Monday, February 2, 2015

weekend re-cap - blizzard edition

Our weekend was pretty low key, which is just what we needed.  Friday I dropped Brayden at my Mom's for a sleepover and me the girls headed out to run errands.

Everytime we are at Walmart this girl screams "BIKES, BIKES!!" so this time I let her get on one and she was so thrilled.  I think someone needs a bike this spring

Then we went to Joanns and I didn't realize they don't have regular size carts, so this is how we rolled through the store, thank goodness Ella did not care, although I think having graham crackers to eat helped.

Saturday was a pretty chill day, I ran some errands then it was home to make brownies with these 2. We watched Big Hero 6 and ate our yummy treats.

This is how our house looks all the time... kids = disaster :)

Late Saturday night into Sunday morning started Snowmagedon 2015 - we woke up to about 8" and it was coming down at about 1" per hour.  My hubby snowblowed twice by noon.

The kids of course wanted to go out and play (and so did I!!) so when Avery went down for her nap, we headed out.  They both seem to be getting better in the snow, as in if it touches them, they don't really freak out anymore :)

Later in the day we went to my in laws for the Super Bowl - thankfully we live 4 blocks away otherwise we would have stayed home, like most of the people who were suppose to go did.  The kids had so much fun and Brayden even hit a $100 square! He said he will take us to McDonalds - that's a lot of chicken nuggets :)

Today school is cancelled and I'm sure any minute the kids will be up and begging to go outside :)

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